Peso and Doc Attract The Bloodgnats!

“It’s working! Look! They’re following the Queen! (coughs)”- Peso

Atlantic: Invasion of the Bloodgnats! is the 13th episode of Season 27.


When heart-shaped bugs called bloodgnats attack Disney Junior Island, Kwazii and his friends get help from Noonbory and his friend, Pongdybory, who is an expert at bloodgnats. Meanwhile, Doc and the others try to take care of a sick Peso, who suddenly doesn’t feel good.


The episode begins in Kwazii’s room where Kwazii is reading his favorite comic about the mantis shrimp just when Captain Barnacles’ face appeared on the screen as Captain Barnacles calls Kwazii to come to the Launch Bay, because a sea turtle has delivered a big package for him. When Kwazii was in the Launch Bay, he finds a box with his name signed on it, and then there was a note on top... from his friends from Cookie Jar TV Island! As Kwazii took the note, it read:

Dear Kwazii,

My friends and I have collected some nice treasures from our trip to a pretty amazing island called Blood Island. You should go there someday. Anyway, me and my friends found some super cool treasures like doubloons, seashells, and even sparkly stones. However, we’ve collected so much from our trip, that we’ve decided to send them over to you since you love collecting treasure and other things. We hope you and everyone else from the Disney Junior Club enjoy them.

Signed, Noonbory.”

After reading the note, Kwazii excitedly opens the box and found many amazing things inside, including a beautiful conchshell. Just then, Peso arrives back, from giving creatures a checkup, in the Gup-E just to see a box full of treasures in Kwazii’s paws and gets out to see it. Kwazii then gives the conchshell to Peso so he can hear the sound inside it, but just as Peso places the shell on his ear, he heard a loud screeching sound inside it and he quickly pulls the shell off his ear. Kwazii tells him that the shell is from Noonbory, who got it from Blood Island. Peso finds that Blood Island sounds interesting, but also scary, as Kwazii assures him that Blood Island might not be as scary as he thinks. Then, looking over at the box, Kwazii decides that they should give the treasures to their friends and Captain Barnacles and Peso decided that that’s a good idea, so when the three Octonauts were on land, they rolled on their wheels around Disney Junior Town and they delivered all the doubloons, seashells, and sparkly stones to their friends, except for the conchshell that Peso still has. Finally, Kwazii, Captain Barnacles, and Peso arrived at Doc’s house and gave her and her toy friends some of the treasures from the box. Doc then noticed the conchshell in Peso’s flippers and Lambie compliments to Peso that the shell looks beautiful as Peso thanks her and turns to Doc with his cheeks looking slightly red.

While Kwazii and Captain Barnacles were snickering, Peso turned to them with a slight glare then turns back to Doc if she had some patients earlier. Doc replies that she has, but things were getting kinda crazy since so many toys had these hearts floating around them. Kwazii, Captain Barnacles, and Peso all stared at each other with confused glances just when Captain Barnacles’ iDisney rang. It was a call from Amaya! When Captain Barnacles answered the call, he asks her what was going on as Amaya explains that there are hearts floating in her house, and she adds that there are more hearts coming out of Connor and Greg’s house! This was getting even crazier and crazier! What on earth was going on?! It’s like Valentine’s Day has come too early! Kwazii asks Amaya if it’s love that’s in the air since he thought if that might have something to do with the hearts, but Amaya replies that it’s not because of love in the air, but something else! Just then, Kwazii’s iDisney rings as he picked it out of his pocket and finds that Sofia is calling him. He answers the call just to hear Sofia say that hearts are floating everywhere in her castle, and the royal guards and Cedric are trying to get rid of them, but the more hearts they try to get rid of, the faster they keep coming back! Sofia begged for Kwazii to come and help as Kwazii replies that he’ll be there to help, then used his ocean pearl bracelet’s power to transform into Atlantic Kwazii.

After transforming, Kwazii tells Peso and Captain Barnacles to come with him, but then, Peso suddenly felt sick and tired. Using his magical aura reading, Kwazii could see that Peso’s aura looked swamp green, meaning that he is very sick. Luckily, Doc took Peso in and tells Kwazii and Captain Barnacles to not worry for that she and her mom will take care of Peso while they’re out capturing the hearts. Captain Barnacles and Kwazii appreciate Doc’s help as they told Peso to not worry and they rode off to Sofia’s castle to help their friend.

Meanwhile, at the castle, Sofia did her best to help her family get rid of the hearts, but they were everywhere! Luckily, Kwazii and Captain Barnacles came to help and Sofia was glad that they came. Looking up, they saw so many hearts everywhere so to get rid of them, Kwazii used a celestial whirlwind to gather up all the hearts and carry them away to a faraway place. Letting out a sigh of relief, Sofia thanks Kwazii and Captain Barnacles for getting rid of the hearts just when Captain Barnacles remembered that they still need to get to Connor, Amaya, and Greg’s houses because their homes were being invaded with hearts too! The trio quickly rode off and flew to the three kids’ houses to help their friends.

Meanwhile, Doc and Mrs. McStuffins were helping Peso feel better while inside the toy clinic, Stuffy, Lambie, Chilly, Hallie, and Squeakers were trying to get rid of more hearts invading the clinic. Just then, Lambie pulled off a heart from plush just to examine it, and then she let out a gasp! She needed to get Doc and have a look at the heart she held.

Meanwhile, at Connor, Amaya, and Greg’s houses, Kwazii, Sofia, and Captain Barnacles were helping the kids and their parents and their pets get rid of the invading hearts. Connor and Amaya’s houses were clear of hearts, but Greg’s house still had more hearts in his house everywhere! Luckily, Kwazii helped with his celestial whirlwind which blew all the hearts out of the house, and Greg comes up to Kwazii and Captain Barnacles to thank them. Then, Kwazii spotted a heart on Greg’s shoulder as he took it off of him and looked carefully at it, then let’s out a gasp! Connor, Amaya, Greg, and Captain Barnacles all asked in unison about what was wrong as Kwazii explains to them that the hearts aren’t hearts at all, they were... bloodgnats!

When all of Kwazii’s friends asked him what bloodgnats are, he explains to them that bloodgnats are heart-shaped insects that live in Blood Island, and are always hungry for blood. He adds that his friend, Noonbory, told him all about bloodgnats and he also told him that his friend, Pongdybory, was infected by bloodgnats once. Captain Barnacles guessed that the bloodgnats must’ve stowed away into Noonbory’s gift box, and wondered where the queen is. Then, just as things couldn’t get any worse, Kwazii gets a call from Captain Jake, who tells him that hearts are invading Neverland, and they won’t leave! As Kwazii heard this, his ears slumped guiltily as he said meekly, “Oops”, as he realized that his celestial whirlwind must’ve carried the bloodgnats invading Sofia’s castle to Neverland. Sofia asks what they were gonna do now, and adds that unless they stop the bloodgnats and find the bloodgnat queen, Disney Junior Island will be infested with these bugs forever. Thinking, Connor asks Kwazii if Noonbory’s friend, Pongdybory, was infected by bloodgnats once as Kwazii nods and replies “yes”, and Connor tells his friends that maybe if their friend from Cookie Jar TV Island was infected by the bloodgnats once, maybe he might know about how to stop the bloodgnats. Kwazii smacked his head and said why he never thought of that. They needed to get to Cookie Jar TV Island to ask for Pongdybory's help. So, using his teleporting power, Kwazii teleported himself and his friends into Cookie Jar TV Island.

In Borytown, the gang find Noonbory and the Super Sensers playing at the playground. Then turning around to face Kwazii and his friends, Noonbory asks Kwazii what he and his friends were doing in Borytown as Kwazii tells him that there is no time and explains to him that they need Pongdybory's help because Disney Junior Island is infested with bloodgnats. When Pongdybory heard the word 'bloodgnats,' he walks over and asks Kwazii if he said that Disney Junior Island is being infested with bloodgnats. With his head nodding frantically, Kwazii says that he did and asks Pongdybory that since he knows about bloodgnats because the bloodgnat queen laid eggs on his head once, which made him sick, if there is anyway to stop the bloodgnats. Pongdybory thought for a moment, trying to remember, and then after searching in his memory, he tells the gang that the only way to stop the bloodgnats is to find the bloodgnat queen for that the bloodgnats will follow her. Noonbory guessed that the bloodgnat queen must've snuck into the gift box that he sent to Kwazii, and wonders where the queen might be. Then, Kwazii thought of something back when Noonbory sent him that box, which left him to realize something! The bloodgnat queen must've been hiding in the conchshell that Kwazii gave to Peso, and she must've laid eggs on his head while he was listening to the shell, and that explains why Peso was so sick! It was because the bloodgnats sucking some blood out of Peso after they hatched from their eggs and while he, Kwazii, and Captain Barnacles were delivering their gifts to their friends, they somehow got into their friends' houses while they weren't looking! And he also realized that the shell was still with Peso! The Disney Junior Club had to get back to Disney Junior Island, get that conchshell to find the bloodgnat queen inside it, and use her to get the other bloodgnats to follow her before the whole island is infested!

After thanking Noonbory and Pongdybory for their help, Kwazii teleports himself and his friends back to Disney Junior Island just to find so many bloodgnats annoying the residents. Quickly, Kwazii used his marine arms, freeze breath, and magic cage and net to capture all the bloodgnats, but there were so many of them to catch. Captain Barnacles tells Kwazii to find Peso and Doc, find the conchshell with the bloodgnat queen inside, and get them to help as Kwazii flew off to Doc's house to do that.

Later, at Doc's house, there were so many bloodgnats inside that Kwazii had to use his protection power to protect himself, Doc's parents, and Donny, from the bloodgnats. As Kwazii made his way to Doc's mom, he asks her where Doc and Peso are as Mrs. McStuffins tells him that they are at the toy clinic. Kwazii thanks her and rushed to Doc's toy clinic, just to find Doc, and her toys trying to clear a lot more bloodgnats out of the clinic! Rushing up to Doc, he asks her where Peso and the shell are as she points to the room where Peso was resting in and Kwazii thanks her as he made his way there. When he cleared all the bloodgnats away, Kwazii finds Peso resting on a bed, looking even worse. Kwazii shook him and Peso woke up groggily and looking pale as he asked Kwazii what he was doing here. He explains that he needs Peso's help as he asked him where the shell is as Peso pointed his weak flipper to the shell at the sink and he asks Kwazii why he needs it. Then, as Kwazii took the shell, he tells Peso to look and the two peeked inside, just to see that he was right! The bloodgnat queen was hiding inside the shell! Doc comes in to see what was going on as Peso explains the bloodgnat queen's eggs making him sick. There was only one way to fix that! Putting the shell into his mouth, Kwazii blew into it and sent the bloodgnat queen out of her hiding place. After that was taken care of, Stuffy asks what they were going to do now that the bloodgnat queen is out of the shell. Kwazii then comes up with an idea!

Meanwhile, the bloodgnats were getting everywhere in Disney Junior Town, and Lucky (in his Owlette form) blew away the bloodgnats with his owl wing wind and Snowdrop and Glider helped him, Captain Barnacles, Connor, Amaya, Greg, Captain Jake, Izzy, Cubby, and Skully were rounding up the bloodgnats, and Terra Ranchers and their Terra Monsters were trying their best to fend off the bloodgnats, but things were getting even worse as more and more bloodgnats were getting everywhere! Just then, everyone heard the sound of a shell horn being played as they turned to Kwazii, Peso lying in Doc's wagon and holding up the bloodgnat queen, and Doc pulling the wagon while blowing into the shell to use it as a horn to attract the bloodgnats. Even the bloodgnats invading Neverland flew from Neverland to listen to the shell's horn sound. Then, as the bloodgnats were attracted by the shell's sound, they followed Kwazii, Peso with the bloodgnat queen still in his flippers, and Doc to a boat heading to Blood Island. After the trio left the bloodgnat queen and the other bloodgnats with the captain of the boat, they got off and the captain sets sail for Blood Island to take the bloognats and their queen home. After the bloodgnats and the queen were gone, Peso was sent to the hospital to have the bloodgnat eggs cleaned and combed out of his head.

The next day, Captain Barnacles, Kwazii, and their friends were waiting outside of Peso’s hospital room when the doctor comes out and tells them that Peso is okay, and all the bloodgnat eggs are off his head. Then, Peso comes out looking well and healthy again as Kwazii rushes up to him and gives him a tight hug while trying to keep happy tears from slipping out of his eyes. After ending the hug, Kwazii apologizes to Peso for making him sick by giving him the conchshell with the bloodgnat queen inside, and Peso forgives him as he tells Kwazii that he knew that he didn’t mean to make him sick. But Kwazii insists that it was his fault, and promises that from now on, he’ll make sure to look before he gives something away to his friends, because you’ll never know if there is a nasty surprise waiting inside for you. Everyone laughs and then goes to the Magical Cafe for a treat to celebrate getting rid of the bloodgnats and Peso feeling better, ending the episode.

Powers that Kwazii uses

  • Aqua Wings
  • Super Strength
  • Atlantic Armor
  • Poseidon’s Trident
  • Magical aura reading
  • Celestial Whirlwind
  • Magic Net
  • Magic Cage
  • Freeze Breath
  • Marine Arms
  • Teleporting Power
  • Protection Power


  • It is revealed that Pongdybory knows about bloodgnats, because he had some coming out of him before when the bloodgnat queen laid eggs on his head.
  • This episode teaches that you need to check what’s inside the package before you give it to someone, because they might have a nasty surprise waiting for them.


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