Dusty Daze! is the 48th episode of Season 7.


Belch Mountain is erupting dust all over Never Land and not only that, but it's spreading all over Disney Junior Island and it's got everyone sneezing, including Kwazii who's magic is going out of control whenever he sneezes.


The episode starts with Jake and his friends watching Belch Mountain. Suddenly, it explodes only dust which caused Jake, Izzy, Cubby, Skully, and Kwazii to sneeze. Jake and his crew managed to sneeze once but only Kwazii kept on sneezing that he made a box of tissues appear so he can use them to blow his nose, so they decide that it's time to go back to Disney Junior Town, but as they arrived in Disney Junior Town, they find that the whole town is being dogged by dust and it was making everyone sneeze. Even Kwazii started sneezing again!

Powers that Kwazii uses

Unlike the other episodes, Kwazii's powers only went out of control when he sneezed. However, he was still able to make a box pf tissues appear and create a portal back home in the beginning of the episode.

  • Appearing Magic (to make a box of tissues appear)
  • Magic Portal (to help him and his friends go back home)
  • Freeze Breath (to accidentally freeze Amber with his frozen breath)
  • Super Sonic Scream (to almost blow away his friends with his loud sonic sneeze)



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