Bubble Blowout! is the 56th episode of Season 12.


Spring time is here and it's the day for blowing bubbles, especially with new dip & blow bubble carriage toys, and to top it all off, a bubbly bubble blowout!


The episode begins with bubbles floating into the air from Captain Jake and Sofia's new dip and blow carriage toys while Kwazii is using his bubble magic to blow some magical bubbles. They are having a lot of fun blowing bubbles together because today is the first day of spring, and spring means flowers, fresh warm air, green grass, cute animals, and lots of sunlight. Kwazii makes the biggest bubbles and Sofia and Captain Jake dip their bubble toys into the little buckets of bubble soap as they blow into them and make more bubbles float in the air, but with Kwazii making bubbles way more bigger than theirs, Captain Jake and Sofia decide to show him how it’s done by working together to make an even bigger bubble as they dipped their carriage toys into their cups of bubble soap, then they blew together to make two bigger bubbles and collide them into the most colossal bubble they’ve ever seen!

Powers that Kwazii uses

  • Bubble Magic


  • This episode is an inspiration of the dip & blow carriage bubble-blowing toys.


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