PJ Masks Amaya

Amaya is the only girl of the PJ Masks She sometimes can be sporty and sometimes rushes into doing something too quickly. She is voiced by Addison Holley.


Amaya wears a red dress with a pink T-shirt inside. Her hair is long and colored dark chocolate brown and has a wing hair clip on it.

In her pajamas, she can transform into Owlette with an owl mask, owl wings, and an owl logo on her chest.

In "Star Darlings", Amaya's hair is tied up into a pretty ponytail with a star hair tie and is colored bright red with a brown streak, her glasses are star shaped, and on her cheek is a red star mark. She wears a pink sweater with sparkly red shirt with pink stars underneath, a matching skirt with white stars, pink sparkly star lining leggings, and red star bright flats. Around her neck is a starry necklace.

In "Shape-topia", Amaya's outfit is a white short cardigan with snow white dress with silver snowflakes and feathers on her skirt, white leggings with silver shoes, her glasses are replaced with a pearly white masquerade mask with silver linings, beads, and white feathers, and on her head is a small diamond tiara.


Amaya can be somewhat impatient at times and tends to have a bit of an ego when something lucky happens to her, such as the time she got a lucky basketball shot in "Owlette the Winner". She can also be a bit selfish at times. Despite this, she is very sweet and cares for Connor and Greg and their safety. She's also helpful, friendly, smart and funny.

Terra Monsters

Hooter the Hootenant

The leader of Amaya's Terra Monster group. He's tough, rough, and very bossy but he is also gentle and kind just like her owner. Whenever there is danger up ahead, Hooter will always be on the lookout and will always be there to protect his friends by giving his enemies a painful headbutt.

Swoop the Shriken

The wings of the trio that loves to fly every day and night. He even loves flying in the rain or in the snow and never had a crash landing in his entire life.

Wingette the Tomahawk

Amaya's only female flying Terra Monster that loves to entertain people by dancing and flying gracefully in the air. She can also use her dance moves as attacks for her opponents.


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