Connor, Amaya, Greg, Luna, Kwazii, and Little Matey the baby dolphin

A transcript of Season 32, Dolphin Dilemma!.


Kwazii (Narrating): Dolphin Dilemma!

(The annual Dolphin Day festival is being held at the Dolphin Shores harbor. On the boardwalk, Connor, Greg, Amaya, and Luna in her mermaid-themed outfit are seen walking togther and seeing how amazing everything in the festival is, and there are boats and jet skis moving on the water.)

Amaya: Wow! The Dolphin Day Festival has really improved this year!

Connor: I know! Look at all the dolphin stuff around here! Dolphin games, dolphin food, dolphin everything!

Luna: Yeah, and look! (points a finger towards Ariel and her sisters practicing their water ballet) Ariel and her sisters are practicing their water ballet for tonight.

Greg (looks over to see Kwazii training Little Matey and the other dolphins): And over there too! Looks like Kwazii and the other dolphins are performing a show of their own for tonight too. Come on, let’s go check it out!

(Kwazii, Little Matey, and the other dolphins finish practicing their moves.)

Kwazii (claps his paws in approvement and smiles at the dolphins): Alright mateys! Great practice, go catch a break and play along while I go get the beach balls for our next tricks. (turns to see Connor, Amaya, Greg, and Luna walking towards him) Aye. Hey guys.

Transcript #2

Kwazii: Well, thank ye for the compliments, mateys.