Finding the final key piece
Catboy's Magic Key (Part 2) is the 36th episode of Season 15. 


After saving the Disney Princesses' kingdoms and finding the last piece of the seventh key, the Key of Magic and Catboy's key to the Door of Magic, Zara the ex-princess takes it away and now Catboy must rely on himself and his abilities to stop her, and save his friends, family, and home...with his new powers. Then, Catboy discovers a shocking secret about the Princess of Gentlehaven...she is his great ancestor who is named Cynthia!


The episode begins in the ruined Disney Junior Town where Catboy is sitting and crying at how his has failed his mission to restore all the Disney Princesses' worlds and Disney Junior Island's magic, but all of it was a mirage made by Zara's Bogs when Lucky, the Pixie, and Abu snap him out of the mirage's trances and the whites of Catboy's eyes, which have turned green, become normal as he snaps out of his vision and wipes the tears out of his eyes. As Catboy was out of the trance, Lucky begins telling him that the Bogs has bewitched the path to the Cave of Wonders with their mirage to make it show his worst fears. Catboy hugs Lucky and thanks for coming with him on this mission, and then uses his mirage breaking spell to break the mirage and clear it out of their way to the Cave of Wonders, turning all of the treasure mirages into piles of dirt. After the path was cleared, Catboy, Pixie, and Lucky followed Abu to the Cave of Wonders and they entered inside the cave to look for the genie lamp. Then suddenly, Lucky spots the genie lamp sitting on top of a golden column and Catboy bends down to pet his black cat friend in approval, but just as Catboy used his super cat speed to run up to the lamp and retrieve it, four genie Bogs appeared out of the gold piles and Catboy quickly stopped and backed away before he got any close to them! The Bogs were getting really close now! So pulling out Miles' lazerang, Catboy threw it at the Bogs and the were knocked out, but only for a second. Catboy then looked down at his wrist which had Kwazii's ocean pearl bracelet on, and with his arms outstretched, he summoned the Marine Arms and gave each genie bog a soggy slap on the face, but the Bogs were not giving up yet! Clutching his fists, Catboy unleashed all of his magic at the Bogs, and then all of them turned into a swarm of butterflies that fluttered away and out of the cave. After the Bogs were defeated, Catboy takes the lamp and meets Lucky, Abu, and the Pixie who congratulated him as they all made their way back to Jasmine's palace and give her the genie's lamp. When they returned, Catboy gave the genie lamp to Jasmine and she thanks him and his friends for getting it back for her. Just then, as she shook the lamp, Jasmine heard something inside as a key piece fell out of the lamp's spout and into her hand. It was the second key piece to the Key of Magic! Catboy gasps in surprise and Jasmine noticed as she realized that he needs that piece more than she does. So holding the piece out, Jasmine gives the key piece to Catboy and he thanks him for what she gave him. Catboy thanks Jasmine and takes the second key piece before he made another portal back to the Gentlehaven castle, and he, Lucky, and the Pixie went through it.

When they came back, their next stop was Snow White's world. The trio went through the portal, and as they traveled in the vortex, Catboy, Lucky, and the Pixie made it to the forest of Snow White's world and found themselves in front of a little friendly cottage with animals, and Dopey! Dopey introduces himself to Catboy with a bow, but never spoke, then leads his friends into the gray cottage where they will meet Snow White inside. Later inside, Snow White smiled with relief that the Pixie came back and with Catboy and Lucky with her. Then she tells them that the Bogs have returned and once again, has been taken colors away from everything in the forest: trees, rocks, animals, etc. The three friends all shared worried looks with each other, but Catboy tells Snow White to not worry for that he'll restore the colors with Kwazii's ocean pearl bracelet. With a smile, Snow White appreciated the PJ Mask's help as she lead him, Lucky, and the Pixie outside to show them the gray things which are the ones with the colors that had the Bogs stolen. Then taking a deep breath, Catboy held up his palm at the gray trees to restore their green and brown colors. Eventually, it worked but only for a second. Looking down at the ocean pearl bracelet, Catboy couldn't make out at why it's magic didn't work like it always does. Lucky thinks that maybe the ocean pearl bracelet's magic isn't strong enough against the Bogs', and the Pixie suggests that maybe Catboy could use his own magic to restore the colors. Catboy was a little dubious but he decides to give it a try anyway. Concentrating, Catboy lets his hands sparkle in a different color: purple. And with that, the purple sparkles shot out of Catboy's hands and then they showered on the gray trees, which turns them back into pure green trees. After the trees were green again, Catboy let's his purple sparkles turn all the grays back into colors and soon the whole forest was colorful again! Now the last one was the cottage! After the cottage was in colors again, Snow White and Dopey thanked Catboy as he replies that he couldn't have done it without Lucky and the Pixie. Then Catboy asks Snow White if there is anything else they can do. Pursing her lips worriedly, Snow White tells Catboy about the Bogs stealing the colors from everything in the forest and also the rainbow at the waterfall, and the dwarves are having trouble getting them away from it. With determination, Catboy tells Snow White to not worry and that he, Lucky, and the Pixie will go to the grove, then the waterfall, and stop those Bogs. Later, as they arrived, Catboy, Lucky, and the Pixie find Happy and the other dwarves looking devastated now that all the colors have been stolen by the Bogs. Luckily, Catboy, Lucky, and the Pixie arrived to help them as Doc said that he is glad that some friendly faces are here in the grove to help them get all the colors back after the Bogs stolen them. Hearing that, Catboy tells the dwarves to not worry for that he will save the forest colors with his magic. Bashful was delighted and gives thanks to his new friends and all the dwarves were relieved, while Grumpy grunts out a thank you. When Catboy, Lucky, and the Pixie were lead by the dwarves to the grove, they were shocked to see a lot of gray colors around! Then Grumpy tells Catboy that the plants need to be green, the birds and squirrels need to be blue and yellow, and the mushrooms and the butterflies must be red. Catboy nods down at Grumpy and got to work on making his hands sparkle into the four colors of green, blue, red, and yellow, then as he looked down at his hands, Catboy frowned and his ears drooped. Thinking about the colors remind Catboy of Owlette, Gekko, and Fish Boy (Captain Jake) back home, and it was making him homesick again, but he had no time for that right now. Lucky reminded Catboy that he needed to focus on saving the colors. With a sigh, Catboy got to work on the gray items as a montage is seen of him restoring the colors. Finally, after using so much magic, Catboy collapses but he managed to get everything back to normal and colorful. Lucky catches Catboy and he, the dwarves, and the Pixie took him back to Snow White's cottage to revive his strength powers. After they got back, Snow White lets Catboy sleep on her bed so he could rest. Concerned, Lucky paced back and forth for his owner to wake up but luckily, Snow White woke Catboy up with a kiss on the nose. Perking up, Catboy gasped and asked what happened. The Pixie explains to Catboy that he fainted after using so much of his magic to save the colors, which made Catboy blush in frustration. Luckily, Grumpy tells Catboy that he managed to get all the colors back as Snow White added that there is one more thing that needs fixing; the rainbow at the waterfall. After some stretching, Catboy jumps out of the bed and was ready to take on the Bogs who have stolen the rainbow's colors. Plus, Snow White sent Grumpy to come along with him (Catboy), Lucky, and the Pixie to help. When Catboy, Grumpy, Lucky, and the Pixie arrived at the waterfall with the gray rainbow, the find the Bogs there as well and they were prepared to battle. Catboy readied the ocean pearl bracelet as it glowed and it's powers were activated for the fight, and even Catboy's hands sparkled in green, blue, and red colors. While he used his super cat leap and jump to dodge the Bogs' attacks, Catboy used his sparkling hands to attack back while Lucky in his garnet griffin form fought alongside his owner by whacking the Bogs with his tail. Catboy then blasts green sparkles at the green bogs, red sparkles at the red Bogs, and then blue sparkles at the blue Bogs! After the Bogs were turned into butterflies and flew off, Catboy restores the rainbow to it's full colors. Grumpy grunts a congrats to Catboy and a thanks to him just when Snow White and the other six dwarves arrived to see Catboy's job well done. She then thanks Catboy, Lucky, and the Pixie as she gave each of them a kiss of appreciation on their foreheads, then suddenly, Catboy finds another piece of the magic key at the waterfall. Quickly, he picks it up and puts it inside his pocket for safety. Then after that was done, Catboy, Lucky, and the Pixie said that it was time to go as Catboy made a portal back to the Gentlehaven Castle ruins and then said goodbye and thank you to Snow White and her seven dwarf friends.

When they arrived back, the trio went to the portal to Princess Belle's world and they took off as the vortex sent them into the throne room of Belle's castle. There, they find Princess Belle, the Beast, her furniture friends... and some Bogs! Catboy runs up to Belle to ask her what was going on as Belle tells him that the Bogs are sabotaging the ball that they had and had everyone leaving. With determination, Catboy, Lucky, and the Pixie decided that they should get rid of the Bogs as Belle was happy to hear that and she leads them straight to the Bogs who were having their own fun wrecking things. Then walking up to the Bogs, Catboy orders them to stop and leave the ballroom right now! But the Bogs just laughed at him as Catboy got really annoyed and decides to get them out the hard way. But before he could do that, Belle stops Catboy in time and tells him that the Bogs look like they want to play tag. Catboy and Lucky gave Belle a questioning look, but Catboy decides that he should play with the Bogs. So, he walked up to the Bogs and asked them if he could play with them. Reluctantly, the Bogs let Catboy play tag with them just as one of them explained the rules to Catboy. If he wins, then the Bogs can leave the castle, but if Catboy loses, they'll stay in the ballroom and keep on bugging Belle and her friends. Catboy accepts the challenge as the game of freeze tag begins! As the game begins, the Bogs tried to tag Catboy but he was too fast and thanks to his magic powers, Catboy freezes the Bogs and wins the game in seconds! After the game was over, the Bogs unfroze and left just as one drops a piece of a key before running off to catch up with the other Bogs. Lucky runs up to the piece and picks it up with his mouth to give to his owner and Catboy thanks him as he puts the piece inside his pocket just when Belle thanks him and his friends for the help, and asks them if they can stay for the ball. Catboy thanks Belle for the stay, but politely refuses the offer for that he and his friends need to help the last princess, Cinderella, save her kingdom. Nodding, Belle understands and so do her friends. Then after saying goodbye, Catboy makes a portal and he, Lucky, and the Pixie went through it to head back to the Gentlehaven castle ruins, where they will enter the final portal to Cinderella's world.

When they went through the portal, they arrived in Cinderella's kingdom and walked towards the castle, but as they were walking, Lucky noticed everyone being frozen stiff as Catboy noticed it too. Something weird is going on around this kingdom, and only Cinderella knows what to do once the three friends find her at her castle. Just then, Catboy saw some Bogs as he pulls the Pixie and Lucky behind a crate before the Bogs spotted them. Then as they were hidden, they saw that the Bogs were using their magic to freeze everything, which explains why some of the other people and animals are frozen. Catboy lets out a gasp when he saw the other Bog freeze two mice in guard costumes! After they Bogs vanished, Catboy and his friends got out of their hiding place to see the two mice frozen just like the rest of the villagers and animals, and turned around to look at everything and everyone being affected by the Bogs' freezing time magic. Thinking, Catboy decides to use his magic to break the freezing time spell on the animals, people, and objects, and he'll use it on the two mice named Gus and Jaq as he concentrated on his magic and in seconds, Catboy unfroze the mice who shook their heads and asked what happened. When they looked up at Catboy and Lucky, Jaq and Gus backed away in fear but Catboy assures them that they are friends of Cinderella and want to help her. Jaq and Gus were skeptical at first, but when they saw their old friend, the Pixie, with Catboy and Lucky, they've decided to lead them to the castle, but Catboy decides that he should unfreeze everything and everyone first, and so he got to work on his magic. After unfreezing the last person, Catboy was ready to head into the castle, but he, Lucky, and the Pixie need to protect Jaq and Gus from the Bogs freezing them again. Finally, they made it to Cinderella's castle but they stopped on their tracks to see that the Bogs are using their magic again to make vines that hold the gates shut! Quickly, Catboy used his magic to stop the Bogs and turn them into butterflies. Then, he used his magic again to get rid of the vines by shrinking them and finally open the gates. Jaq and Gus went in to find Cinderella as Catboy, Lucky, and the Pixie followed them behind into the castle. Inside the castle, Cinderella was looking very anxious when she saw Jaq and Gus and was very relieved, and she was even more relieved when Catboy, Lucky, and the Pixie came in to help as she thanked them for saving Jaq and Gus. When Catboy asked Cinderella what was wrong, Cinderella explains that it’s the Bogs that appeared a few hours ago and since they arrived, the kingdom has been acting strange. And if they can’t fix the problem, she will have to postpone her and Prince Charming’s wedding anniversary. Catboy asks again why and Cinderella replies that it’s the farmer. He was supposed to bring food for the party, but no one has seen or heard from him in quite some time. Lucky says out that he and his friends can go see the farmer for her as Cinderella was delighted and gives the trio the directions to the farmer’s farm. She said that the farm is to the right of the forest, outside of town. Catboy, Lucky, and the Pixie thanked Cinderella as they went out into the forest and to the farm. But when they arrived, they were shocked to find so many Bogs invading the farm. And to make matters worse, the Bogs were using their magic to oversize the pumpkins and make them explode! Quick as lightning, Catboy held out his hand to form a protective force field above him, Lucky, and the Pixie to protect them from getting covered in pumpkin squash when they heard the farmer cry for help. They ran over to him and the farmer begged them for help. Patting the farmer on the shoulder to calm him down, Catboy tells him to not worry for that he’ll take care of this mess. There were a lot of Bogs to get rid of, but Catboy will not give up as he used his magic to return the pumpkins to their normal sizes. However, the Bogs were still making the pumpkins grow bigger but Catboy had managed to shrink more of the pumpkins with his magic powers. Finally, the Bogs gave up and disappeared as Catboy let out a heavy sigh and fell to his knees. He felt a little weak after using his magic to shrink the pumpkins. After he recovered, Catboy walks up to the farmer who thanks him and says that now that the pumpkins have stopped growing, he can finally get the food delivered to Cinderella and Prince Charming’s wedding anniversary. Catboy, Lucky, and the Pixie then volunteered to help. After the food was delivered, Catboy, Lucky, and the Pixie went to see Jaq and Gus to ask them if there is anything else they can do. Jaq and Gus tell them that they need their help because Cinderella went to her old house to find her fairy godmother at the wishing well, but it seems that she is taking too long. That had Catboy and his friends concerned as the Pixie says that they should go to the manor and find Cinderella there. Assuringly, Catboy says that he and his friends will help find Cinderella and asks the two mice for directions. Jaq tells them that to get to the manor, they must pass the forest but also says that Gus should go with them since he knows how to get to the manor. But Gus was afraid of the forest as Catboy says that there is nothing to be afraid of and adds that he and his friends will take him to the gate. Gus felt better after that as Catboy tells Gus to meet him, Lucky, and the Pixie at the forest entrance. Gus does so and was off to the forest entrance before Catboy, Lucky, and the Pixie left to meet him there. When they arrived, they find that Gus was still scared of the forest because there were a lot of Bogs invading the forest. Luckily, Catboy used the ocean pearl bracelet’s magic power to make his eyes glow so he and his friends can see through the darkness of the forest. And just in case any Bogs get too close to them, Catboy has his friends’ items to protect them. In the forest, Catboy, Lucky, and the Pixie did their best to protect Gus from so many Bogs they have to battle. Catboy used Sofia’s amulet to shine a blinding light at the Bogs, then he used Captain Jake’s mighty captain sword to swat the Bogs away, then Kwazii’s ocean pearl bracelet to blast some bubbles at the Bogs, and finally used Miles’ lazerang knock out the Bogs. But unfortunately, more Bogs were surrounding them! Then looking up at a branch above him, Catboy had an idea! He pulled out Sheriff Callie’s noodle lasso and lassoed the branch as he grabbed Lucky, the Pixie, and Gus off the ground and then used the lasso to climb up and swing himself and his friends out of the Bogs’ reach. After escaping from the Bogs, the four friends arrived at the gates of the manor. Gus thanks them for keeping him safe as he went through a little door and on the other side, he opened the gates and lets Catboy, Lucky, and the Pixie in. As they were inside the manor, Catboy looked around and saw how beautiful the manor looked inside. Suddenly, he saw Cinderella but then heard the sound of a Bog, who was behind Cinderella! Catboy cried out to Cinderella to look out, but it was too late! The Bog froze her, stiff! Enraged, Catboy blasted blue magic at the Bog which turned into a bunch of butterflies and they flew off. Then, Catboy was about to fall on his back but the Pixie helped him up and told him that he really needs to be careful about using his magic in anger as Catboy scratched the back of his head and apologized, his cheeks flushing. After the Bog was gone, Catboy, Lucky, and the Pixie rushed up to the frozen Cinderella and Lucky placed a paw on her dress and asked her if she was okay. Catboy reminds Lucky that Cinderella is frozen, but not for long as he used his magic to unfreeze her. When Cinderella unfroze, she asked what happened as Lucky explains to her that a Bog froze her with his magic, but Catboy managed to unfreeze her. Cinderella was glad that her friends came to help her. Then she asks how they were able to find her in the manor as Catboy explains that Jaq and Gus sent them here because they were worried about her. Again, Cinderella was glad that her mice friends sent the trio to find her and she certainly needed their help, the Bogs stopped her from finding her fairy godmother. Catboy replies that he and his friends can help Cinderella find her fairy godmother and asks where she might be. Thinking, Cinderella says that her fairy godmother is at the wishing well outside the kitchen. They turned to the door, only to find that it was sealed with the Bogs’ magic. Lucky tells everyone to step aside as he shapeshifts into a rampage and charges at the door, but he fails and falls flat on his back, transforming him back into his cat form. Catboy said to Lucky that it was a nice try and says that he’ll open the door. Using the ocean pearl bracelet‘s magic, Catboy used super strength to try and open the door, but no matter how hard he tried, the door still won’t budge! The Pixie crossed her arms and rolled her eyes, letting out a sigh. Cinderella turned to a clock that was telling the correct time. She wondered if they could fix the three clocks, it will break the sealing magic off the door. Lucky notices that the clock is set to twelve. So, the trio got to work on fixing the clocks. After the third clock was fixed, the magic seal was broken and now they can go to the wishing well to find Cinderella’s fairy godmother. Outside in the garden, the fairy godmother appears before Cinderella and her friends as she introduced herself to them. Catboy says hello to her and says that it’s nice to meet her. The fairy godmother was pleased to meet Catboy, Lucky, and the Pixie. Cinderella was more happier to see her fairy godmother again and Catboy tells her that the kingdom has been frozen by the Bogs’ magic. The fairy godmother was shocked by this news, but reassures Cinderella and her friends that she will get to the bottom of this mess as she flew off to the clock tower. Catboy, Lucky, and the Pixie decided to follow her as Catboy used the ocean pearl bracelet to make the Aqua Wings appears on his back and Lucky shapeshifts a falconch. Then the trio flew off to the clock tower while Cinderella headed back to the castle. When Catboy, Lucky, and the Pixie arrived in the clock tower, they find the fairy godmother who was examining the cogs of the clock tower. The fairy godmother sees them and tells them that the clock tower is missing some cogs. And without the cogs, time everywhere is frozen, which explains why it’s still nighttime in both the Disney Princesses’ worlds and in Disney Junior Island. Catboy tells fairy godmother to not worry and says that he, Lucky, and the Pixies will find them. The fairy godmother wishes them good luck as they ran out of the clock tower to search for the three cogs. However, when they met back at their meeting, Catboy, Lucky, and the Pixie only found two cogs in their search. With a frown, Catboy takes the cogs and puts them into Vega’s backpack just when he and his friends heard a cry for help at the farm! They went there in a rush just as they arrived in time to see that the farmer’s pears in his pear tree are in trouble, because the Bogs were in trouble! Catboy tells the farmer to not worry as he has a plan! Using the ocean pearl bracelet's magic, he telepathically tells Jaq and Gus to come over to the farm quickly, and in a flash, they came to help by bringing a basket to catch the falling pears. After saving the pears from the Bogs, the farmer awards Catboy, Lucky, the Pixie, Jaq, and Gus a cog that the Bogs stole from the clock tower! Just what the friends needed to fix the clock! The friends waved goodbye and thank you to the farmer as they headed back to the clock tower to fix the clock. When they arrived, Catboy takes the three cogs out of Vega's backpack, then inserts the cogs in, and soon, the clock tower was working again! Everyone jumped for joy as Cinderella and her fairy godmother appeared to thank Catboy, Lucky, and the Pixie for helping them. With his cheeks flushing again, Catboy says that they are welcome just when the fairy godmother rewards him with a piece of a key for the Key of Magic that she found floating in the wishing well. Catboy takes it and puts it in his pocket just as he let out a yawn, meaning that he is tired after roaming around the kingdom, and soon, Lucky and the Pixie were tired too. Luckily, Cinderella invites the trio to stay in her castle to rest and Catboy, Lucky, and the Pixie thanked her. When the beds were all set, Catboy settles in by pulling the blanket over him, laying his head on the pillow, and then, he and his friends went to sleep. As Catboy was asleep, he was having another dream. But it wasn't a bad one this time, because in this dream, he finds himself sitting right next to a princess that he never met before. She greets him and asks her who she was but she responds with a laugh as she used her magic to reveal the Princess of Gentlehaven's castle, and then shows him that the last piece of the Key of Magic is in there. With wide eyes, Catboy breathes out "wow!" and the princess tells him to go there and give this story a happy ending. Opening his eyes wide and letting out a gasp, Catboy gets up from his bed, grabs Vega's backpack, and excitedly tells Lucky and the Pixie to wake up! The two friends were groggily waking up as Lucky asked his owner what's up. Smiling, Catboy tells them that the last piece of the Key of Magic is back at the Gentlehaven castle, and they need to get back there, like now! After eating some food to boost their energy, Catboy, Lucky, and the Pixie said goodbye to Cinderella and her friends before going through a portal that takes them back to the Gentlehaven castle.

When they came out of the portal, the three friends begin searching for the last piece of the key. But it wasn't anywhere to be found. Just then, Catboy pushes some curtains aside just to find a portrait of the Disney Princesses, Jasmine, Belle, Snow White, Ariel, Cinderella, and a young girl, behind it. The Pixie notices and tells Catboy about the Princess of Gentlehaven in the picture. But Catboy wasn't listening as he touched the Princess of Gentlehaven on the painting and says that she looks like his mom when she was a kid. Lucky came over to look at the painting and asks Catboy if the Princess of Gentlehaven is related to his owner's mom, and if it would explain why Catboy was able to turn the Bogs into butterflies and do those other crazy things in the Disney Princesses kingdoms. Shaking his head in disbelief, Catboy says that it's not possible. If the Princess of Gentlehaven is related to his mom, then what does that make Catboy? A prince? No way! Like Catboy said, it's not possible... could it? Suddenly, green smoke crept behind Catboy, Lucky, and the Pixie and it grabbed them tight! Just then, Zara the ex-princess shows up as she floated down to grin evilly at Catboy, who shivered and gave Zara a fearful wide-eyed stare. The Pixie demands Zara to let them go, but Zara just cackled as she turned to the Pixie and tells her that it's been a long time since she'd seen her, helping the Princess of Gentlehaven save the Disney Princesses' kingdoms. But she was disdain about bringing a "useless boy in a cat costume" to save the kingdoms when all she ever hoped for was a girl as the hero to save the day. The Pixie growled at Zara that they have very different definitions of hero as Zara brushed her back of her hand on Catboy's cheek, frightening him even more, and Lucky snaps at her to not touch him before calling her a witch! Zara was offended by Lucky calling her a witch and shut him up, then sends him crashing onto the stone wall. Catboy cried out to Lucky when he crashed! Then after getting rid of the black cat, Zara said that when her Bogs saw that Catboy was using Gentlehaven magic on their friends, Zara learned that Catboy had Gentlehaven magic in his blood. When Catboy asked Zara what she meant, Zara tells him that the Princess of Gentlehaven, who is named Cynthia, is related to his mother. Which means that the Princess of Gentlehaven is really... Catboy's ancestor! The Pixie gasped in shock as Zara sneered at her. Catboy's eyes widened even more while struggling to break free of the evil fog's grip. While the Pixie was also struggling to get free, Zara reaches her arms out to rip all of Catboy's Gentlehaven magic out of him, but before she could, a blue aura hand behind Catboy's back forms, then as Catboy's eyes glowed blue, he opened them, then scratched Zara's cheek with his aura claws, leaving three burnt scratch marks on it and the green fog dissolves on Catboy and the Pixie, who both fell on the cold floor. Lucky recovers and transforms into a Mouseguard as Catboy got up to his feet to look down at his hand and wondered how he was able to make aura claws like that, just when Zara screamed at him, then smacked him on the face, and sent him flying as Catboy crashed onto the painting, knocking him out cold. When Mouseguard Lucky saw his owner being knocked out, he got so angry that he and Zara battled each other! Mouseguard Lucky’s sword slashed at Zara’s magic blasts and he blocked all of the Bogs’ magic powers too. Unfortunately, one of the Bogs froze Lucky and Zara was about to give Lucky the killing blow when a blast of magic hits her on the back and she heard Catboy shout at her to stop as she turned to him with a glare. Catboy had his hand with his palm facing to Zara, and he was shaky and breathing heavily, but he was staying strong. This time, as Catboy used his super cat speed to run up to Zara, they began fighting. Zara was strong, but Catboy was faster as he used his magic and the ocean pearl bracelet‘s powers against her. Finally, with a blast of his magic from the palm of his hand, Catboy hits Zara right on the chest and she was sent flying backwards and crashing onto the wall, then some stone bricks fell on her! After Zara was defeated, Catboy turns to Pixie who was comforting the beaten up Lucky as Catboy bend down to pick him up and tell him that he’s here for him, then uses the ocean pearl bracelet’s healing power on him. Suddenly, Catboy looks up to see that Zara has recovered from her injuries and was floating towards him and his friends. As she was getting closer, Lucky tells Catboy in a weak and dying tone to run home as Catboy looked up to Zara with a fearful expression and his whole body shook. Then without realizing it, Catboy’s magic explodes from his body when he cried out “NO!” and soon, the whole scenery went light blue. Later, after Zara was out of the scene again, the Pixie was hovering over Catboy who was mourning for his pet black cat, who laid lifeless in his arms. Then, looking down at Lucky’s body, a sparkly teardrop fell from Catboy’s eye and onto Lucky’s body, and another sparkly tear fell out of his eyes, and some more starting coming out and onto Lucky’s body. Just then, to Catboy and the Pixie’s shock and surprise, Lucky’s body was glowing and coming back to life as Lucky woke up and asked what happened. Sniffling, Catboy hugged his pet black cat tightly, happy to see that he was alive. After ending the hug, Catboy’s tears suddenly came together and formed into a shape of his PJ Mask cat symbol. The tears then became a head of a key, which was the last piece of the Key of Magic! Holding his hands out, Catboy lets the head float and land into his palms as he pulls out the other pieces of the Key of Magic to put them all together. But before he could do that, some kind of evil magic levitated the pieces out of his hands as Lucky and the Pixie tried to get them back, only to discover that it was Zara taking the pieces! Lucky and the Pixie tried to stop her, but Zara had already disappeared back to Disney Junior Island, along with the Key of Magic pieces! Catboy and Lucky needed to head back home before who knows what bad things Zara will do there, so creating a magic portal back to Disney Junior Island, Catboy and Lucky went through it but not before they said goodbye to the Pixie and thanked her for everything.

When they arrived back in Disney Junior Town, Catboy and Lucky's eyes widened with shock when they saw the whole town frozen and ruined by Zara's evil dark magic! Turning his head from left to right frantically, Catboy calls for his friends until he was relieved to see Owlette and Gekko coming towards him. As they hugged each other only for a second, Catboy asks them where Kwazii, Sofia, Captain Jake, Miles, Doc, Sheriff Callie, and the Star Darlings are as Gekko told him that Zara has them captive, much to his friends' shock! Furious about Zara capturing his friends, Catboy declared that he, Owlette, Gekko, and Lucky should go and find her and save their friends, and quick as Owlette said that she and Gekko saw her with their friends going into the Enchanted Forest. So, the PJ Masks and Lucky went to the Enchanted Forest to find her. When the three PJ Masks and Lucky arrived in the Enchanted Forest, they encountered Zara and saw that she had their friends held captive in her green evil fog. Catboy orders Zara to let them go, but Zara replies that she'll let them go, only if Catboy gives him his Gentlehaven magic to her. More furiously, Catboy shouts out "NO!" and it infuriates Zara as she decides that if she can't have the boy in the cat suit give his magic to her, then she'll just have to battle him for it as the two started to have their magical fight. Zara held up her palms at Catboy to blast her evil magic at him, but Catboy was too quick for her thanks to his super cat speed and he defended himself and his friends or fought back with the ocean pearl bracelet’s magic powers. Catboy used all of his PJ Mask powers, his Gentlehaven magic, and the ocean pearl bracelet’s magic to battle Zara, who blocked or got hit by his every attack. However, Catboy was getting a bit tired but although he was breathing heavily and almost feeling unconscious, he stayed strong as he blasts more magic at Zara. But before it could hit her, Zara shielded herself with a green clear shield and the magic blast bounced off it and hit Catboy on the chest, which knocked him off his feet and Owlette and Gekko ran to help him up. As Catboy got up on his knees, he, Gekko, and Owlette could see that Zara was hurting friends with her electrical evil magic and it was weakening them, much to the PJ Masks shock! In anger, Catboy demands Zara to stop, but Zara only lets out an evil and mocking laugh as she tells him that she’ll give him back his friends... only on one condition. When Catboy asked Zara what condition was while his friends came to his side, Zara says to him that if he gives up his Gentlehaven magic to her, then she'll give him his friends back and also his Key of Magic, as she waved her hand in a magician's flourish and floating above her palm was Catboy's magic key! Catboy, Gekko, and Owlette all gasped when they saw the key in her clutches. Now Catboy must choose! While Zara waited for an answer, Sofia and the others shout at Catboy to not give his magic as he weakly got up to his feet. With a sneer, Zara cackles and tells the PJ Mask that he's a fool to think that he'll just get back up and defeat her as she readies her evil magic to destroy the Key of Magic, but before she could do that, a magic force field protected the key, then flew out of her hand and into Catboy's, who used his levitation to bring it back to him. Zara was shocked at what just happened! After Catboy got his magic key back, he confronts Zara and tells her that he’s not alone, for that he has his friends by his sides and they’ll always be there for him, no matter how far they are from him. Just as he said this, the Key of Magic reacts and suddenly, it’s magic seeped in and outside of Catboy’s body as he was surrounded by blue light. Then, his Catboy suit started transforming as his tail grew longer and grew feathers at the end, his ears rounded, and he grew wings on his back, much to Owlette and Gekko’s surprise! After the transformation was completed, Catboy looked at himself from his feet, to his tail, and even his new grown wings! He looked like a jaquin from Avalor, and he now has a fighting chance! Flying up in the sky, Catboy, now known as Jaquin Boy, battled Zara by using his new powers from his new form like Avalor Magic, Super Jaquin Dash, Super Jaquin Sprint, and two other powers that are like Owlette’s and Gekko’s powers, like Super Jaquin Wings, Jaquin Wing Wind, and Super Jaquin Muscles! Zara was weakening, and Jaquin Boy looked like he was winning... or so he thought when vines of dark magic being formed by Zara grabbed him by the arms, legs, and tail that Jaquin Boy struggled to get free. Cackling, Zara brings her face and snarls to Jaquin Boy, “you want to keep your magic? Then share your ancestor’s weakness... Suffer her humiliation... Feel her pain!” while she squeezes and suffocates him with her magic until he fell onto the ground, and then gets hit and thrown off, along with Vega’s backpack that still contained all his friends’ items. Lucky, Owlette, and Gekko ran to find and come to aid him before Zara did. As he was lying on the ground, bruised, broken, and scratched, Jaquin Boy shook himself and tried to get up, then he saw Captain Jake’s mighty captain sword and grabs it just to see his reflection on it’s blade, then Jaquin Boy looked back at his friends’ things, which gives him an idea, but he needed to hurry because he can hear Zara coming to him. Right outside the forest, Zara was coming while Jaquin Boy dumped every item out of the backpack, picked up a sharp rock to cut Sheriff Callie’s noodle lasso and change it into the color blue before tying it around his wrist and sketched up some little silver rings in his sketchbook to make the same sketches magically appear on the lasso piece. Then as he was done, Jaquin Boy used another rock to chip off some pieces from Sofia’s amulet, Kwazii’s ocean pearl bracelet, Miles’ lazerang, Doc’s stethoscope, and also rub the rock against Captain Jake’s sword to sprinkle some magic silver dust on the almost done bracelet. After he was finished making the bracelet, Jaquin Boy quickly used the ocean pearl bracelet’s magic to repair the objects that he broken, scratched, and cut off. Zara was getting closer now, but Jaquin Boy stayed strong as he got up to glare at the ex-princess who said to him that this is the end of his story and to take one last look with those two lonely and sad eyes. One last look, and he can say goodbye to his home and the people he loved, because he is all alone. But Jaquin Boy, who pulled out his magic key and puts it on his bracelet to complete it, says to Zara that he is not leaving for every horrible thing in this world. Plus, he is not alone, and no matter what or how far he is from everyone, he'll never be alone, as he snaps his fingers, then lets his magic do it's work! Jaquin Boy snaps his fingers again, and it weakens Zara's magic when she tried to attack him, just as Owlette, Gekko, Kwazii, Captain Jake, Sofia, Miles, Doc, and Sheriff Callie came to join him. As Jaquin Boy slowly opened his eyes to look directly at Zara, he snapped his fingers the last time, and his magic forms into three transparent and sparkly jaquins that flew towards Zara! Later, the scene changes to Zara who was bending down looking at the ground, defeated and despaired. Then, walking up to her was Jaquin Boy, who held out his hand for hers which reminded her of the Princess of Gentlehaven who offered her to help her up after she defeated her. Zara looked at Jaquin Boy, then reached her her hand to hold his when suddenly, when their hands touched, a blinding light surrounds them and it increases that it changes Disney Junior Island back to it’s former glory by unfreezing everyone, repairing the destruction, and even turning the Bogs back into butterflies. As everything around them and Jaquin Boy's friends was fixed and back in one piece, Zara tearfully apologizes for the trouble she had caused with her magic and her Bogs and explains that it was just because she was still lingering to the past. Then looking up to Jaquin Boy, Zara asks him for forgiveness as he places his hand on her shoulder, and gives her a smile, saying "Of course."

The next morning, Connor was preparing to go out and see his friends at the park as he grabs his iDisney from his charger, then his new Key of Magic, fills Lucky's food bowl with cat food, and pets Lucky on the head before going out of his house. As he was finally at the park, Connor joins his friends who all pulled out their magic keys as they lifted them up into the air and as they formed a pact with them, magic sparkles in all different colors: ocean blue and orange, lavender purple, brown and captain blue, purple, pink, galaxy blue, and even sky blue shot out of the ends of their keys shot out and the sparkles become fireworks. As he was looking up at the fireworks in amazement, the spirit of Princess Cynthia appeared and stood proudly right next to her great nephew and they watched the fireworks togther, ending the episode.


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