Hallie hippo

Hallie is a tomboyishly beautiful purple hippopotamus with a pair of pink teardrop (sideways) eyeglasses. She is Doc McStuffins' nurse in the toy clinic, Hallie likes and knows how to dance in Break Dancer, she was great at jump rope when she was younger as she seems to be a little tomboyish by the way she talks. She is voiced by Loretta Divine in the US and Maria Darling in the UK.

She is part of the Hallie Hippo series of toys, specific the Nurse Hallie variant. Her individual name is indicated to be Hallie McStuffins. When she and Chilly are alone during a storm she agrees when he describes them both as being a McStuffins. This is something Stuffy also did when he met the president.

Hallie once had a computer chip in her chest that when hugged, would cause her to say the sorts of things a nurse might say. Doc was entirely unaware of this until the chip migrated to Hallie's foot, annoying Hallie by causing her foot to "speak" whenever she would take a step. After having her mother remove the chip, Doc chose for her to not to not replace it, since she didn't need a computer chip to make Hallie talk.


Hallie is a rotund stuffed purple hippo with red glasses, a red and white striped apron with a yellow tag, a white shirt, and a red and white hat.


In addition to her beauty, Hallie is sassy and has a southern accent. She is Doc's nurse in the toy clinic. Hallie likes and knows how to dance in Break Dancer, and she was great at jump rope as she seems to be a little tomboyish by the way she talks. She often uses food-based images and comparisons.


  • "This looks like a case for the Big Book of Boo-Boos."
  • "Well, call me a purple hippo!"
  • "It's hotter than a hippo dipped in hot sauce."
  • "That's true as pudding!"
  • "Chilly, what the sweet potato fries is going on with you?"
  • "I'm as dizzy as a merry-go-round manatee."
  • "Well don't you two look as tidy as tadpoles in tuxedos."
  • "Sugar, it's as clear as cake."
  • "I got hops in my feet."
  • "Don't worry, sugar! Doc's gonna take good care of you."
  • "Freeze it like you mean it, toys!"


  • Hallie and Hattie are voiced by the same actress.
  • For St. Patrick's Day, Hallie wears a Leprechaun Hat.
  • Hallie was a gift from Doc's mom, but in "Bringing Home Baby", Doc mentioned that Hallie was a gift from Grandma McStuffins.
  • Hallie is the fifth toy.