Amaya flirts with Connor while Diana gets jealous

Amaya VS The Flirt Queen! is the 47th episode of Season 34.


A new nighttime villain named Drama Girl has her beautiful and flirty eyes set on Catboy, and only Owlette, with her new contact lens, can use her own flirtations to save him from Drama Girl’s hypnotic flirty stares, but she’ll have to do it without annoying him again.


The episode begins at night where the PJ Masks in the Owl Glider and even Luna Girl and her moths are chasing Night Ninja and his Ninjalinos away from the museum to prevent them from getting back to Mystery Mountain to get the magic ring. After they have left, the PJ Masks and Luna Girl said goodnight and headed back home to hit the sheets just as Owlette tells Catboy, Aquafish, and Gekko to wait and see what’s going on tomorrow. She has a surprise waiting for them as they started to wonder what that surprise was. Catboy transforms back into Connor and heads to bed, but little did he knew, that he was being watched by some new nighttime villain.

The next morning in Amaya’s house, Amaya was in the bathroom but she was doing something different in there, and Snowdrop, Birdie, and Sparkly were wondering why she was taking so long. Just then, the bathroom door opens and the pet bird girls’ eyes went wide when they saw Amaya come out in a different style. Later, Connor, Luna, Angellica, and Greg were waiting for Amaya in the plaza, but she seems to be late. Connor tells Angel to cut Amaya some slack because she was literally blowing those Ninjalinos off their feet with her owl wing wind last night. The four friends laughed when Luna mentioned the other Ninjalinos getting tangled in those sticky vines when something caught Connor’s eyes, which made him blush as he stutters to his friends to look while pointing a shaky finger at who was coming. It was Amaya, only she looked very different today as she was seen with a smile on but without her glasses on. Some boys stopped to stare at Amaya’s newfound beauty and they were mesmerized when they saw her pass by them as she tossed her hair over her shoulder.

While Angel, Luna, and Greg had confused looks with their eyebrows raised up, Connor was the only one who had his jaw opened and looking in awe at Amaya, who approached her friends to say good morning and ask them what do they think, but her friends still looked confused as Greg asked her what do they think of what. With a flat look of annoyance, Amaya tells them about her surprise as she points to her eyes which on them were contact lens. Luna exclaims "Wow!" and asks Amaya when she got them as she (Amaya) explains that her parents got them for her yesterday. It took a bit of asking and even some begging, but she finally got them, then Amaya notices the strange look on Connor's face until he realized that he was staring at her bare-eyed face, which made him look away and blush beet red. That gave Amaya an idea to put her new look to the test by staring straight into Connor’s eyes and putting on her charm as she asks him what does he think of her new contact lens while lowering her eyelids and casting a sultry stare on him. Connor tried to speak clearly and straight while his face was getting more redder, but Amaya was getting one inch closer to him and sending him a cute, charming smile while twirling a lock of hair around her finger as she asks him again if he likes her contact lens or if he really, really likes them while her nose touches Connor’s and she gives him an Eskimo kiss, which made his whole face go red and his body go stiff. Greg was disgusted by this as he could see that Connor got lovestruck by Amaya’s flirty charms again, so to snap him out of it, he suggests that they‘d go get a nice cool drink from the smoothie shop since it’s so hot today. Amaya liked that idea and grabs Connor by the arm to ask him to walk with her on their way there as he says in a love dazed tone that he’d loved to, much to Greg getting more annoyed and Angel and Luna were snickering as they started making their way there. Greg thought that he heard Luna whisper to Angel that Amaya is more like a succubus than an owl when it comes to flirting with Connor, which she agrees on.

When they finally arrived at the smoothie shop, the kids had already ordered their drinks, but Connor was getting distracted by Amaya’s beautiful eyes that he had time to straight at her eyes which were looking down at her smoothie and not looking at him, but only for a second when she noticed and asked him if he was still looking at her. Stuttering an apology, Connor goes back to sipping into his smoothie but even it couldn’t stop him from blushing and feeling kind of hot. Just then, the bell of the door rings when the door to the shop swung open and another customer with beautiful eyes and gorgeous and lustrous black hair walked in, and ordered a low-fat blueberry and pomegranate smoothie, then sat at a table right next to the table where Connor, Amaya, Greg, Luna, and Angel sat in. Just then, Amaya saw that the girl was staring at Connor without him noticing. What was she trying to do, Amaya thought. She hoped that she wasn’t trying to flirt with Connor like she just did this morning.

Later, the kids were done with their smoothies, but so was the girl Amaya saw come in and it looked like she was walking towards Connor as she taps him on the shoulder to say hi to him, and only him. Amaya was getting a bit jealous just when the girl introduced herself as Diana, then pulls out her fan to flutter it under her face to cool her while she resumes looking at Connor. When Angel says that it’s nice to meet her, she asks when she moved into town as Diana replied that she and her family just moved in yesterday, just to see this “colorful world of enthusiasm” and meet some very interesting people, as Diana indicates that by turning back to stare at Connor and she bats her eyelashes at him, which made him blush and swallow a lump in his throat, as he points at himself and stutters “Who? Me?” Walking up to him, Diana says yes and she hates looking around the new town alone, so with her finger lifting Connor’s chin up to close his jaw shut, she told him that she was wondering if he can be her tour guide for the day, much to Amaya’s shock as it was her turn to let her jaw drop, only in disbelief, but what was most shocking is that Connor happily accepted to show Diana around Disney Junior Town. Amaya couldn’t believe this, just when she was getting Connor under her new charm again, as she, Greg, Luna, and Angel watch them leave together. If that new girl really is trying to flirt with Connor, Amaya will just have to show that new girl who’s the flirtiest. Back at her house, Amaya had her second shower and was back in her room and at her vanity mirror with a hair iron, a hair curler, eyeshadow, perfume, mascara, eyeliner, and a new hairpin which was a pink ribbon with a red ruby with gold metal encircling it. Just before Amaya got to work, Snowdrop asks her if this is a good idea and reminds her that Connor doesn't like to be flirted at too much because the last time that happened, his magic went into a complete outburst. Amaya replied to Snowdrop to not worry and that this will be much different than before as she blow dries her hair, straightens it, then curls it (although she almost burned her finger), and finally added the new hairpin, then applied eyeliner to make her eyes look cat eyed, mascara on her eyelashes, and the eyeshadow on her eyelids, and finally spritzed herself with perfume when she squeezed the atomizer that a cloud of perfume filled the room and it made Amaya, Snowdrop, Birdie, and Sparkly cough.

Meanwhile, when the perfume cloud cleared, the scene changes to Connor and Diana at the park walking, talking, and laughing but they had no idea that Amaya in her new hairstyle was hiding behind a tree nearby. Now it's showtime! Coming out from behind the tree, Amaya leaned her back onto it, lifted her left leg, placed her left foot flat on the tree bark, lowered her eyelids to cast her hypnotizing sultry stare, and called for Connor’s name in a lovely, flirtatious, and sultry tone. When Connor turned to look at Amaya, his eyes went wide when he saw that beautiful girl with the curly hair that was being blown softly by the wind, had on pretty sunset eyeshadow on her eyelids, and had a cute new hairpiece in her hair instead of her regular pink wing hairpin, and she was walking to him as he asks what she wants while he caught the smell of roses, cherry blossoms, strawberries, and cherries. Amaya walked her fingers up on Connor’s chin and lifted it to stare into his eyes with her sultry ones as she replied to him that she was looking for him to ask him a favor. When Connor asked what the favor is, Amaya quickly tells him about some summer homework that she asked her teachers to give her before summer vacation and that needs to be done, but she’ll need a “smart, tall, and handsome guy” like him to help her finish it as she gives him a flirty smile and Connor could feel his face going red again as his mouth formed a silly grin. Then, glancing at Diana, who looked impatient and was fluttering her fan in front of her to hide her frown, Connor responded that he’s still giving her a tour, but looking into Amaya’s bare and seductive sultry eyes, Connor decides that maybe he should help her with her summer homework and that maybe he’s shown Diana enough of Disney Junior Town. Excitedly, Amaya grabs Connor by the way and says “let’s go Conny Wonny Woo!” to him in a kind of flirty way while she still kept staring at him with her sultry eyes and batted her eyelashes. After they’d walked away from Diana, Diana huffed and walked away, still fluttering her fan only in frustration. That’s one point for Amaya, zero points for the Flirt Queen, Diana!

Later, in Amaya’s house in Amaya’s bedroom, Connor was helping her with her summer homework, but he was getting easily distracted by her charms and he barely finished just one problem on the sheet. And as for Amaya, she was having a hard time trying not to flirt with Connor so much, but since he had her new contact lens on instead of her glasses, she couldn't help but act all flirty towards him. It was like they were controlling her. So in her head, Amaya told herself that she's still the old Amaya, and that she can resist a tall, smart, and handsome boy like Connor. But unfortunately, she couldn't help herself as she places her hand on Connor's hand, which made his face go red again and he felt himself shiver. Amaya then started teasing him while helping him move his hand and write down the answers on the homework sheet. After the homework was done, it was almost evening and Connor had managed to finish all the problems in Amaya’s summer homework sheet, despite her flirting and teasing distracting him. Amaya asks him if they could do this again tomorrow as Connor lets out a nervous laugh and stutters yes just as he felt her give him a sweet kiss on the cheek that made his face turned bright red and his mouth formed into a silly smile before he headed back home and trips. As he was in his house, Amaya lets out a giggle, a deep sigh, and scolds at herself in her head for getting too carried away and distracting Connor. She then decides that tomorrow, things will be different as she heads inside to relax a bit. Then hiding behind a tree was Diana, who had been spying on the two for long without them noticing. She smirks behind her fan and comes up with an even dastardly plan to make Connor all hers. The next morning, Amaya, Greg, Luna, and Angel saw Connor with Diana again and Amaya was getting more jealous than yesterday. She decides to get even with that flirt queen once and for all as she dashes back to her house, which left Greg, Luna, and Angel worried about this.

In Shape-topia, in Snowdrop's ice castle, Amaya designed a new dress and a new pair of shoes for herself that will hopefully get Connor's attention and draw him away from Diana. Snowdrop, who was watching, had a bad feeling about this. Later, Amaya arrives back, only in her new dress and in her new high heeled-shoes which Greg, Luna, and Angel saw her in. Amaya walked up to Connor, pulled him away from Diana, and began flirting with him again, making his face go red and his heart rate beat fast. Like Luna said, Amaya was more like a succubus than an owl when it comes to flirting with Connor. However, Diana had another trick up her sleeve as she presses her back onto Connor's left arm and casts a sultry stare at him. Glaring at Diana, Amaya pulls Connor away from her and snaps at her to stay away from him, but Diana just scoffs and pulls Connor away from Amaya, only much harder. As the two girls started pulling Connor by the arms, Greg, Luna, and Angel couldn’t help but feel sorry for him as this silly fight reminded Luna of when Peacock Girl challenged Owlette to a flirting competition last year, but this was way worse than that silly contest. Finally having enough, Connor releases all of his magic and blew both Diana and Amaya off of him, then after he recovered, he snaps at both of them to stop this flirting nonsense and just leave him alone already as he stormed off home to recover from his magic blow. Amaya felt hurt and then stupid and completely embarrassed as Greg, Luna, and Angel came to help her up, but Diana wasn’t giving up just yet.

That night, Connor had already changed into his pajamas and was getting ready for bed, but he was still angry and annoyed about what happened between Amaya and Diana flirting with him. He just couldn’t stand it anymore! Why couldn’t they just be friends instead of just fighting over him? But his look softened into a guilty look and thinks that maybe he was too hard on them and decides to apologize to them tomorrow and help them become friends. Just then, he felt something rush behind him and caught the smell of rose perfume as Connor turned to see who it was, but no one was there, except Lucky who was asleep in his cat bed. He shrugged and was about to head to bed when suddenly, a shadow appeared in front of him, making Connor gasp in surprise, as it casts some kind of charm on him and it hypnotizes him.

Meanwhile, in Amaya's room, Amaya was solemnly sitting on her bed, still thinking about what Connor said to her and Diana and was starting to think that he might be right, then decides to apologize to both him and even Diana about this morning and maybe convince Diana to be her friend. Tomorrow things will be different, she thought. Just then, something out of her window caught her eye as Amaya went to look out and see two shadows running out of Connor’s house and run pass her house. That must be Night Ninja and maybe a Ninjalino following him and they must’ve stolen something from Connor, as Amaya quickly grabs her iDisney to call her friends and tell them that Night Ninja and a Ninjalino have snuck into their friends house.

Later, Amaya, Greg, and Angel transformed into Owlette, Gekko, and Aquafish and headed to HQ, but just to find out that Catboy wasn’t with them and thinks that he must’ve been kidnapped. Quickly, Owlette chose the Owl Glider and Owlette, Gekko, and Aquafish went up to the upper room, jumped into the Owl Glider and fastened their seatbelts, then Owlette drove it into the sky and used her owl eyes to scan for any nighttime villains. Luna Girl joins them just when something caught her eye as she saw someone with a pretty purple dress, a pink mask over her pretty eyes, and holding a rose in her hand, and she looked awfully familiar. They decided to find out if she was friend or foe as Owlette sets the Owl Glider down, Luna Girl lands her Luna Board, and as they got out, and came face to face with the girl whom Owlette has seen before as Diana, only she looked different with the mask and the dress on. Diana says to Owlette that she is correct, for that she is Diana, but in this form at night, she is known as Drama Girl, a beautiful new nighttime villain. Hearing that Drama Girl is a nighttime villain, Owlette thinks that she might have something to do with Catboy's disappearance as she asks her if that was her at his house. Drama Girl replied yes as Owlette demands her what she has done with Catboy and where he was. With a devilish smirk, Drama Girl says that he’s alright, but he’s with her now as she calls for Catboy in a sweet tone to come out and he appears from the shadows, only he was in a trance-like state. Seeing him like that, Gekko asks Drama Girl angrily what she has done to him as she replied that she used a special charm spell on him since after what happened this morning. Aquafish ordered Drama Girl to get Catboy out of the charm right now, but Drama Girl refuses and says to them that Catboy is hers now, but not unless they try to get him out of it as she commands Catboy to fight them. As she commanded, Catboy clutches his fists and unleashes his magic to prepare to battle and rush straight towards his friends. However, they managed to dodge his magic aura claws when Catboy used them just as Gekko used his super lizard grip to hold onto Catboy and tell him to snap out of it, but Catboy wouldn’t listen and said that he’ll only listen to Drama Girl, then Aquafish tells him to not listen to Drama Girl for that she had put him under her spell. But still, Catboy didn’t listen as he got angry and released enough magic to get Aquafish and Gekko off of him! Luna Girl then tried to stop him with her Luna Magnet and even her moth fairy magic, but even that didn’t hold him off much longer. Drama Girl was enjoying this and lets out an evil but ladylike laugh, and Owlette knew that she needed to do something, and fast! Her friends were in danger! Then, she had an idea, but she must remember to not overdue it as usual. When Catboy was in front of Owlette and was about to attack her, she quickly turned on her flirty charms and in a high, flirty tone, she tells Catboy that he wouldn’t wanna “sweet and beautiful her”, as his aura claws dissolved and he lowered his hand down while he blushed and replied that he wouldn’t. So far, it was working, but then Drama Girl had the same idea as she used her own flirty charms on Catboy to make try to attack Owlette again, but Owlette moved too quickly and began using her charm again, to not fluster him, but to get him back on the PJ Masks’ side.

Finally, as Catboy pinned Owlette down she gives him a flirty smile and then a flirty wink as hearts shot out and onto Catboy, snapping him out of Drama Girl’s trance. After shaking himself, Catboy looked down at Owlette, his face flushing, and then asking what just happened. Then, everything was going back to him; Diana, as her nighttime villain self, Drama Girl had cast her charm on him and controlled him like a puppet! Drama Girl frantically says "No!" while fluttering her fan to calm herself and furiously demands Catboy to attack right now as she tries to charm him again, but this time, he resisted it as he tells her that she can't control him by flirting with him, and that there's only one girl who can flirt with him, and she only uses her flirting for fun while Drama Girl uses her flirting to control others. In rage, Drama Girl vanishes into a fragrant whirlwind of rose petals and was finally gone, much to the PJ Masks' and Luna Girl's relief. After Drama Girl was gone, Owlette let out a deep sigh of relief as Catboy walked up to her to ask if she was okay and she replied that she is, then apologized for being so jealous and getting carried away with her flirting when she got her contact lens. With a comforting smile, Catboy forgives Owlette and tells her to take it easy next time as he also apologizes for yelling at her and Diana and for trying to hurt her and their friends, as Owlette forgives him back and promises to her friends that things will be back to normal tomorrow.

The next morning, everything was back to normal when Amaya is seen her glasses back on and her hair was normal with her old wing hairpin on too, much to her friends’ relief as they smiled, being glad that the old Amaya was back with them. She then apologizes to Connor for changing herself again just to win his affection as Connor says it’s okay and that she can flirt with him at anytime she wants. Hearing him say that made Amaya smirk and take off her glasses again as she walks up to Connor and asked him if he doesn’t mind if she keeps her glasses off for a while to keep staring into his “handsome bright blue eyes” with her “super cute and delicious chocolate brown eyes,” making Connor blush and go stiff as he stuttered to Amaya that he didn’t mean that she can flirt with him right now! Then with a giggle, Amaya puts her glasses back on and said that she was just kidding as she, Connor, and their friends laughed together, ending the episode.


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