A Fine Spotted Friend is the 1st episode of Season 12.


Connor meets Kion's hyena friend Jasiri. At first, Connor doesn't trust her but Kion helps them become friends by showing Connor that not all hyenas are mean.


The episode begins in the Pridelands where Connor is helping the Lion Guard fend off hyenas from a family of hyraxes by chasing them back into the Outlands. Although Connor and Bunga were both complaining about something way more exciting than protecting hyraxes, Kion reminds them both that the Lion Guard's duty is to protect the Circle of Life, even if it means protecting a family of hyraxes from Janja and the other hyenas. After chasing the hyenas back into the Outlands across a log again, it breaks, and Kion and Connor both fall downstream.

Meanwhile, Fuli has noticed that the human and lion prince are taking a long time, and asks Ono to check out what's taking them so long. He soon sees Kion and Connor in trouble, holding onto the log of the tree that snapped off with them, heading downstream. Ono quickly alerts the rest of the Lion Guard, and they run down to find Kion and Connor holding on for dear life. Bunga, desperate to save his friends, leaps in, but Beshte soon jumps in to take him back to land as the current proves to be too strong. Fuli orders Ono to go ahead and check on Kion and Connor, who struggle against the current themselves and lose their log.


  • Sisi Ni Sawa feat. Connor


  • This episode is marked as the season premiere.
  • Connor meets Jasiri for the first time.
  • The song Sisi Ni Sawa is sung again, only the lyrics have changed since Connor sings along with it.


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