• Thetoweroftacos777

    I’m new here

    October 1, 2018 by Thetoweroftacos777

    I should’ve introduced myself before commenting on a post...

    Anyway, I’m new here and its nice to meet you all.

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  • Carolinecat1

    Princess Burnet

    September 5, 2018 by Carolinecat1

    So this is my new blog. I was thinking in honor of the new Wings Of Fire book that just came out, I would have the club find the dragon tribes. First I wanna give you guys some backstory on the dragons. 

    Princess Burnet Of The SilkWings. 

    Princess Burnet is princess of the SilkWIngs of Pantala. She hatched with her brother Prince Clubtail. She absoulutly hates the idea of one day having to kill her mother to take the throne. She is a very shy dragonet. 

    King Admiral of the SilkWings Of Pantala. 

    King Admiral us the King of the SilkWIngs. He has 2 children. Princess Burnet and Prince Clubtail. His wife is Queen Blue. He doesn't have much to do because in the dragon world, the queens rule. 

    Queen Blue of the SilkWings.

    Queen Blue is Queen f the Si…

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  • Ynjmjm777

    los tres niños connor,greg y amaya estan en un parque greg le dice a amaya si puede ir al los juegos con connor y ella mas

    amaya le dice que si 

    (se van a los juegos) 

    se encuentran con tres niños nico/chita ,  maquarena/aguila ,  diron/tiburon 

    connor le dice hola a nico ,greg le dice hola a diron y amaya a maquarena

    nico , maquarena , diron le dicen hola

    amaya ve a connor mirando a nico

    parecia algo raro pero se quedo callada durante la conversacion

    maquarena le pregunta

    ¿te pasa algo niña?

    me puedes decir amaya?


    ¿amaya te pasa algo estas muy callada?


    asta ahi el cap

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  • Tubbybloxian

    Mae, I know your probably reading this by now and your planning to block me? Well I feel like you should bring back the episode Is That a Number Four, because I worked so hard on the episode that you just simply deleted it. Well I don't care if your not interested in BFB, I was inspired to do this, please just don't block me just recover the page ok? Also if your planning to recover/restore the episode for me then please block this video because he is vandalizing the transcript of my fanfiction episode: This is the user i'm talking about.

    Also as a bonus for those who are saying that BFB is not for all ages, well the co-creator, Cary Huang confirmed that …

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  • Tubbybloxian

    Time to stand up so I can keep Four and his episode.

    First off, the show he came from which is Battle for BFDI is for kids, yet you don't realize it because you without a doubt, didn't watch the show yet. So watch episode 1 right here: Now is the character Four DEFINITELY for children? Yes, he is kid-friendly and it is not inappropriate, so there is no need to block me for adding the character just because he screeches in the show he came from, or because the show he came from you think is not for children. Well your wrong people because the show which Four came from, which is Battle for BFDI is for children. So keep Four, his episode, his math-ology class and everything since I have finally stand…

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  • Tubbybloxian

    if you remove the episode and Four, I will basically be crying because I love them, yet you don't want to put them in the Disney Junior fanfiction series. So please, keep Four as he is my favorite character, I worked so hard just to get Damien which is not a hedgehog to remove the related Four stuff, so please for the love of god keep Four and his episode along with everything related to Four. It's my work on my favorite character from my favorite webtoon, ok?

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  • MaeManuel1

    I need some helpers!

    December 5, 2015 by MaeManuel1

    My wiki needs more pages, pictures, and the pages need more plots, trivias, transcripts, and galleries. But I can't do this on my own!

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