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Armadylan is the quaternary protagonist from the second season of PJ Masks series, initially an antagonist, and later, supporting character in Disney Junior: The Animated series, the main protagonist of Disneyscripts, Carolinecat1, and Yvoire Abad’s episodes and the deuteragonist of GhoulGirls90's episodes. He is an armadillo like-boy who wanted to be a superhero like the PJ Masks by joining their team. In Armadylan's Wish, it revealed that his real name is "Dylan". He is voiced by Max Calinescu of Paw Patrol.


Armadylan wears tan-and-brown armadillo suit with ears, pads and also a tail. He has also an armadillo symbol in his chest. He has a brown eyes and fair skin. He is taller and older than the PJ Masks.


Armadylan is very reckless and clumsy due to his not having his powers for very long as he always causes destruction and gets the PJ Masks and himself into accidents when he was helping them. He wanted to show some cool hero stuff for the PJ Masks, but his powers would cause destruction. He is also careless, because he wasn't being careful of using his strong powers, which causes destruction. He can be also cocky, arrogant and ill-tempered, but he's also considered friendly.

In Disney Junior: The Animated Series, the PJ Masks reveal to Captain Jake that he used to be a PJ Mask and their friend, but they had to kick him out, because of his recklessness. Because of this, he was hurt and betrayed for their actions, then becomes vengeful and antagonistic at the PJ Masks. He started to plan to get revenge on his former friends after the way they kicked him off their team for being so reckless. However, in "Come Back, Armadylan!", he reforms again as a good guy when the PJ Masks, especially Gekko, apologized to him for kicking him out. He also officially becomes again a PJ Mask in "Atlantic: Welcome Back, Armadylan (Part 2)".


  • Super-Strength: Can be stronger and lift any heavy objects.
  • Thunder Thump: Can create strong earthquakes.
  • Dig Attack: Can dig underground.
  • Rolling Thunder: Can roll up into a ball to attack the opponents.


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