Kwazii In The Blue Sneakers

Kwazii in the Blue Sneakers is the 14th episode and movie of Season 3. 


When Kwazii tries on a new pair of blue sparkly sneakers, he, Jake, and Sofia are whisked away in a magical city filled with music, magic, and dancing. There, Kwazii discovers that he must dance his favorite steps to defeat the Poison Queen and save the city and his friends.


The movie begins at the Disney Junior Town Theater where everyone is practicing their dance moves for the dance tryouts in hopes of showing them off at the dance show coming in a few days. Kwazii also enters after learning some of the cool dances moves that Dashi taught him, and he couldn’t wait to bust a move onstage, making his friends, Jake and Sofia, laugh, as they all prepared for this day and were finally ready until it was finally Kwazii’s turn to dance and show the judges what he can do.


  • This movie is similar to Barbie in the Pink Shoes.
  • Instead of ballet, everyone dances only hip hop, pop, and rap.


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