Kitten Boy and Chicklette finish their milk

Kitten Boy and Chicklette Save the Day... Again! is the 1st episode of Season 27.


When Romeo fixes his baby beam and makes Catboy and Owlette act like babies again when he zaps them, Gekko, Fish Boy, and Kwazii try to take care of them while trying to make a plan to stop him from taking over the world again, but when their friends are in trouble, Kitten Boy and Chicklette must use the skills Gekko taught them to save the day... again!


The episode begins with Kwazii, Connor, Amaya, Greg, and Captain Jake riding on their wheels around town, and they were doing awesome tricks on the sidewalks. Greg picks up speed and does a double spin on his scooter, and he lands gracefully. He was really getting the hang of it. Captain Jake bets Greg that he can't be super speedy pirates like him and Kwazii agrees as he says that they can beat Greg easily before he and his best friend rolls off at top speed. Smirking playfully, Greg decides to show them what he can do, and so, he does when he speeds passsed the pirates, almost knocking them off their skateboards! Suddenly, Greg halted to a stop when he saw Goofy jumping and flapping his arms like a bird. He was acting like a baby, but he wasn't the only one acting like he was little, some other people were too as they whined, cried, and laughed like two year olds. Seeing them act that way made Connor guess that Romeo must've fixed his baby beam to make everyone act like babies again as Captain Jake asked him what a baby beam was. Greg explains that the baby beam is an invention that Romeo invented to make everyone act like babies, and also adds the part, with a playful smirk, where Catboy and Owlette started acting like babies when they got zapped by the baby beam that he had to teach them how to be superheroes to stop Romeo from taking over the world with his army of baby brained people. Hearing that made Connor and Amaya both blush with embarrassment as Connor hisses to Greg to not mention that part to their friends, and Greg apologizes while he stifles a laugh. It seems like Romeo is learning to improvise, just to get back at the PJ Masks for ruining his plan to take over the world, but not if they improvise a new plan back at him, and with Kwazii and his ocean pearl bracelet's powers, he won't stand a chance! The PJ Masks and Kwazii were on their way, into the night to save the day!

Later, nightfall arrives, and Connor, Amaya, Greg, and Captain Jake transformed into Catboy, Owlette, Gekko, and Fish Boy before heading to HQ and meeting Kwazii there. Then, as Gekko drove the Gecko Mobile and Kwazii followed, he drove it up to the surface and to the park as Owlette used her owl eyes to spot Romeo and his Robot at the top of the hill, along with the newly fixed baby beam on top of the mobile lab! But what’s worse it that he made it indestructible which means that it won’t break! Gekko asked him if he already done that before as Romeo shot him and his friends a sneer, saying that he did, but he still wants to rule the world with an army of babies, and he especially wants to add the PJ Masks, plus Kwazii into his army, and once they are zapped again, they'll play "Romeo Says" and do what he tells them. With his eyes rolling, Kwazii scoffs at Romeo and says that will never happen just as it annoyed Romeo and he fires a baby beam at him (Kwazii) and the four PJ Masks, but they dodged it in time and split up as Romeo orders his Robot to make them hold still, and Robot extended his arms to grab either of them. Owlette dodged Robot's hand, but like before, her foot was caught and Romeo zaps her with his baby beam again, which made her act like Chicklette and she was having trouble flying, again. Running up to her, Fish Boy and Gekko asked her if she was okay as Chicklette replied that she got a boo-boo. Gekko and Fish Boy helped her up while Kwazii and Catboy used their super speed to run up to the baby beam and turn it off. However, Kwazii was caught by Robot and Romeo aimed his baby beam at him, but Catboy jumped in and protected his mentor by getting zapped by the baby beam again and once he was zapped, he started acting like Kitten Boy again as he fell on his behind and meowed then licked himself clean just as Chicklette ran up to him to pet him like a real kitty cat. Gekko rolled his eyes and shouts to Romeo that he won't get away with this as Romeo replies that he already has, again, and it gets better as he hops off his lab and asks Kitten Boy and Chicklette if they want to play Romeo Says and they jumped up for joy when they heard him say that. With a smirk, Romeo commands Kitten Boy and Chicklette to go and catch Gekko, Fish Boy, and Kwazii as the two baby-beamed PJ Masks chased their friends around in circles and Gekko stops to tell them that this is no time for games. Giggling, Kitten Boy blew a raspberry at him and Chicklette says no and that she wanted to play. Then, Gekko, Fish Boy, and Kwazii decided that they should play as both Gekko and Kwazii turned invisible while Fish Boy hid in the trees.

As they three of them disappeared, Kitten Boy and Chicklette tried to find them, but Kitten Boy shrugged just as he saw a butterfly fluttering by and he went to chase after it. Romeo looked around to see where Gekko, Fish Boy, and Kwazii go when Gekko appeared and used his super gecko muscles to push the mobile lab down the hill just like before. Romeo shouted "No! I'll get the three of you for this because you're next!" and he and Robot ran to the other side of the park to catch the runaway lab. Kitten Boy and Chicklette were still playing just as Gekko and Kwazii appeared behind them and lifted them up while Fish Boy flew out of the tree to join his friends to get back into the Gecko Mobile as he helped Gekko buckle up Kitten Boy and Chicklette's seatbelts before they headed back to HQ for safety. But Kitten Boy and Chicklette whined and wriggled in their seats as Gekko was slightly annoyed while driving the Gecko Mobile and Fish Boy covered his ears to block the noise from the fuss they made. Kwazii followed and used his peace magic on Kitten Boy and Chicklette to calm them down. As they were heading back to HQ while the baby-brained PJ Masks were asleep from the peace magic spell, Kwazii tells Gekko that he'd gotta admit that Kitten Boy and Chicklette are pretty cute once he gets used to them as Gekko replies to him in a flat tone to not rub it in. He was glad that Kwazii and Fish Boy were here to help him with the terrible two-some though.

When inside the HQ, Chicklette and Kitten Boy started running and looking around with curiosity as Chicklette ran up to a treadmill and asked what it does. Annoyed, Gekko told her to not touch anything as Kwazii turned to see Kitten Boy pouncing on the Cat Car and super sped up to him to tell him "no pouncing!" as Kitten Boy sulked for only a second and laughed before running towards something else he found interesting. Groaning, Kwazii tells his baby-brained apprentice and Chicklette that they're superheroes, not two year olds, just as Fish Boy saw Chicklette climbing on a ladder nearby and Kitten Boy was playing with a furball as he suddenly got thirsty and demanded Gekko to give him milk. Quick as lightning, Gekko went to get a bowl and a glass of milk for his friends and gave them to them, then told them to be good so he, Fish Boy, and Kwazii can think of a way to stop Romeo... by themselves. As Chicklette finished drinking her milk, she crawled and Kitten Boy also finished his milk as he lets out a burp and excused himself. Then, he noticed something shiny on Kwazii's wrist so he crawled up to him to touch the ocean pearl bracelet, only to have Kwazii notice and he smiled down at Kitten Boy and asked him if he liked his ocean pearl bracelet. Kitten Boy grinned and nodded excitedly as Kwazii explained to him that his ocean pearl bracelet gives him powers, so he shows him by using light magic and bubble blast that it had Kitten Boy pouncing around and trying to reach up to pop the bubbles, but as he popped the last bubble, Kitten Boy sat down and pointed at something that made him laugh as Gekko saw what he was pointing at and turned to see Chicklette drawing on the walls, again! Gekko walked up to her to tell her "no drawing on the walls" and held out his hand for the chalk Chicklette held behind her back, not knowing that Kitten Boy crawled away and climbed up on a tree as Fish Boy told him to get down this instant, but Kitten Boy just grinned mischievously and shook his head in refusal. Using his super flying fish wings, Fish Boy flew up and took Kitten Boy down as he and Gekko gave him and Chicklette a time out. Kitten Boy pouted and Chicklette gave Fish Boy and Gekko a puppy-eyed look, and soon, the two started crying as Gekko and Fish Boy gave each other nervous glances and felt guilty. Kwazii hated to see his friends crying, especially when they have been zapped by Romeo's baby beam, so to cheer them up, he used his sweets galore magic to magic up a plate of shortcake slices, cookies, cupcakes, and macarons. Luckily, Kwazii added a lot of kirakiraru into the sweets to make them smile again as he held the plate to Kitten Boy and Chicklette, who stopped crying when they saw the sweets, reached for a cupcake and a macaron, then took a bite out of them, and they ate the sweets that they got crumbs and icing all around their mouths, which made both of them smile and say to each other in unison, “Yummy!” Smiling back, Kwazii asked the two if they feel better from eating the sweets as Kitten Boy and Chicklette nodded to him, still smiling and holding their sweets in their hands. Gekko lets out a sigh of relief and whispered a thanks to Kwazii, then Fish Boy asked Kitten Boy and Chicklette if they want more milk to go with the sweets, and then Gekko asks them if they want to play 'Find Gekko' again after they are finished eating. The two laughed and nodded again as Fish Boy and Gekko went to get more milk from the fridge in the kitchen.

Meanwhile back at the park, Romeo was still fixing his baby beam and once it gets fixed, Gekko, Fish Boy, and Kwazii won't even know what hit them, but then he was knocked off his lab again when the baby beam swung him off, and it hit a pigeon which made him act like a pigeon chick.

Back at HQ, while Kwazii was cleaning the walls with his magic cleaning brush, Kitten Boy and Chicklette were playing Find Gekko with Gekko just as Kitten Boy turned to see Kwazii use his magic cleaning brush to clean the walls in seconds, which made Kitten Boy's eyes widen with amazement and wish that he can do that too. Just then, the alarm on the screen beeps and it shows that Romeo was on his way, and that's not a good sign! If he zaps Gekko, Fish Boy, and Kwazii with it, he'll rule the world with his army of babies. Then, Kitten Boy pulled on Gekko's tail to get his, Fish Boy, and Kwazii's attentions. Then, Gekko comes up with the same idea as he asks Kitten Boy and Chicklette if they want to play superhero. They smiled, went wide-eyed, and they jumped with excitement as Kitten Boy shouted, “I do! I do!” and Chicklette shouted, “Me too! Me too!”

Outside in the park, Gekko, Fish Boy, and Kwazii taught Chicklette how to fly as she flapped her wings, although she fell once that Gekko had to catch her and tells her that it's okay as he lets her try again, and this time, she succeed. Then, she learned how to use her powers like super owl wing wind that blew off some leaves from a nearby tree and Kitten Boy rushed to catch one of them. Fish Boy sighed happily and Kwazii adds that they grow up so fast just when they heard Chicklette shouting and Gekko told her to take it easily, but she fell again and lucky for her, Kwazii caught her with his stretchy arms, much to his friends’ relief. Now it was Kitten Boy's turn when he ran up to Chicklette and his three teachers and says "My turn! My turn!" After Chicklette's flying lesson, Gekko instructed Kitten Boy to use his super cat speed by telling him to run as fast as he can and say "Super cat speed", and whoosh! Kitten Boy did what Gekko said as he activated his super cat speed, said "whoosh!", and ran really fast passed Gekko, Fish Boy, and Kwazii, who all spun and recovered from their dizziness. Fish Boy gave Kitten Boy a thumbs up, and reminds him that he doesn't have to say the whoosh part, but Kitten Boy replies that it's funny as he super cat sped passed his three friends again while Chicklette kept flying through the air. Now it was time to show them their hero stance, as Chicklette landed on one foot and her leg lifting up and her wings up, and Kitten Boy sat like a kitten with his face looking up with a brave expression. Looks like they still needed to work on that. Then after Kitten Boy and Chicklette were done playing superhero, Kwazii decides to make things more fun by making Kitten Boy his apprentice as he asked him if he wants to learn magic, before Gekko could finish telling him (Kwazii) that he already made the PJ Mask leader his apprentice when Fish Boy elbowed him on the arm. Smiling and pouncing with excitement, Kitten Boy shouts out, “Yay! Yay! Magic! Magic! Magic!” and Kwazii chuckles as Chicklette clapped her hands and giggles. He was starting to find these two baby-brained PJ Masks really fun to play with. When Kwazii gave Kitten Boy his ocean pearl bracelet, he taught him how to change colors by starting on making a vase of white lilies into a different color. Kwazii instructed Kitten Boy and soon, after he turned the white lilies blue, Kitten Boy started changing colors on other things. Later, there was a montage of Kwazii teaching Kitten Boy how to use water magic, then the earth magic, light magic, electric magic, air magic, fire magic, ice magic, life magic, dark magic, and other powers, and he even taught him how to transform into different heroes with different talents of music, arts, foods, and sports, and Kitten Boy even transforms into Atlantic Kitten Boy with the Atlantic Armor. After Kitten Boy learned every magic power from the ocean pearl bracelet, it was time to deal with Romeo and his baby beam.

At the bridge, Gekko reminds Kitten Boy and Chicklette that Romeo is the bad guy, so they need to stop him. Kitten Boy and Chicklette nodded just as Romeo, his Robot, and the mobile lab with the baby beam on top arrived! As Romeo typed on his keyboard to ready a beam at Gekko, Fish Boy, and Kwazii, the baby beam was on, but the three friends were not scared as they have backups. But when they saw that Kitten Boy and Chicklette weren’t with them, Romeo asks them in a mocking tone that they’re their backups and points a thumb at Kitten Boy and Chicklette, who were both asleep. Gekko and Fish Boy tried to wake them up, as Owlette fluttered her eyes open and asked both Gekko and Fish Boy to tell her and Kitten Boy a story. While the two PJ Masks were trying to wake up the baby-beamed ones, Kwazii faced Romeo and sprouted his aqua wings as he blasts rainbow magic at him, and then tried to zap back at him with his lightning snap, but while he was busy dealing with Romeo, Robot caught Kwazii by the tail and he struggled to slip free. Laughing evilly, Romeo points his baby beam at Kwazii to prepare to fire another beam at him, but before that happened, Kwazii’s cry for help woke up Kitten Boy and Chicklette, which got them back in action, and Kitten Boy shouts at Romeo to leave Kwazii alone as he used his super cat speed to run around the mobile lab in circles to distract Romeo and Chicklette used her super owl wing wind to blow a strong gust of wind at Romeo like last time. As Romeo was knocked down by the wind, the baby beam spun, then pointed down at Robot, and it’s beam zapped him and made him let go of Kwazii as his tail was free from his (Robot's) grip. Kwazii landed on his feet and Robot cried like a baby just for Romeo to recover and notice that his baby beam had hit his robot friend, again. With a scowl on his face, Romeo scolds at the PJ Masks and Kwazii for making him shoot his baby beam at Robot as he ran up to him to comfort him. Then, Robot grabbed Romeo and threw him up into the air and caught him again. While Romeo was telling Robot to stop and that he was busy being evil, Kitten Boy and Chicklette joined Gekko, Fish Boy, and Kwazii, who all looked proud and impressed at what they’ve done and Gekko puts his arms around his friends and says to them “My heroes.” Kitten Boy, Chicklette, and Gekko then all pumped their fists in the air and shouted out, “Superheroes!” as they turned back to see Robot still tossing Romeo up and down. That gave Kwazii some time to remove the baby beam off of the lab and use it to switch Kitten Boy and Chicklette back to acting like Catboy and Owlette again. But he decides that maybe Kitten Boy should do it as he gave him his ocean pearl bracelet again, and Kitten Boy happily accepts to do the job.

After putting the bracelet back on, Kitten Boy sprouts out the aqua wings, flew on top the lab, and using the super strength power, Kitten Boy took the baby beam off and lands back on the ground with it, then hands it to Gekko before joining Chicklette. But before he could ready the baby beam at Kitten Boy and Chicklette, Romeo shouts at him to wait and change Robot back to being himself first, but Gekko was sure that Romeo might be trying to trick them so he shouts at him that they need to change their friends back first. However, Romeo wasn’t kidding. He needed Robot acting normal again, and he was getting sick of the game he was playing with him. Finally, after looking at Kitten Boy and Chicklette’s pleading puppy eyes, Gekko decides that maybe they should as Kwazii points the baby beam at Robot and he was back to normal, but he was confused about what happened. After Robot was himself again, Gekko readies the baby beam to blast another ray at Kitten Boy and Chicklette, and this time in reverse. But then Chicklette asks Gekko if he and Kitten Boy have to go and Kitten Boy said that they had so much fun together, as Gekko solemnly says that they have to and that it's time for them to grow up, which made her and Kitten Boy pout and it looked like that they were gonna cry again. Then giving them a reassuring and comforting smile, Gekko tells them to not worry for that even though they’ll be acting like they’re grown up again, they’ll still have fun and play together no matter what, and if Romeo zaps them with his baby beam again, Gekko promises that they’ll eat sweets and play Find Gekko together again. Kwazii agrees and then walks up to Kitten Boy, gives him a pat on the shoulder, tells him to not worry, and promises to him that he’ll let him play with his ocean pearl bracelet’s magic anytime he wants the next time he and Chicklette come back when Romeo zaps them into acting like babies, again. He (Kitten Boy) just needs to remember to go easy on using fire magic or ice magic again when Kwazii lets him borrow his ocean pearl bracelet again. Kitten Boy promises that he will. Kitten Boy and Chicklette smiled back at Gekko and then hug him goodbye as he hugs them back. Then after they ended the hug, Kitten Boy and Chicklette said their last goodbye to Gekko as he readies a reversing beam and it zaps both of his friends, which had them acting like their normal selves again. After the light dissolves, Catboy and Owlette had confused looks on their faces as Owlette asked what happened, then realized that Romeo zapped her and Catboy into acting like babies again. Then, she and Catboy turned to Gekko, Fish Boy, and Kwazii to thank them for changing them back just when they heard Romeo scream in defeat and shouts at the PJ Masks and Kwazii that he'll win next time as he and Robot, who took the baby beam with him, left. After they had gone, the PJ Masks and Kwazii all shouted hooray, cause in the night, they saved the day!

The next morning, everyone was back to acting like themselves again, and not acting like little ones. Greg was enjoying doing his new scooter tricks and he was glad that everything was back to the way they should be, but while he was riding, he was thinking about last night as flashbacks came into his head, and he's gotta admit that he did miss Kitten Boy and Chicklette. They were like his little brother and little sister, he always wanted siblings (just not the kinds that cry, whine, are so bratty and demanding, run around, and draw on walls) and they really were fun to play with, even though they did get on his nerves at first, and hey, Kwazii was right, they really were cute. Who could blame him? Hopefully, he’ll see them again the next time Romeo zaps Catboy and Owlette with his baby beam, again. And hopefully, they’ll behave themselves on their next visit in HQ some other night. Just then, Kwazii and Captain Jake ran to him with worried looks as Greg asked them what was wrong and he followed his friends to the park to Connor and Amaya sitting on the root of a tree, crying like babies again. Greg rolled his eyes, facepalmed, and groaned "Oh no! Not again!", but it turns out that Connor and Amaya were just kidding as they stopped pretending to cry to get up and soon, all five friends laughed at their joke, ending the episode.

Powers that Kwazii uses

  • Sweets Galore
  • Light Magic
  • Peace Magic
  • Bubble Blast
  • Protection Power
  • Super Speed
  • Aqua Wings
  • Invisibility
  • Magic Cleaning Brush
  • Stretchy Power
  • Rainbow Magic
  • Lightning Snap

Villain Motives

  • Romeo: To use his baby beam again to make everyone act like babies again


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