A transcript of Season 1, Kwazii’s Special Ribbon.

Kwazii and Ribbon

Kwazii and Ribbon

Transcript #1

Kwazii (Narrating): Kwazii’s Special Ribbon.

(The episode begins with some kids running out of school because of summer.)

Transcript #2

Kwazii: Ya know, ya remind me of me sister!

Ribbon: Really...?

Kwazii: Yah. She looked just like you. I haven't seen her since our parents got divorced. We were just kittens, we didn't even have names yet. (takes the photo of him and his father) Papa took care of me, and Mama left with me sister, and ever since, I never saw either of them after me sister and I grew up separately and that after I became an Octonaut...

Ribbon (swallows): Kwazii.

Kwazii: Yah, Ribbon?

Ribbon: I AM your sister.