Kwazii Gets Cursed! is the 44th episode of Season 3.


When Kwazii brags about winning another Terra Monster battle, he learns like Sofia’s amulet, his bracelet puts a curse on him whenever he does something bad and he must try to break it.


The episode begins at Starlight Beach where Kwazii cheered on to his Terra Monsters, who were battling his chosen opponents'


  • This episode is based on “The Amulet and the Anthem” from Sofia the First, only different and about a Terra Monster battle.
  • Kwazii is the first character to be cursed by the bracelet.
  • Like Sofia’s amulet, the ocean pearl bracelet reveals to put curses on the wearer if he/she does bad things.
  • This episode teaches that actions speak louder than words, even when it comes to setting things right.


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