Disney Junior Elementary School is a big, magical school that is half elementary, half middle, half junior high, and half high school.

Inside the classes, you'll find that one of the teachers are fairies, mermaids, princesses, or pirates.

There are also fun classes and fun subjects like Magic-ology, Pirate-ology, Mermaid-ology, Prince-and-Princess-ology, Fairy ology, Animal-ology, Superhero-ology, Ocean-ology, Health-ology, Arts and Crafts-ology, and Sing-and-Dance-ology, and also new classrooms like Cowboy and Cowgirl-ology, Space-ology, and Villain-ology.




Homeroom Number: 157

Teacher: Kwazii Cat

Description: Pirate-ology is where we learn how to become pirates. Here, you will learn how to swashbuckle, sail on seas in ships, find buried treasure, fight fierce sea monsters, and say cool pirate catchphrases. You will also learn about amazing facts about pirates and learn about the most famous pirates that sailed the seven seas years ago.

Lessons: Swashbuckling Class, Ship Sailing Class, Treasure Hunting Class, Sea Monster Fighting Class, Pirate Catchphrase Learning Class, Cannon Loading Class, Cool facts, histories, and stories about pirates


Homeroom Number: 123

Teacher: Captain Barnacles

Description: Ocean-ology is where you will learn about the ocean and the ocean creatures that live under the sea, and you will also learn about the most famous sunken ships and ocean myths or legends.

Lessons: Diving Class, Sunken Ship Finding Class, Ocean Legend/Myth Class


Homeroom Number: 250

Teacher: Cinderella

Description: Prince-and-Princess-ology is where you will learn how to be a prince or princess. You'll learn how to use good manners, bow or curtsy, give a royal speech, dance the waltz, and also set a table for tea. Not only that, but you will also learn how to be brave, kind, and smart.

Lessons: Manner Class, Bowing and Curtsying Class, Royal Speech Class, Waltz Dancing Class, Tea Partying Class, Dress Up Class


Homeroom Number: 105

Teacher: Ariel

Description: Mermaid-ology is where you will learn about how to be a real mermaid or merman. With a magic necklace to help you breathe underwater, you'll learn how to swim swiftly, gracefully, and more faster. You'll also learn how to sing sirens, find treasure, make your hair into different mermaid styles, dress in the most stylist mermaid styles, dance in the water, and communicate with ocean animals.

Lessons: Swimming Class, Siren Class, Treasure Hunting Class (Mermaid-ology), Hair Styling Class, Mermaid Styling Class, Water Dancing Class, Ocean Animal Communication Class


Homeroom Number: 110

Teacher: Amalthea

Description: Magic-ology is where you'll learn how to use magic. With a magic wand in your hand, you'll learn how to cast spells, cure sicknesses, become friends with magical creatures, and levitate objects, but be careful: magic is very dangerous to those who don't know how to use it!

Lessons: Spell Casting Class, Recovering Class, Magical Creature Bonding Class, Levitation Class, Curse Lifting Class, Magical Chemistry Class


Homeroom Number: 108

Teacher: Tinker Bell

Description: Fairy-ology is where you will learn how to be a fairy or a sparrow man. With a touch of pixie dust, you'll learn how to be a tinker-talent fairy, a water-talent fairy, an animal-talent fairy, a garden-talent fairy, a light-talent fairy, a fast-flying-talent fairy, a fairy dust-talent fairy, and any other kind of fairy.

Lessons: Repairing Class, Water Making Class, Animal Training Class, Gardening Class, Light Making Class, Flying Class, Fairy Dust Making Class, etc.


Homeroom Number: 521

Teacher: Big Nut Brown Hare

Description: Animal-ology is where you will learn how to talk to animals and understand them. You'll also learn how they hibernate, migrate, what they eat, how they move, and where they live.

Lessons: Animal Communication Class, Magical Animal Reports


Homeroom Number: 231

Teacher: Special Agent Oso

Description: Superhero-olgy is where you will learn how to be a superhero like your favorite hero. With your practice super powers, you'll learn how to use super strength, fly or run super fast, blasts lasers or rays out of your hands, and also learn how to hide your powers from others. You'll also learn how to use super gadgets.

Lessons: Strength Class, Flying Class (Superhero-ology), Laser and Ray Class, Power Hiding Class, Gadget Class, Disguise Class


Homeroom Number: 490

Teacher: Abramson and DC

Description: Sing and Dance-ology is where you will learn how to sing new songs and dance new moves. You'll also learn about different music and different types of dance moves from other famous dancers.

Lessons: Karaoke Class, Dancing Class, Music Class


Homeroom Number: 873 

Teacher: Sam Sandwich

Description: Health-ology is where you will learn how to stay and eat healthy and stay strong. Like gym class, you'll run, jump, and slide. You'll also learn about foods that are good and bad for your stomach.

Lessons: Physical Education Class

Arts and Crafts-ology

Homeroom: 912

Teacher: Rapunzel

Description: Arts and Crafts-ology is were you will make some famous arts. You will draw, paint, model, make pottery, or you can even work with wood.

Lessons: Art Class, Modeling Class, Pottery Class, Jewelry Class, Sketching Class


Homeroom: 180

Teacher: Daddo

Description: Monster-ology is were you will learn about different ghosts, ghouls, demons, and monsters around the world. You will also learn how to let that inner monster out of you.

Lessons: Inner Monster Releasing, Monster Report, Fear Facing

Cowboy and Cowgirl-ology

Homeroom: 314

Teacher: Sheriff Callie

Description: Cowboy and Cowgirl-ology is were you will learn about how to be a real cowboy or a cowgirl. There, you'll learn about how to lasso, ride a horse, square dance, and how to catch some bandits.

Lessons: Lassoing Class, Horseback Riding Class, Square Dancing Class, Outlaw Catching Class


Homeroom: 235

Teacher: Leo Callisto

Description: Space-ology is where you'll learn how to travel in space. Not only will you learn how to pilot a space rocket, but you will also get to meet space aliens, train your own robo-pet, and use amazing space gadgets.

Lessons: Rocket Piloting Class, Alien Meeting, Robo-Pet Training Class, Gadget Class (Space-ology)


The Lunchroom

The school lunchroom is like a big banquet hall and a big fancy restaurant, with white-sheeted lunch tables, fancy lunch ladies and delicate plates and glasses and silverware. The whole place is scented with rose and cherry fragrance and the lunchroom is decorated in Jazz theme inspired by Lily of the valley and lotus.

What's for lunch?



-Spaghetti with Meatballs

-Burgers (Cheese, Rare, or Veggie)


-Rice with Beef or Chicken



-Macaroni & Cheese

-Hot Dogs

-Mashed Potatoes

-French Fries

-Fried Chicken

-Grilled Cheese Sandwiches

-Chinese Noodles




-Apple Slices

-Baby Carrots


-Potato Chips


-Heart-Shaped Cherries


-Chocolate Bars


-Apple Juice

-Grape Juice

-Orange Juice

-Cherry Juice

-Cranberry Juice

-White Milk

-Chocolate Milk

-Strawberry Milk




-Bottled Water



-Ice Cream Sundaes




-Cotton Candy




-Buttermilk beignets

Clubs, Sports, and Activities

Gem Collecting Club

Pirate Problem Solving Club

Pearl Necklace Workshop

Derby Flying Club

Tea Time Club

Basketball Club

Pixie Dust Club

Explore, Rescue, Protect Club

Photography Club

President: Sofia

Astronomy Club

Newspaper Club

Pirate Sword Fighting Club

Hair, Costume, and Makeup Club

Ballet Club

President: June

Dancing Club

Badminton Club

Magical Animal Daycare Club

Jewelry Club

Art Club

Fencing Club

Magical Gardening Club

Student Council

Noodle Lasso Club

Sorcery Club

Terra Monster Training Club

Bow Making Club


Drama Club

President: Daisy Duck

Cooking & Baking Club

President: Snow White

DJES Cheer Squad

Soccer Club

Knights & Dragons Club

Chess Club

Dazzle Ball Team

Superhero Club

Toy Making and Fixing Club

Opera Club

Friendship Matchmaking Club

President: Sofia

Lexi's Movie Making Club

President: Lexi

Miraculous Club

Nancy’s Fantastique Club

Blog Club
















Wendell Fidget




Ella the Elephant



Three Little Pigs











Star Darlings (temporarily)


Melody (exchanged student)

Romeo’s daytime self

Luna (Luna Girl’s daytime self)

Nick (Night Ninja’s daytime self)



Starla’s daytime self

Snowflake’s daytime self

Sally (Electra’s daytime self)

Alisson (Flame’s daytime self)