Go For the Gold! is the 35th episode of Season 11. 
In The Cave Of Treasures

Connor, Lucky, and Diamond the Ornate Ocelot in the Cave Of Treasures


While in the Fantasy Forest, Connor and Lucky befriend an Ornate Ocelot who is digging out gold and gemstones, but their new friend is captured by Cruella De Vil and Captain Hook so they can force it to find gold and gemstones for themselves, and now Connor and his friends must find a way to save the Ornate Ocelot.


The episode begins with Connor taking his pet black cat, Lucky, to his first walk in the Fantasy Forest. He looks down at Lucky and asks him what he wants to do since they are in the fantasy forest. Excitely, Lucky plans to meet some new Fantasy Forest creatures, hike up the mountains, and even explore some cool places in the Fantasy Forest. Just then, something ran past them and went inside a glittery cave of gold and gemstones. Connor and Lucky decide to follow the creature that had disappeared into the cave, and to their amazement, there were a million sparkling gems and standing on a dull stalagmite was a black cat with golden patterns, which is actually an Ornate Ocelot! With an outstretched arm, Connor reaches to one piece of gold and grabs it then tries to pull it out, but it was stuck tight. The Ornate Ocelot decides to help as it pounced off and used it's paw to loosen the gold and as it was loose, the gold slipped off and Connor pulled it out as he dusted it and it sparkled. Lucky thanks the Ornate Ocelot for helping and the the Ornate Ocelot replies with a growl that they are welcome, just as they made their way out the cave.

Powers that Kwazii uses

  • Guiding Light
  • Magic Key
  • Magic Detecting
  • Magic Sensing
  • Magic Detecting
  • Magic Rope
  • Super Hearing
  • Super Touch
  • Super Speed
  • Magic Cuffs

Villain Motives

  • Captain Hook and Cruella De Vil: To force Diamond to find gold and gemstones for them


  • Lucky goes to the Fantasy Forest for the first time.


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