A Nightmare Come True! is the 25th episode of Season 6.


Jake and Kwazii are training their Terra Monsters for a battle but is interrupted by a strange fog that sends the Terra Monsters to sleep and gives them nightmares. They soon discover that Hades' new Terra Monster Nightmare the Shadowmare is responsible for the fog and must stop them before the fog spreads any further!


The episode begins with Jake and Kwazii's Terra Monsters, Jet and Pearl, having a battle. As everyone watches, Pearl uses her head butt to knock out Jet and Kwazii is announced the winner! After shaking each others' hands, Jake, Kwazii, and their friends head to the Magical Cafe for a break. Inside, Pearl is enjoying her stack of cupcakes while Jake asks his best friend about his "secret."

Villain Motives

  • Hades and Nightmare: To spread a strange fog which puts Terra Monsters to sleep and gives them nightmares



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