Cheezi is a crazy hyena who appears in The Lion Guard. He is a member of Janja's clan. He is voiced by Vargus Mason. 


Cheezi has clips on both of his ears, which are black and round at the top, and a large reddish nose. He is quite skinny, with a long, spiky black mane that reaches his shoulders and spotted gray fur. Three strands on his mane stick upward and then curl forward above his head, and he has fewer spots than either Janja or Chungu. His muzzle and spots are dark gray, and his paws are black. His tongue is usually sticking out of his mouth unless he is talking or singing, and he has long canine teeth. His tail is thin and scruffy.


Cheezi has been shown to appear much crazier than he actually is. He is prone to heavy laughter and sticking his tongue out, though has a much tougher grip on his mission than his friend, Chungu. Like the rest of Janja's clan, Cheezi is greedy and gluttonous, with no respect for the Circle of Life. He is fairly dimwitted and relies on Janja to make decisions for him. Though obedient to Janja, in The Call of the Drongo he was also willing to avoid sharing information with his leader for fear of facing Janja's anger.

In Can't Wait to be Queen, Cheezi is implied to be interested in fighting, showing disappointment when he at first believes that they won't be fighting, and again when his leader makes a hasty retreat.