Aphrodite's Amulet

Aphrodite's Amulet is a powerful heart-shaped necklace that was created by Aphrodite, the goddess of love.


Many years ago in Greece, a poor man asks the love goddess to help him win a heart of a beautiful girl so she made the amulet for him to make her fall in love with him, but it was so powerful that it attracted more women than ever that their jealous husbands attacked the man. Therefore, the man goes to Aphrodite for help to get rid of all the women and stop them from asking his hand in marriage. So Aphrodite told the man to get every women in Greece to stare into the amulet's pink gem and the spell on them was broken. However, the men were still mad at him but Aphrodite cast a memory loss spell on them to forget about what happened and everything in Greece was back to normal... for now. Now for many generations, it was found and kept safe in the Disney Junior Town Museum, but it was stolen by a swarm of moths owned by a supervillain named Luna Girl.

In the series

In Catboy the Lover Kitty, Luna Girl's moths steal the amulet from the museum so she can use it for her evil scheme, which is to make Catboy stare into the gem and make him fall in love with her, but luckily, Jake and the two PJ Masks manage to break the spell by getting Catboy to stare into the gem again and they return the amulet back to the museum.


The Amulet of Aphrodite can make someone fall in love with the wearer by making them stare into the amulet's pink heart gem, but the spell can be broken if the victim stares into the gem again.