A flashback from The Hyena Resistance

Janja’s Great Decision is the 56th episode of Season 36.


After hearing what Jasiri said about her and his clans being the same, Janja begins to wonder about him and his clan not having to be on Scar’s side and joining the Hyena Resistance, and also his developing feelings for Jasiri.


The episode begins at the Outland Volcano where Scar has told Janja that he has heard from the skinks about his (Janja) hesitation after he was saved by the good hyena, Jasiri, in the battle with the Lion Guard and the Hyena Resistance, and that he is not happy about this. Cowering, Janja felt his ears lower as he stammers an apology and that he was knocked over by a croc. It wasn’t his fault, Janja adds and also says that it was one of Kiburi’s croc’s fault for almost making him into hyena barbecue. Scar was beginning to doubt his ally’s loyalty that he decides to do something with Janja, but as he heard what his master had said, Janja begs Scar to just give him and his clan another chance!

With a growl of annoyance, Scar eventually gives Janja a chance to prove his loyalty by giving him a new task: getting rid of Jasiri and the Hyena Resistance again. Before Janja could ask why, Scar lets out his roar and angrily orders Janja and his clan to go now, then again, tells Janja to not disappoint him again. Gulping, Janja goes out to get his clan. As he was finally outside of the volcano, Janja gets his clan and tells them about Scar’s mission he has given them. When Chungu and Cheezi complained about the Hyena Resistance and asked if they have to, Janja hesitates again as he rethinks the time when Jasiri saved him and her words echoed in his head.

A flashback is played from the The Hyena Resistance episode where Janja asked Jasiri why she’d helped him as she tells him that she’d help any hyena and she tells him that they’re the same, then tells him that he and his clan don’t have to be on Scar’s side and that they can join the Hyena Resistance to defeat Scar together. Then, Janja was interrupted by Cheezi who asked him if he was okay as Janja blurt out that he’s fine and told his clan to get a move on to find the Hyena Resistance. On the other side of the Outlands, Jasiri and Madoa were at their watering hole, drinking water just when they heard the sound of Janja’s voice from above as they looked up to see him and his clan standing on the rocks.

Janja and his clan jumped down and landed in front of Jasiri and Madoa. Jasiri asks if they’re here for a rematch. Janja replies “you bet we are”. Jasiri and Madoa looked at each other and laughed. Janja got annoyed. Jasiri asks if they really wanna fight knowing that Janja and his clan will be defeated either way. Cheezi and Chungu says that Jasiri has a point. Janja glared at Cheezi and Chungu and looked back to Jasiri and Madoa.

Janja ordered his clan to fight. Cheezi and Chungu ran towards Madoa who moved out of the way for the two to run into a wall. Jasiri kicked Nne and Tano. Nne and Tano landed on top of Cheezi and Chungu. The four hyenas got up and ran towards Jasiri. Madoa head bumped Cheezi into Nne and Jasiri head bumped Tano and Chungu into the wall.

Janja says he’ll show Jasiri how a real hyena fight. He charged toward Jasiri. Jasiri kicked Janja in the face. Janja pinned Jasiri and growled. Jasiri pushed Janja off and put dust in his eyes. Janja rubbed the dust out of his eyes until he can see again. Cheezi suggests to give up. Janja says he’ll never give up. He ran towards Jasiri but ended up tripping on a rock.

Janja face planted into the wall. Madoa, Cheezi, Chungu, Nne and Tano cringed. Chungu says that’s gonna leave a mark. The rock Janja and his clan were standing on started moving. Janja got up and rubbed his head. The rock lost its balanced and fell towards Janja. Jasiri saved Janja in a nick of time before he got crushed. Cheezi, Chungu, Nne, and Tano were surprised and wondered why Jasiri would save Janja.

Janja asked Jasiri why she saved him again. Jasiri reminded Janja that she’ll help any hyena, including him. Jasiri offered Janja another chance to join the resistance. Janja hesitated, wondering what Scar would do. Janja has a flashback to moments when Scar got angry at him and his clan for failing a mission.


  • This episode is an inspiration of Janja’s hesitation after he was saved by Jasiri in the new Lion Guard episode, The Hyena Resistance.


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