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Gekko’s Lil’ Siblings is the 29th episode of Season 31.


It’s National Sibilings Day, so Catboy and Owlette surprise a lonely Gekko with their copies zapped by the baby beam and make Kitten Boy and Chicklette his new siblings. Gekko has a fun time with them at first, but finds out that having little siblings is as hard as he thinks when he begins acting more like a father than a big brother.


The episode begins at the park where Connor, Amaya, and Luna are watching Greg sulking on a park bench and watching other kids play with their younger siblings. He’s been like that for two days, and nothing seems to cheer him up, so they decided to go talk to him. However, Greg just ignored their questions and went home without saying any other words, which left his friends worried. Later, at his house, Greg was in his room looking at the calendar and he frowned at it just as Glider and Lionel came to his sides and ask him what was wrong. With a sigh, Greg explains to them about National Siblings Day coming soon, but with this national holiday coming, he couldn’t help but feel so alone. Just then, Greg heard Connor’s voice and he turned to see him and the girls at the door, finally understanding why their friend was so sad; he wanted siblings. Coming to sit with Greg, Connor, Amaya, and Luna remind Greg that they don’t have siblings either, but that’s okay with them because when they’re together, they’re like siblings to each other, even Luna since she decided to not be a nighttime villain anymore. And Glider and Lionel are like Greg’s siblings, so he doesn’t have to feel lonely about not having any brothers or sisters, because they’re not just friends, they're a family. That made Greg better a bit as he thanks his friends and his pets for that.

That night, Connor was talking to Amaya in his iDisney and says that he’s still worried about Greg still being sad about not having siblings for National Siblings Day. Amaya agreed and suggests that they should do something to make their friend feel better, then she comes up with an idea as Connor was thinking the same idea.

Meanwhile, in Greg’s room, Greg was sadly getting ready for bed when his iDisney rang and he gets it to answer a call from Connor, who was Catboy and at HQ with Owlette. Greg solemnly asks Catboy what’s up and adds that it’s a little late as Catboy tells him to meet him, Owlette, and PJ Robot in HQ, for that they have a surprise for him. Greg was curious and interested as he transforms into Gekko and heads over to HQ. When he arrived there, Gekko asks his three friends what the surprise is as Catboy and Owlette, who had their hands behind their backs, exchanged smirking glances with each other and Catboy says that they’re just welcoming back some old friends, leaving Gekko confused. When Gekko asked what they meant by that, Catboy says to him (Gekko) that he and Owlette would like him to welcome back his surprise, then Owlette tells whoever is behind her and Catboy to come out, and coming out from behind them made Gekko’s eyes widen and gasp in surprise. It was Catboy’s baby-brained alter ego, Kitten Boy, and Owlette’s baby-brained alter ego, Chicklette! The little two-some ran up to Gekko and ran around him in circles, making him smile and chuckle. As Kitten Boy stopped on the left side to sit down and hold onto Gekko’s hand and Chicklette stopped to stand on Gekko’s right side, Gekko asks Catboy and Owlette how they were able to do it as they explained about having PJ Robot use Romeo’s multiplying machine and baby beam together to make their copies, only to make them into Kitten Boy and Chicklette. They thought that if they brought them back to make them into his siblings, then Gekko wouldn’t feel so sad and lonely anymore, even on National Siblings Day. Gekko smiled down at his newfound little brother and little sister and thanked his friends for this surprise, and that this is the best one yet as Catboy, Owlette, and PJ Robot replied to him that he’s welcome and they’d do anything to make him feel happy again. Kitten Boy and Chicklette ran up to Catboy and Owlette, who both knelt down and tell them to promise to behave themselves around Gekko and try to not give him a hard time while they’re here until after National Siblings Day, which was when they leave. Both nodding, Kitten Boy and Chicklette said that they promise that they will be the best siblings Gekko’s ever have and went to play Find Gekko with him. After the game, it was time for the PJ Masks to go home and hit the sheets, but Kitten Boy and Chicklette pleaded for Gekko to stay and play one more game of Find Gekko, as he promises that he'll come back tomorrow night to keep playing. Plus, Gekko promises to bring some snacks and PJ Robot will be in HQ to keep them company. Smiling, Kitten Boy and Chicklette said goodnight to their friends before PJ Robot sends them to bed and tucks them in.

The next morning after breakfast, Connor, Amaya, Greg, and Luna were just walking out of KiraPati the sweets shop, where they just bought some sweets for Kitten Boy and Chicklette to enjoy. Today was finally National Siblings Day and Greg couldn’t wait to start playing with his new siblings again tonight, as Connor, Amaya, and Luna were happy for him. They then decide to call PJ Robot to ask him how he’s doing and check to see if Kitten Boy and Chicklette are not bored in HQ as Amaya pulls out her tablet and the four kids looked on the screen to see PJ Robot and Kitten Boy and Chicklette waving and saying hi to them. Chuckling, Greg asks them if they’re ready for the best big brother and little brother and little sister night ever as the twosome replied with a nod that they are, and they became even more excited when Greg showed them the box of sweets that he bought for them.

That night, the PJ Masks have arrived in HQ and Kitten Boy and Chicklette ran up to Gekko with huge grins on their faces as he bends down to lay the box down and takes out a yummy baby chick cake pop and a flamingo churro, then hands them to his little siblings who takes a bite out of them and we’re filled with happiness when they ate them.

Later, after finishing their sweets, they played their favorite game of superhero outside. After the game was over, it was time for Kitten Boy and Chicklette to go as Catboy hands to multiplying machine to Gekko so he can pull out the glowing cube out. Gekko was about to do it, but then he looked down at Kitten Boy and Chicklette’s sad eyes and pouty frowns, making him unsure about seeing them leave as he asks his friends if they have to go and Catboy and Owlette said to him that they have to, but Gekko asks again if they can just stay for a few more days as he, Kitten Boy, and Chicklette pleaded and gave both Catboy and Owlette cute puppy eyes. After glancing at each other, Catboy and Owlette decided that maybe their baby-brained copies could stay a bit longer with Gekko since they did bring them to be his little brother and little sister so he wouldn’t feel lonely, and they’d hate to see him all sad and alone. The next night, after eating snacks and playing more games of Find Gekko and Superhero, Kitten Boy and Chicklette wanted Gekko to stay with them as he asked Catboy and Owlette if he can. They glanced at each other, but then decided that their friend should, but not before asking Gekko if he is sure if he’ll handle Kitten Boy and Chicklette all by himself, for that being a big brother let alone a babysitter, isn’t all that easy. With an assuring smile, Gekko tells Catboy and Owlette that their copies are like little angels and can behave themselves, and that they’ll listen to him. Plus, he has PJ Robot to help him take care of them. The two older PJ Masks shrugged as they decide that maybe Gekko is right, and Catboy tells the three to try to not get into any trouble tonight.

But before going down the elevators and heading back home, Owlette tells Gekko to call her and Catboy if he needs their help, but Gekko assures them that he doesn’t need help and watching, playing with, and taking care of Kitten Boy and Chicklette will be a piece of cake. The two older PJ Masks exchanged worried glances and Catboy says okay as he and Owlette said goodnight and went down. Gekko smiled and waved, just as PJ Robot asked him if he’s sure about handling Kitten Boy and Chicklette by themselves. Assuringly, Gekko replies that it’ll be fine, because it’s just him, PJ Robot, Kitten Boy, and Chicklette. Besides, what could go wrong? Just then, they heard the sound of crashing and Kitten Boy and Chicklette are seen running around Catboy’s HQ room again, and Gekko helped PJ Robot try to calm them down. They give them milk while they went to clean up the mess and then relax, and Kitten Boy lets out a burp again then excuses himself. Then, he points and laughs at something as Gekko and PJ Robot saw what he was pointing and laughing at and saw Chicklette drawing on the walls again! While PJ Robot and Gekko told Chicklette to not draw on the walls and held out their hands for the chalk she held and hid behind her back, Kitten Boy snuck behind them and climbed up. Annoyed, Gekko used his super lizard grip to climb up and get his little brother down as he and PJ Robot finally had enough and gave both him (Kitten Boy) and Chicklette and timeout for misbehaving themselves, which they started crying. Gekko tells them that it’s okay and there’s no need to cry, then asks them if they wanna play Find Gekko again as they laughed and nodded excitedly. After the Find Gekko game, PJ Robot was busy cleaning the drawings off the walls while Gekko was tucking Kitten Boy and Chicklette in. Gekko was then starting to wonder if Catboy and Owlette were right about having siblings not being all fun and games, as he lets out a soft sigh and smiled, then says that he’ll take care of them no matter what.

The next day at the park as the town’s clock tower chimed twelve noon, Greg was with his friends at the fountain at the park and he was slouching, letting out a long yawn, and he had dark shadows under his eyes when Connor, Amaya, and Luna saw them and asks what happened as Greg explains that Kitten Boy and Chicklette kept him up all night just when he was about to head home to bed, he had to stay up with them until midnight. Greg then apologizes for not having to call his friends to help him and PJ Robot last night as Connor, Amaya, and Luna exchanged glances with each other and turned to look at Greg as they felt sorry for him and Connor tells him that being a big brother with little siblings can be hard sometimes, especially, Amaya adds, when those little siblings of yours are actually copies of your friends zapped by Romeo’s baby beam while she gives Greg a smile and a comforting pat on the shoulder, as Greg rolled his eyes. Luna tells him to not worry and they should go eat lunch together to forget about his cute little siblings for now, then head to the KiraPati to buy more sweets for Kitten Boy and Chicklette and even grab some fruity dessert for her, Greg, Connor, and Amaya to perk him up. Greg gives her a small smile and a nod while trying to stay awake, and says okay, although he adds that he wonders if Kitten Boy and Chicklette have eaten lunch yet and decides to call PJ Robot when he gets home after lunch, and soon, he kept going on and on. Hearing their friend talking more, Connor, Amaya, and Luna frowned with worry and realized that Greg is not acting like a big brother, he’s more like... a father! As they said this in unison, Greg says that Kitten Boy seems like the type to be picky about what kind of food he eats.

That night before Gekko could head back to HQ again, Catboy and Owlette suggests to him that they’ll go to HQ with him to help take care of Kitten Boy and Chicklette while he rests. Although unsure about it, Gekko says with a half smile okay, but warns them that like his friends told him, the little twosome are a big handful as Catboy tells him to not worry and they’ll handle their baby-brained copies. It’ll be easy. Or so they thought, when Catboy and Owlette arrived with Gekko to see Kitten Boy and Chicklette and explains to them that their big brother needs some sleep but assures to them that they'll play with them while he rests. Kitten Boy and Chicklette pouted and whined that they want Gekko to play with them as Catboy and Owlette tried to calm them down with some sweets, and it worked, eventually. Then as they finished their flamingo churros, Kitten Boy and Chicklette asks if they can play Find Gekko again, but Catboy reminds them with a whisper that Gekko's sleeping, but while he was at that state, they can play Find Catboy instead as Catboy grins and uses his Cheshire Cat power to make himself invisible. They played the game with Catboy and were having fun with him for a moment, but even if it was the same as Find Gekko, Kitten Boy and Chicklette still wanted Gekko to play with them as they went over to the couch where he was sleeping on and Kitten Boy woke him up by pulling his tail. Jolting up, Gekko rubbed his eyes then turned to see Kitten Boy and Chicklette, and asks them what they want as they told him that they wanna play with him, but he replied with a yawn that he’s too tired right now and that they can play tomorrow night. But the little twosome didn’t give up that easily and soon, they started shouting that they want him to play with them right now, which started annoying Gekko, and finally, without realizing it, Gekko got up and snapped at Kitten Boy and Chicklette to stop bothering him, just leave him alone for now, and just go play with Catboy and Owlette instead. That hurt their feelings so bad that Kitten Boy and Chicklette ran to Catboy, Owlette, and PJ Robot as they turned to Gekko, who looked guilty as they asked him what he just did and he apologized for that and added that he didn’t mean to yell at Kitten Boy and Chicklette, and he tried to apologize to them for that, but they didn’t look at him when he tried to say that he was sorry. Now they think that he was scaring them, making him feel more guilty.

The next morning, Greg had to skip breakfast (although he ate a few apple slices dipped in caramel and drink some orange juice) just to head to the KiraPati again to buy another box of sweets in order to make up with Kitten Boy and Chicklette about what happened last night, and hopefully giving them their favorite sweets and another game of Find Gekko will help them forgive him as he glances down at the box. But later that night, when Gekko got back to HQ to give his little siblings their sweet treats, he found with shock and surprise that they were gone and PJ Robot appears with a scribbled drawing of two sad faces of Kitten Boy and Chicklette, meaning that they left a note for Gekko, saying that it meant they ran off! This wasn’t good, and Gekko needed help as he calls his friends over to help him. Meanwhile, Kitten Boy and Chicklette were out in the park playing on their own. Just then, something came out from out of the bushes and it grabs them as the little twosome let out a scream, just for Luna Girl and her moths to hear it when they were out and also see that Kitten Boy and Chicklette were being grabbed by an extendable robot arm!

Meanwhile on the streets, the PJ Masks were still searching for Kitten Boy and Chicklette. However, Gekko was looking down at the floor of the Cat Car, still feeling guilty, as flashbacks of him scolding at Kitten Boy and Chicklette and giving them a timeout and them crying came into his mind, and tears soon started forming in his eyes. That left a pang of guilt hit him right on the guts, so now he’s the one who was crying and he finally knew how his poor little brother and sister felt when he gave them a timeout and yelled at them. Turning to Gekko, Owlette notices the teardrops falling onto his laps and asks Gekko if he was okay, but he replied while wiping his eyes and sniffling that he wasn’t and said that it’s all his fault for being so impatient and being so snappy at his new little brother and sister. If he hadn’t yelled at them and quickly got angry with them last night, this wouldn’t be happening. But now they’re out in Disney Junior Town, lost and alone, and who knows what kind of danger they were in? “Some great big brother I am,” Gekko said, solemnly. Seeing Gekko like that, Catboy tells him to not be too hard on himself and that just because he yelled at Kitten Boy and Chicklette for waking him up, doesn’t mean he’s a bad big brother, then he adds to not worry for that they’ll find Kitten Boy and Chicklette, and Owlette assures to Gekko that once they find them, they’ll forgive him, which made Gekko feel better as he thanks his friends. Just then, Catboy heard Kitten Boy and Chicklette’s cries for help with his super cat ears, then Luna Girl and her moths appeared to tell the PJ Masks that she saw a robot arm at the park grab the baby-brained copies, meaning that Romeo and Robot must’ve captured them! Quickly, Catboy drove the Cat Car and followed Luna Girl and her moths.

Meanwhile, at the park, Kitten Boy and Chicklette are seen trapped in a force field and whining to Romeo to let them out. Romeo, already annoyed by their babyish behavior and not knowing that Kitten Boy and Chicklette are actually Catboy and Owlette’s copies, lets out a scoffing laugh and refuses to do so, and it was only a matter of time before he captures Gekko soon, much to the little twosome’s horror as they said to him that he’ll never capture their friend, because he’s their big brother. Hearing that, Romeo asked them what they meant by Gekko being their big brother and saying that they’re not related to him just when the Cat Car and Luna Girl and her moths arrived to confront Romeo and demand him to release Kitten Boy and Chicklette right now, but Romeo didn’t want to let them go, and capturing the PJ Masks and Luna Girl and her moths will complete his collection of throwing them away just as he then ordered Robot to get them as Robot does so, and the friends had to dodge him before his robot arms grabbed them. While Catboy, Owlette, Luna Girl, and her moths were dealing with Robot, Gekko used his super gecko camouflage to sneak past him and get to Kitten Boy and Chicklette. When he was behind the force field, Kitten Boy and Chicklette gasped when Gekko appeared in front of them and whispered to them to not worry and that he’ll get them out. But the only respond he got were two huffs and Kitten Boy and Chicklette crossed their arms and turned away from them, then Chicklette said that she and Kitten Boy don’t wanna go back as Kitten Boy adds that Gekko yelled at him and her. With a sigh and his expression becoming guilty again, Gekko replied that he knows and he adds that he’s sorry about last night and that he was just tired, and he was so stressed out, that he couldn’t stop himself from being so impatient and snappy. Then Gekko asks them if they can forgive him, but if not, he can give them the flamingo churros that he bought from the KiraPati and play another game of Find Gekko again. Hearing Gekko say that made Kitten Boy and Chicklette think for a moment, then they both send him a smile and said that they forgive and that they were sorry too, for not letting him sleep, then promise to let him rest as Gekko accepts their apology and uses his super gecko muscles to try and get them out, but before Gekko had a chance to let the little twosome out of the force field, Robot’s robot arms came behind him and Kitten Boy shouts at him to look out, but it was too late as Robot had already grabbed Gekko and pulled him away from the force field! As he was being held up in the air by Robot, Gekko tried to break free from his grip, but it was too strong and Romeo lets out a laugh as he said to Gekko that there’s nothing he can do to save Kitten Boy and Chicklette now! Then looking down at Kitten Boy and Chicklette who were looking sympathetic and pouty, Gekko knew that even with Robot gripping him, he had to save them, no matter what! So mustering up his courage, Gekko spoke up to Romeo that he is willing to save Kitten Boy and Chicklette, even with Robot holding onto him and his (Gekko) friends captured and also in force fields, because they’re his little siblings. Looking over at them, Romeo asks Gekko mockingly how Kitten Boy and Chicklette could be his siblings when they’re not related to him, as Gekko explains to them that even though they’re not related to him by blood, they’re related to him by heart because even though he’s an only child like Catboy, Owlette, and Luna Girl, Kitten Boy and Chicklette are like his little brother and little sister, and despite being annoying sometimes, they are very fun to play with, are good listeners, and are very fast learners, despite being and acting like two year olds. And when all of them are together, they’re a family, along with their other friends. Hearing him say that, Kitten Boy and Chicklette were astounded by Gekko’s vehemence and brave speech as Gekko finished by saying that he’ll do everything with his PJ powers to protect Kitten Boy and Chicklette and teach them everything he knows, then finally, breaks free of Robot’s grip with his super gecko muscles, lands on his feet, and used his super gecko shields to throw them at the force field thrower to break it, and finally, Kitten Boy and Chicklette were free! Then Kitten Boy used his super cat speed to run around Robot to make him spin until he was super dizzy and Chicklette flew up to use her super owl wing wind to blow Romeo’s feet off the ground. Then, as the villains were down, Owlette uses her super owl feathers to attack Romeo and Robot and Catboy uses his super cat stripes to tie them up, leaving Kitten Boy and Chicklette amazed and in wonder! Finally, Luna Girl used her Luna Magnet to lift Romeo and Robot up and threw them as far away as she can throw them!

After Romeo and Robot were finally gone, Kitten Boy and Chicklette ran up to Gekko to give him a hug of thanks and he asks them if they were okay. They replied that they are and apologized to him again for running away as Gekko says to them that they don’t need to apologize for that it was his fault for hurting their feelings by being impatient and for telling them to leave him alone last night, and he promises that it won't happen again as they hugged again, and their friends were touched by this moment. Then after ending the hug, Kitten Boy and Chicklette asked Gekko, Catboy, and Owlette how they were able to use their new powers as the three PJ Masks exchanged smiling glances with each other and Catboy says to the little twosome that “a friend gave them a little power up.” Kitten Boy and Chicklette were amazed and asked Catboy and Owlette excitedly if they can teach them how to use super cat stripes and super owl feathers too as their older originals chuckled and gladly said that they will when they get back to HQ.

Later, when the PJ Masks, Kitten Boy, Chicklette, Luna Girl, and her moths were back outside of HQ, Catboy taught Kitten Boy how to use the super cat stripes and Owlette taught Chicklette how to use super owl feathers, while Gekko, Luna Girl, her moths, and PJ Robot were watching as Gekko let’s out a happy sigh and says that they grow up so fast, which Luna Girl, her moths, and PJ Robot agrees on. Catboy even taught Kitten Boy how to use Gentlehaven and Maruvian magic, although Kitten Boy almost burned some trees with pyrokinesis power and he was having some trouble with the flower power, but Catboy managed to help him control it. Later in his HQ room, Gekko showed Kitten Boy and Chicklette his super gecko shields, which left them astounded and in awe. After eating some more sweet treats and playing more games, it was finally time for Kitten Boy and Chicklette to say goodbye. Gekko hugs them before pulling out the glowing cube from the multiplying machine until finally, Kitten Boy and Chicklette were gone as he lets out a sigh. Luckily, Catboy and Owlette came to his sides and cheered him up as Gekko thanks them for bringing Kitten Boy and Chicklette back, then adds that he was going to miss them so much. Smiling reassuringly, Owlette says to Gekko to not worry and Catboy agrees and says that Kitten Boy and Chicklette will come back soon. Gekko smiled and lets out a soft sigh.

The next morning, Greg was in his room, feeling both happy and sad to be an only child again and looking through some pictures in his iDisney phone. Then climbing up to his bed were Glider and Lionel, who asked their owner if he was okay after saying goodbye to his little brother and sister. Looking down at the two lizards, Greg says that he’s fine, although he misses Kitten Boy and Chicklette, but looking back at the last selfie picture of him and his little siblings, made him smile as he looked back at those good and happy memories and hoped that next year on National Siblings Day will be a lot more better than ever, ending the episode.


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