Arguing after the food fight

Battle of the Summer Parties is the 22nd episode of Season 6.


Summer is finally here, and Jake and Sofia plan to celebrate with another Pirate and Princess Summer Party, but instead of working together, they become competitive with each other which makes the party less fun and drives everyone crazy!


The episode begins at Disney Junior Elementary School were all the kids were running out through the doors, because it was the last day of school and the first day of summer.

Powers that Kwazii used

  • Super Sonic Scream (to shut Jake and Sofia up, and to accidentally break everything made of glass)
  • Super Speed (to go from mixing bowl to mixing bowl)
  • Levitation (to bring the cookie sheets of unbaked cookies into the oven.)
  • Freeze Breath (to freeze some popsicles for Sofia's party)
  • Teleporting (to teleport the food to the party before it starts.)


  • The scene where Kwazii uses his sonic scream to stop the argument is based on the scene from Monster High: Frights, Camera, Action where Operetta uses her screams to stop the "which boy is cuter" argument.
  • The scene where Kwazii says that they should play a game is based on Frenemies from Littlest Pet Shop.


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