Fancy Nancy Baking is the 57th episode of Season 34.


Nancy and Bree help the Disney Junior Club volunteer to help work in the Cupcake Magic! bakery with Lucinda and Marla by baking cupcakes and icing them. Then while they work, Nancy discovers Lucinda’s secret on how she makes the cupcakes taste so good and tries to help her with the sugar magic.


The episode begins at the Cupcake Magic! bakery where Marla is calling for her daughter, Lucinda, to get out and take the plate of cupcakes to their customers pronto. Greg and Luna were dying for their cupcakes and Greg asks when do they order them as Nancy tells them to have faith. The cupcakes are worth waiting for.


  • This episode is similar to the following:
    • Fowl Work From Sanjay and Craig.
    • Love Sugar Magic: A Dash of Trouble by Anna Meriano.


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