Creepy Carnival is the 31st episode of Season 11.


Sofia and her friends explore a carnival that seems to be fun at first, but then they discover it's many dark secrets and soon become trapped! They then meet new friends and must find a way to break out of the carnival before it disappears along with them.


The episode begins at Sofia's castle where a hooded stranger was arriving at the castle doorstep and leaves a ticket on the front of the door, then knocks before her rushes off. Sofia opens the door but no one was there as she caught a glimpse of the hooded figure running away and calls to him to stop and ask who he was, but he was already gone. Suddenly, Sofia looks down to find the ticket on her doorstep. Picking it up, she reads the ticket, which says ADMIT ONE TO THE GRAND OPENING OF CREEPSIE CARNIVAL: WHERE THE FUN LASTS FOR ETERNITY! Shaking her head, she rips the ticket into five pieces and throws it in the nearby trashbin. Just then, the pieces floated out of the trashbin and they put themselves together as the whole fixed ticket magically landed on Sofia's hands.

Powers that Kwazii uses


  • This episode is similar to the video game Goosebumps: Horrorland.


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