Catboy and the Yokai Watch is the 6th episode of Season 10.
Cat boy and the Yokai Watch Scene 3

Connor summons a Yokai


When Connor finds an old gumball machine in the forest and gets an unusual watch that helps him see ghosts called Yokai! he befriends a ghost named Whisper who becomes his butler. Soon, he learns that he needs to use his new Yokai medals to stop other Yokai from torturing his friends and his life.


The episode begins with Connor and his friends walking in the Enchanted Forest, checking out the wildlife around them and taking pictures for their assignments for Animal-ology. Connor goes further, only when he arrives in the middle of the forest, he finds an old gumball machine with stone capsules inside it. Connor decides to give it a try so he inserts a quarter and turns the crank, then receives a stone capsule and as he opened it, something surprisingly pops out! A ghost appears and hovers above Connor as he introduces himself as Whisper. Getting up to his feet, Connor introduces himself to Whisper as well with a gulp and Whisper thanks him for freeing him... again.


  • This episode has scenes that are similar to the first episode of Yo-kai Watch.


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