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The show focuses on Kwazii and his friends, known as the Disney Junior Club, and together, they’ll go on unforgettable adventures with magical moments and crazy action, and will be meeting new friends, unlocking new powers, and battling enemies both old and new.

All while helping everyone in and out of town; learning new things; giving others a second chance; solving mysteries; traveling around the world; protecting animals both regular and magical and their environments and also bonding with them; facing struggles, jealousy, rivals, romances, relationships, fears, and flirtations; dealing with responsibilities, making choices, and growing up; figuring out their hopes, wishes, dreams, and futures and determining to make them come true; and even volunteering to do jobs to earn, raise, or donate money or just lend a helping hand.

Rules for this wiki

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    • It is mainly one of the primary rules in FANDOM's terms of use.
  • Don't delete or steal other people's ideas.
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  • No lesbian, gay or same gender ships.
  • Genderswap ideas are okay.
  • No green, dirty, or toilet jokes.
  • No gross episodes.
  • Do not add inappropriate or disturbing photos on any of the pages.
  • Do not mess with the pages by adding gibberish text, bad words, adult stuff, etc!
  • A main character has to narrate the episode.
  • No vandalism!
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    • When you are blocked for a reason, like breaking these rules, do not attempt to return with another account, which it is considered block evasion.
  • No outtakes (they disturb me and make me feel uncomfortable).
  • Do not edit the fan episodes that belongs to other users or not yours, just to add more storylines or plot to finish the episode, without their permission. although some of it are alright!
    • If they say "yes", you can edit their fan episodes to help them finish the story.
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  • Have fun editing.

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