Catboy battles a bog

Catboy's Magic Key (Part 1) is the 35th episode of Season 15. 


When Disney Junior Island's magic is in trouble again, the Disney Junior Club discover that the power of strange dark magic is ruining kingdoms and homes of the Disney Princesses. Now Catboy, along with his new friend, the Pixie, and his trusty black cat Lucky, must go on an unforgettable journey to battle bogs and save the kingdoms while trying to collect the missing pieces of the seventh magic key, the Key of Magic, that can open the Door of Magic and save the island's magic. Then while on this adventure, Catboy learns that he has Gentlehaven magic in him!


The episode begins with the four PJ Masks stopping Luna Girl and her moths from stealing the Evil Queen's evil mirror from the Hall of Evil from the Disney Junior Town Museum. They get it back in time, leaving Luna Girl and her moths empty-handed as they flew off. After they'd left, the PJ Masks out shouted hooray cause in the night, they saved the day... again! In the museum, Fish Boy helped Gekko put back the Magic Mirror when Catboy spots six keys in a glass case nearby and asks what those keys were for. Fish Boy explains to him that those keys were the keys to the Door of Magic that he and his friends, Kwazii, Sofia, Miles, Doc, and Sheriff Callie used to unlock the door just to save the magic of Disney Junior Island from dying. Just looking at those keys made Catboy wish that he had a magic key of his own as Owlette places her hand on his shoulder and assures him to not worry and that he will get a magic key of his own someday. He just needs to be patient, which might be a little hard for Catboy.

Later, after Catboy returned home to his room and changed back to his daytime self, Connor, he tucked himself in and Lucky jumps in to snuggle with him. But as Connor was fast asleep, he had the strangest dream.In the dream, he was Catboy again but he was standing in the middle of darkness. He looked around and called out if anyone was but no one appeared. Until, Catboy finds that the black scenery is changing into a scene of a river and he squinted his eyes to see that on the other side was floating shadow-like ghost. The shadow called his name as she lifted her head to reveal a red colored eyed face and a sinister smirk staring at him. Catboy slowly backed away, but the shadow seemed to follow him by floating over the river and to him! Then, Catboy ran for his life into the forest and looked over his shoulder to see that the shadow was gaining on him, and he tried to pick up speed. But right in front of his path was a golden door and Catboy could hear the shadow coming closer as he tried to find a way inside through the door, just as he felt something in his pocket; a blue key! He puts the key in the keyhole and then he turns it to the right. But it wouldn't open! The shadow was getting closer and closer! Catboy tried his best to push or pull or pry the door open, but the shadow was already closing in as it cornered Catboy who pressed himself against the door. Then, just when Catboy was doomed, the golden door behind him was opening by itself and it fled the shadow away as it flew off and escaped the burning light. Catboy who shielded his eyes from the light, walked slowly and entered the door's light. But then, just as he entered the light inside the door, he woke up in the real world, and Connor finds himself in his bed and lets out a sigh of relief! The haze was gone, he was not in a dark forest anymore, and there was no golden door or shadows trying to get him. Lucky jumps onto Connor's bed and asks if he was okay, and if he had another nightmare. Sighing, Connor pets Lucky to show him that he's fine and he did have yet another nightmare. He just wished he knew what it meant when he got up and stretched his arms as he let out a yawn. But then, Connor noticed something strange. Looking at his alarm clock, it was 7am, but right outside, it was still nighttime! Connor and Lucky exchanged anxious looks with each other and they've decided to find out what was going on. So after changing back into Catboy, he jumps out of his window to find Owlette and Gekko waiting for him with expressions of worry as they asked him why it was still nighttime when it should be morning. But Catboy was quickly distracted when the colors of his, Amaya's, and Greg's houses started draining as Owlette and Gekko followed their leader's wide eyed stare and were shocked to see that their houses and everything else around them are all gray! Catboy pulls himself together and instructs Lucky to spread the news to their Disney Junior Club friends and tell them to meet at their meeting spot.

Two hours later, Owlette and Gekko were still waiting for Lucky to return with their Disney Junior Club friends while Catboy was pacing back and forth looking worried and glancing back up the grayness plaguing the houses. Gekko told Catboy to not worry when a magic portal appeared and out came Sage, Libby, Vega, Leona, Scarlet, Kwazii, Captain Jake, Sofia, Miles, Doc, Sheriff Callie, and Lucky who was breathing heavily. When Catboy asked Lucky what happened, Lucky explains that he saw some monsters that seemed to have frozen everyone with magic while he was trying to get their friends. The monsters were very close to capturing the Star Darlings, Kwazii, Sofia, Captain Jake, Sheriff Callie, Doc, and Miles, along with Lucky, but they all managed to escape thanks to Kwazii's teleporting power and go through one of his magic portals before they got frozen stiff. Unfortunately, Lucky wasn't lucky enough to save their other friends who were also frozen stiff. When all hope seems lost, a mysterious pixie appears to Catboy, Owlette, Gekko, the five Star Darlings, Captain Jake, Kwazii, Captain Barnacles, Peso, Sofia, Doc, Sheriff Callie, Miles, and MERC, and tells them that their homeland is losing all it's magic because the Disney Princesses' kingdoms are being corrupted again by an evil ex-princess named Zara and a quest must be completed in order to save them. And there is also one other thing; five pieces of a seventh magic key to the Door Of Magic are hidden in each kingdom, so if the hero completes every mission from each kingdom, he or she will receive the pieces and putting them together to form the key. The gang is willing to take on the challenge, but the pixie says only one of them can save all the princesses' kingdoms from Zara's evil magic. Without realizing it, Catboy decides to take on the quest. Gekko asks Catboy if he is really ready for a solo mission as Catboy tells him that someone should go and save the Disney Princesses’ kingdoms from Zara’s magic, and that someone is him. Everyone understood and Owlette and Gekko decided that it’s time for Catboy to go on a solo mission. Kwazii creates a portal for Catboy but before he could go through it, Vega gave him her blue star shaped backpack, and all his friends gave him their magical items; Kwazii's ocean pearl bracelet, Captain Jake's Mighty Captain's Sword, Sofia's Amulet Of Avalor, Miles' lazerang, Sheriff Callie's noodle lasso, and Doc's stethoscope, to help Catboy on his quest, and most importantly, to remind Catboy of them. Then he slowly walks to the portal but then stops to turn to Gekko and Owlette and gives both of them a goodbye hug as they hugged him back. After Catboy was done hugging his friends goodbye, he went through the portal and sets off to journey to the Disney Princesses' kingdoms and restore them into their former magical glories, not knowing that Lucky shapeshifted himself into black mist and secretly went inside the blue star shaped backpack on Catboy's back before he disappeared into the portal as it vanished into thin air.

Later, Catboy and the Pixie jumped out through the portal as it disappears behind them. Then, when Catboy turned, he saw a majestic castle standing right in front of him. Except it was in ruins. The Pixie explains to him that the castle once belonged to the Princess Of Gentlehaven, the heroine who defeated Zara a long time ago before she remembered being a princess. Catboy was fascinated by the story but his gaze turned back to the castle as he and the Pixie made their way inside. As they were in the castle's throne room, Catboy looked around the area to see a broken throne, a nightstand with a vase full of wilted flowers, an empty opened chest, and ripped flags. He saw how a mess the castle was and thinks that it could use some sprucing up, but the Pixie reminded Catboy that he was on a mission to save Disney Junior Island's magic by restoring the Disney Princesses' magic kingdoms as Catboy shook his head to snap back to reality and then follow the Pixie to a stony platform which will help him unlock all the entrances to each kingdom. She tells Catboy that he needs a magic wand to unlock a big surprise waiting for him. But with a frown, Catboy reminds the Pixie that he doesn't have a wand and the Pixie's wings drooped at that point. Then Catboy has an idea! Using the mighty captain sword, Catboy inserts it onto the platform, and then pushes it down as he turns it to the right. Suddenly, Catboy hears a rumbling sound and crumbling pieces of stone and dust fell from the castle ceiling which made both Catboy and the Pixie cough and sneeze. Catboy quickly took the sword off the platform! After the dust cleared and the pebbles stopped falling, Catboy and the Pixie laughed together. Suddenly, Catboy let's out a gasp to see portraits of each Disney Princess; Ariel, Belle, Snow White, Cinderella, and Jasmine! Fluttering her wings, the Pixie shows Catboy that the portraits are portals to each world and the Bogs that she explained to him and his friends are causing trouble all over again in each of them. She then adds that Catboy's mission is to go to each world and restore their magic, which will also restore the magic at his homeland. Dubiously, Catboy asks the Pixie if he is really up for the challenge as she replies encouragingly that she believes in him and that he can do it, and she reminds that he can use his friends' items to help him on his journey. Catboy thought for a moment by looking down at Sofia's amulet dangling from his neck, Kwazii's ocean pearl bracelet on his wrist, and Captain Jake's mighty captain sword still clutched in his hand. Then with a deep sigh, Catboy bravely exclaims that he'll do it just for his friends and decides that they should start on Ariel's world.

The Pixie agrees and she follows Catboy to the portal which will take them to Ariel's world. As they took another step, Catboy and the Pixie jumped into the portal, and flew right into the vortex that will lead them to Ariel's world. With wide eyes and his hands holding onto the straps of Vega's backpack, Catboy was amazed and distracted much by the swirling colors but he looked straight ahead to see a bright light at the end, and gasped! White light appeared, and Catboy and the Pixie flew out of the portal and onto a wooden dock. Catboy shook his head and caught the smell of sea water when he sniffed it in, realizing that they are now in Ariel's world only at night just like back at Disney Junior Island. Just then, Lucky pops out of Vega's backpack and jumps out as he smelled fish. Catboy was surprised and asked Lucky what he was doing stowing away as Lucky nervously explains that he didn't want to be left behind. So he snuck into the backpack and came with Catboy before the portal closed. Lucky was afraid Catboy would be mad at him, Catboy just smiled and told Lucky that he was glad that he came. But next time, he needs to ask first and Lucky solemnly nods his head promising that he will ask next time. Just then, they hear some sailors complaining about their musical instruments not making any sound. Something was definitely wrong, and Catboy, Lucky, and the Pixie exchanged worried glances. Walking up to the sailors, Catboy, along with the Pixie and Lucky, asks what was wrong. The sailor with the tambourine sadly replies that his tambourine and his friends' instruments won't make any sound no matter what they try. Then the other man explains that the Bogs have put a spell on their instruments, which explains why they are not making any sound. While Catboy was thinking, Lucky blurts out to the sailors that they can help them get the sound of their instruments back just as Catboy gasped and ran to clap a hand over his cat's mouth and pick him up when one of the sailors asked in confusion if they just heard Lucky talking. With a nervous smile and a laugh, Catboy stammers that he, instead of Lucky, said they could help bring the sound back. The sailors thank them as Catboy, still holding Lucky, and the Pixie walked away and huddled to form a plan. When he puts Lucky down, Lucky gave Catboy a slight furious look and scolds at him for taking the credit. Catboy apologizes and tells Lucky that he didn't want the sailors to find out that he (Lucky) was a talking black cat who was a shapeshifter. Now that they're alone, they need to make a plan. Then finally, the Pixie comes up with an idea! As Catboy and Lucky listened in, the Pixie explains that the Gentlehaven Princess used her magic wand to restore the sailors' instruments so they could make music again! Catboy and Lucky liked the idea but the only problem was that they don't have a magic wand. They need to think of another plan! Catboy knew that his friends and everyone back home were counting on him, and he can't let them down! Not just yet! But how can he and his friends, Pixie and Lucky, restore the sound of the instruments without a wand? Suddenly, blue magic sparkles unknowingly appeared on Catboy's hands and the Pixie and Lucky immediately jumped back as they saw what happened. Catboy didn't know, but maybe it was because he thought about his friends and his home. Excitedly, the Pixie tells Catboy to use his magic sparkles on the sailors' instruments because maybe they'll make sound again. Catboy, Lucky, and the Pixie went back to meet the sailors again and as they were back, one of the sailors noticed Catboy's hands sparkling and asked him how he was able to do that. Catboy tells him that it's a long story but also adds that he and his friends have found a solution to solve their mute instrument problem. Holding out his sparkly hands, Catboy unleashes a shower of blue sparkles at the sailors' instruments. Then suddenly, there was a tap, a bang, a jingle, and then a flute sound! The magic worked, and the sailors cheered that their music instruments were making music again as they thanked Catboy, Lucky, and the Pixie for their help. Then the sailors played a thank you tune to the three friends just to appreciate their help. After they finished their song, one of the sailors asked if there was anything they could do to help Catboy, Lucky, and the Pixie in return. The Pixie responds that they need a boat to get to Ariel's sea kingdom, Atlantica, because they need to help Ariel and her friends down there. Unfortunately, the sailors responded with a sad smile and apologized that they don't have enough money for them to pay a boat trip to Atlantica, and they're trying to raise money by playing their music. But since the Bogs appeared and placed a spell on their instruments, they haven't made enough loot for even a boat ride. With a frown and his cat ears drooping in depression, Catboy replies to the sailors that it's okay and that they'll just find a way to get to Atlantica. After thanking and saying goodbye to the sailors, Catboy, Lucky, and the Pixie walked away while thinking of a way to get to Ariel's kingdom. Lucky saw Kwazii's ocean pearl bracelet on Catboy's wrist and suggests that they should swim there since the Aqua Wings will help Catboy breathe underwater while they swim to Atlantica. But the Pixie tells Lucky that it might take too long to swim there, but she says that it was a good idea anyway. Then, Lucky comes up with an even better idea! He jumped into the blue star shaped backpack and scavenged inside to find Catboy's magic sketchbook and pencil! When the Pixie's face became complexed, Lucky explains that Catboy can sketch up a magical drawing of a boat so that way, they'll sail to Atlantica in no time! It's worth a try as Catboy got to work on drawing a boat! After he was done getting the shading and details on the boat sketch, the Pixie was amazed when a magic boat sketch like the one on Catboy's sketchbook page appeared floating on the water! The trio went on board, and then Catboy erases the anchor and taps on the sail sketch with the pencil tip on the page to host the sails. The boat sketch with it's three passengers went off to set sail for Atlantica. Later as they were sailing, Catboy, Lucky, and the Pixie got hungry so they went fishing for food. Catboy, with his fishing pole sketch, caught ten fish, Lucky caught five, and the Pixie caught seventeen! As Lucky saw the seventeen fish, he mutters "show off" and scowls at the Pixie, although the scowl was more likely an approving smile. After Catboy skins and cuts the fish into pieces with the mighty captain sword, he, Lucky, and the Pixie soon dined in their food. Taking three fish pieces, Catboy catapulted them into his mouth with his thumb while Lucky used his tail to flung five fish pieces into his mouth, then chewed and swallowed them whole. Looking at his cat's funny action, Catboy wipe his mouth with his arm and laughed with his mouth still full of chewed fish that sent disgusting pink blobs out while he was laughing. The Pixie gave the boys a disgusted look and asked them in a flat tone "must you play with your food?". Lucky replies with a full mouth "yes?", while Catboy gulps down his fish and the Pixie giggles just when she let out a loud burp. She excused herself and soon, all three of the friends burst out laughing. After their laughter died down, Catboy takes another piece of fish off the napkin. But his hand stops as he puts the fish piece down and frowns while looking down, sulkily, as his cat ears drooped. When Lucky saw the sad look on his owner's face, he asks what was bothering him as the Pixie adds to Catboy that he needs to eat to fuel up his energy to save the princesses' kingdoms and his home. That thought made Catboy respond as he explains that he always wanted to go on a solo mission, but somehow, even with Lucky and the Pixie by his side, the adventure seems to make him feel lonely because his friends are still at Disney Junior Island, but aren't with him now. Missing them back home made Catboy sing the song, "Do I Have What It Takes?" Coming up to his owner, Lucky gives Catboy a comforting rub on the side to assure him that he is not alone. And the Pixie reminds Catboy that his friends gave him their things to remind him of them so that he won't feel lonely on his journey. With a smile, Catboy thanks his friends and they group hugged together just as they felt very tired and decided that they should rest before they arrive to Atlantica. As Catboy puts Vega's star backpack aside, then sketched blankets and pillows for him and the Pixie, and also a cat bed sketch for Lucky, he, Lucky, and the Pixie said their goodnights to each other and fell into a deep sleep. But while they were asleep, Catboy was having the same nightmare, but much more different than the first one. In the dream, Catboy was running away from the evil green mist, but he reaches a cliff and behind him, the mist caught up to him and Catboy screamed as the mist caught him before he woke up with a jolt. With a deep sigh of relief, Catboy looks around to see no green mist but just his friends sleeping as he went back to sleep. Then, after Catboy went back to sleep, six Bogs unknowingly rose up from the waters to prepare their attack surprise by climbing up onto the boat sketch. Then one of the Bogs grabbed Lucky by the tail which woke him up and made him shout for help. Catboy and the Pixie woke up from the sound of Lucky's cries. As he got up, Catboy rubbed his eyes and blinked groggily while groaning in annoyance, thinking that Lucky might be playing one of his pranks again. But Lucky wasn't playing a prank when Catboy and the Pixie gasped at the sight of six Bogs on their ship! Quickly, Catboy pulled out Captain Jake's mighty captain sword from Vega's backpack and orders the Bogs to release Lucky before he is forced to fight them. But the Bogs refused to do so! Angrily, Catboy runs over to attack the Bogs and save his cat while being careful not to hurt him (Lucky). The sword in his hand pointed to the Bog with Lucky and the Bog fearfully lets go of his tail as Lucky landed safely on his feet and ran up to Catboy's side. Lucky transforms into a black and white version of a Treent of Life to join Catboy in the battle with the Bogs. While Treent Lucky swatted the Bogs away, Catboy used every power of Kwazii's ocean pearl bracelet and Captain Jake's mighty captain sword to push the Bogs off the deck. But the more Bogs they beat, the more of them keep coming and the battle begins to almost destroy the boat sketch! Finally, just as the Bogs were ambushing Catboy, Lucky, and the Pixie, Catboy felt some strange energy pulling him up to face the Bogs. Then suddenly, he released so much magic power that it destroyed the Bogs and as they were hit by the blue magic wave, the Bogs were not there anymore but there were butterflies now! After the butterflies flew away from the almost wrecked ship, Catboy looks down at his hands as he wondered how he was able to use so much power to defeat so many Bogs without Kwazii's ocean pearl bracelet's powers. The Pixie interrupts Catboy's thoughts with a throat clear as she tells him that she forgot to mention that the Bogs are actually butterflies trapped and forced to do bad things. But thanks to Catboy who unknowingly used his magic, they were free! Catboy gives the Pixie a small smile and guessed that maybe he really did free those butterflies. Later, the boat sketch stops after Catboy resketches the anchor drawing on the page and carefully sends it down to the bottom of the sea just so he wouldn't harm any sea life down there. They must be above Atlantica, so now all they need to do was swim down to find Ariel and help her. But looking down into the water made Catboy a little nervous. When the Pixie noticed Catboy's pale face, she comforts him and says that everything will be fine. Plus, he has Kwazii's ocean pearl bracelet so with the Aqua Wings, Catboy will be able to fly and breathe underwater at the same time. Then, Lucky hops off the boat and into the water to morph into his orca form before Catboy hopped onto his back and dive in. But Catboy then realized that he forgot to spread out the Aqua Wings and frantically tells Lucky to wait a minute. But it was already too late! As orca Lucky dove down with Catboy holding onto his fin and holding his breath, he soon saw that his owner didn't have the Aqua Wings out as he stopped and apologized to Catboy. Then, something surprised and shocked the Pixie, Catboy, and Lucky all together! When Catboy opened his mouth to respond to Lucky, he found that he was able to talk and breathe underwater without the Aqua Wings! This was starting to freak him out! First his hands sparkled which restored the sailors' instruments, then he turned the Bogs into butterflies, and now he's breathing underwater without the Aqua Wings! Can things get any weirder for Catboy?! But they'll have to worry about that later! Right now, the Pixie reminds the boys that they need to find Ariel and her friends so they can help them. So putting his big orca tail at full speed, Lucky swam behind the Pixie while Catboy held onto his dorsal fin and the star shaped backpack's strap, still having this weird feeling about breathing underwater. Just when they made it to Atlantica, all the merpeople and other sea creature swam along as Catboy, Lucky, and the Pixie greeted them all. But something was wrong. Very wrong! The merpeople and sea creatures weren't talking, which left the trio very worried. Then, Ariel, Sebastian, and Flounder appeared with looks of relief that the Pixie was back and that she brought some friends. But Catboy, with the ocean pearl bracelet's magical aura reading power, could see that their auras are colored orange with anxiety and worried blue. When he asks what was wrong, Flounder explains in a frantic but calm tone that the merpeople's and the sea creatures' voices have been stolen by the Bogs... again! The last time that happened, they were almost thrown into a bottomless pit and were never seen or heard again! This time, they might succeed! But Catboy won't let that happen as he hopped off of Lucky's orca back and declares that he and his friends can help get the voices back. Clapping her hands in delight, Ariel was relieved to have somebody help her and her friends as she leads Catboy, Lucky, and the Pixie to where the Bogs and the stolen voices are. Later, they arrived just in time to see that the Bogs haven't thrown the voices trapped in bubbles into the pit yet, which is good. While Ariel, Sebastian, Flounder, Catboy, Lucky, and the Pixie were hiding behind a rock, Catboy used his cat ears to hear the Bogs gibberish conversation. With a gasp, he could hear that they really are gonna throw the voices into the pit! Ariel was right! But that's not even the worse part! Without the voices, everyone will stay silent forever! With clutching fists, Catboy felt furious at that thought! He could not let that happen, and let the Bogs get away with it. Then looking down at his hands, Catboy noticed that they were sparkling again. That gave him an idea! Pouncing out from behind the rock, Catboy had the Bogs chase him while his friends went to save the voices and bring them back to the city. Then, as Catboy was cornered, he takes his sparkly hands out from behind his back and shoots blasts of sparkles out of his palms! Then in a flash, the Bogs turned back into butterflies which flew out of the sea just as one of them landed on Catboy's nose to thank him for freeing it and the other butterflies. After the butterflies left and flew back to the surface, Catboy swam back to his friends to get the voices in the bubbles back to the merpeople and the other sea creatures. Just then, Catboy saw something that the Bogs dropped; a beautiful conchshell. Then he picked it up, put it in the backpack, and swam away. Later, when he met up with his friends, Catboy helped them with the stolen voices. Then he showed Ariel the conchshell he found after turning the Bogs back into butterflies. Surprised, Ariel recognized the shell as a powerful relic belonging to her father, King Triton, which controls the music and sound of the sea. That explained why their is no sound anywhere on land or in the ocean. Filled with determination, Catboy declares that they must return the shell to it's former place and restore the sounds. But he finds out that the conchshell was empty without sound! How were they gonna restore the sound now that the shell in empty? Then, Ariel had an idea! They can fill the conchshell with some new music! Sebastian is already getting the concert ready at the lagoon, and the Pixie jumped for joy while Catboy puts the conchshell back into his backpack! Swimming up to the lagoon's surface, they met Sebastian who was standing on a rock and was almost ready to conduct the singers. Catboy goes up to Sebastian and tells him that he has the conchshell. But then he asks how they'll put the sound back inside it. Sebastian explains that with new compositions, he'll remind the shell what beautiful music sounds like. But first, he needs to make sure that everyone is in good tune. However, the singers' voices were taken by the Bogs as well. Lucky excitedly tells Sebastian that he, Catboy, and the Pixie can help and bring the voices back with Catboy's new power before his owner could stop him from talking and freaking Sebastian out. But luckily, Sebastian was pleased instead of freaked out by Lucky talking, and so they got to work into helping the singers sing the perfect key! After helping the singers get their voices back and sing on the higher or lower notes, Catboy and his friends were a little exhausted but they managed to get everyone singing a perfect song! And best of all, the conchshell was filled with sound again! Now that everyone was in tune, it was time to begin the concert! The concert went on without a siege, and Catboy thanks everyone for the lovely music which filled up the conchshell and hands it to Ariel. Suddenly, she hears something shaking inside as Ariel turns the shell upside down and out came a piece of a key. It was a shaft! Ariel decides to give it to Catboy as a gift of thanks and thanks him again for helping her and her friends get the sound back. After replying that they're very welcome, Catboy reaches out his hand to make a portal back to the Gentlehaven castle and said goodbye as Lucky and the Pixie followed him behind before the portal closed and vanished.

When they came back, Lucky asks where they should go next. Then seeing Jasmine's portal, Catboy says that they should go to Jasmine's world next, and the Pixie agrees. As the trio got ready, they jumped into the portrait portal that will lead them to Jasmine's world as they ventured through a vortex and finally arrived in Agrabah. Just to find it's people acting weird over piles of dirt. Catboy asks the Pixie what was wrong with everyone when she explains that the Bogs' mirage magic is making the people of Agrabah greedy and distrusting to each other because they were protecting the treasure for themselves, which the treasures are actually dirt piles. It is getting silly and Catboy couldn't take it anymore. So decidedly, Lucky suggests to his owner he can use magic again to turn those treasure piles back into dirt piles. Then raising his hands to the mirages, Catboy concentrates on Kwazii's ocean pearl bracelet and relied on it's magic to do the work, but sadly, it doesn’t work. Just when things are getting hopeless, the Pixie suggests maybe Catboy should use his own magic powers instead of the bracelet's to change the mirages. Catboy then decides it's worth a try. This time, Catboy's sparkles on his hands turned bright green as he used them on the mirages and turns them back into dirt piles. As the people snapped out of their trance, they realized how greedy and silly they were acting then apologize to each other. Then the man right next to Catboy thanks him for breaking the mirages' spells, just as the Pixie asks the man the directions to Jasmine's palace. Holding out his finger, he points the direction to the palace and Catboy thanked him as he, Lucky, and the Pixie make their way to their location. At the Agrabah palace, Jasmine paced back and forth looking worried. Just then, Jasmine is relieved when she sees the Pixie with Lucky and Catboy by her side to help. Jasmine tells them the treasure mirages are making the people of Agrabah greedy and distrustful to each other, but Catboy assures her he took care of them with his strange power as Jasmine sighs with relief and thanks Catboy for helping. However, she needs help with one more thing: like finding the genie's lamp in the Cave of Wonders. Catboy and his friends volunteer to retrieve the magic lamp and Jasmine thanks them. Then she calls Abu to go with Catboy, Lucky, and Pixie to guide them to the Caves of Wonders as Catboy thanks Jasmine before he and his friends follow Abu to the caves. Abu leads the trio out of Agrabah and to the desert while avoiding strong sandstorms and other Bogs on the way. Luckily for them, Catboy uses wind power from Kwazii's ocean pearl bracelet to clear off all the sandstorms. After getting through more sandstorms, the trio and Abu are one step closer to the Caves of Wonders but a thick cloud of green mist is in their way. While Abu, Lucky, and the Pixie stay where they are, Catboy decides to check out the smoke as he walks into it before any of his friends can stop him. When Catboy enters the green fog, he looks around to see where he is as he looks from left to right and asks himself where he is. Just then, the fog clears and there appears in front of him is Disney Junior Town, only in ruins! Then, Catboy finds his friends in bruises, broken arms and legs, and angry scowls as he comes up to them and asks them what happened, but Kwazii sternly tells Catboy it is his (Catboy) fault for not completing the journey, restoring the Disney princesses kingdoms, and saving the magic. As Kwazii says those words, he and the rest of the Disney Junior Club walk away as Catboy tries to call them back, but they don’t listen to him just as Owlette and Gekko stop and glare at Catboy, then tell him he is no longer their friend before they catch up to the others and disappear. After they left, Catboy falls to his knees, buries his face into his palms, and cries in despair as Zara laughs evilly, ending the episode.


Powers that Kwazii uses

  • Magic Portal

Villain Motives

  • Luna Girl: To steal the Evil Queen’s mirror from the Disney Junior Town Museum’s Hall of Evil


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