Barnacles Bear is captain of the Octopod and he can drive any ship or GUP and is strong enough to lift a giant clam! He is voiced by Simon Grenall and his singing voice is provided by Ross Breen.


Barnacles is very brave and very kind. He is also patient and isn't in a rush. He might sometimes get concerned about his fellow Octonauts if anything happens to them. He is generally a social figure. He is also dismissive about Kwazii's beliefs in sea monsters and he can sometimes get into little arguments with him,but they are still the best of friends no matter what.

Along with being the captain, Barnacles is also the strongest member of the crew and he's demonstrated that in a number of different episodes. He's also one of the most level-headed crew members, often dismissing crew mate Kwazii's outlandish stories about sea monsters and ghosts.

It's also been revealed that he rather fancies playing the accordion. To his mind, he's quite good at it, but Kwazii, who has the misfortune of living in the same pod, doubts it, as seen in "Octonauts and the Orcas". So far the only ones to appreciate the music have been a pod of Orcas.


All white fur with a gray muzzle and a blue uniform with a matching hat. He's also always seen wearing his favorite compass on his belt. His earlobes are white, though the insides are bright blue.


Jake can sometimes call him CB, because they are Barnacles' intials and his nickname.



Kwazii Cat- He and Kwazii are the best of friends and the best teammates. However, they can both be a little competitive with each other like the time they had to race to get the door in The Crab and Urchin episode and they sometimes get into slight arguments. But they are still friendly towards each other.

Peso Penguin- Peso is another best friend of Captain Barnacles.



Doc Mcstuffins





Boris the Narwhal

Janis the Seahorse

Sunny the Seahorse


Bianca (sister)


Captain Hook


Teaching Ocean-ology, playing his accordion, reading his captain's logs, helping others


Kwazii's complaints about his chores, arguing with Kwazii, messing up a note in his accordion playing, losing his Octo-compass

Terra Monsters

Snowball the Ursnobal

A strong and brave leader of the team like his Terra Rancher and loves to go sliding on snow hills and throwing snowballs.

Hunter the Scuda

The excellent swimmer that loves to swim in every ocean, including the most coldest Arctic waters of Antarctica and also loves hunting for fish.

Tide the Tortius

The tough Tortius with a body as tough as sea rock and he loves to lift heavy things such as boulders and crates.


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  • Barnacles is an author of a book-manual "How to Pilot the Octopod, Third Edition."
  • Barnacles earned every Polar Scout Badge except one (The Walrus Rescue Badge) which he finally earned in Season 4 Episode 5 The Walrus Pups.
  • He is the only member of the Octonauts who regularly sleeps with his hat on in bed.
  • He usually squints his eyes whenever he is giving orders, thinking about problems or talking to crew during certain times.
  • He is the Ocean-ology teacher in Disney Junior Elementary School.