Calico Jack who is considered the greatest cat pirate ever, and Kwazii, his grandson, thought he died long ago but finds him in the Amazon River in The Amazon Adventure. In earlier episodes, Kwazii found lots of items and a sunken ship that once belonged to Calico Jack, his sunken ship and golden spyglass in The Slime Eels and, a music box from The Pirate Parrotfish, Calico Jack's coconut from The Coconut Crabs. After cracking the coconut, Kwazii reads a two-page note from him.

Terra Monsters

Triton the Hytheo

The hot-blooded leader and well trained fighter that loves to search for treasure or for any other Terra Monsters to battle with.

Oceania the Vaporose

A wise and very well matured Terra Monster that knows her way around the ocean and can trace back her steps. She also has a good sense of sight and sound which is why Calico Jack always trusts her.

Posidon the Aquarin

Calico's only legendary Terra Monster he caught. After he was saved from Captain Hook and his Terra Monsters by Kwazii and his Lothea, Pearl, he decides to come with Calico Jack and they became a inseparable team ever since.