Leo Callisto

Leo Callisto is one of the main characters who appears in the Disney Junior animated series, Miles from Tomorrowland. He is Miles and Loretta's father, and Captain Callisto's husband. He works as the engineer and pilot aboard the Stellosphere. He is voiced by Tom Kenny.


Official Disney Bio

Miles' dad is an awesome inventor, pilot, and former pro-surfer. He's laid back and can utterly cool, even when flying through space junk. A passionate engineer, he's never afraid to try something new in his workshop.

Leo Callisto is a loving kind and the best dad that Miles and Loretta have. Leo always sorts out Miles and Loretta's problems if they disagree about what activity that they want to do for example Loretta wants to do Exo flexing and Miles wants to play quantum kick what Leo does he turns the room off untill they agree who will do their activity first.

Leo used to be a good at surfing on the waves at Zuma Whirlpool with his Blastboard named Moon shredder with his wife and his old surfing buds. 

Terra Monsters

Thunder the Werevolt

Leo's starter Terra Monster, and Mercury's father and mentor. Like Leo's other Electric Terra Monsters, he helps keep everything up and running with his electric powers and protects the information on the computers.

Flash the Ampint

One of Leo's strongest Terra Monsters who is the guard of the ship and always keeps intruders out of it by slamming his two big hands together which makes a loud thunderwave that blows them away, but when he's not guarding the ship, Flash can be found swinging on vines in the jungle on Earth at full speed.

Lightning the Squallan

Leo's only legendary Terra Monster. Lightning is a very wise and level-headed that he has become a mentor to Miles' and Loretta's Terra Monsters who teaches them how to work together when there is danger or when to get along if they ever squabble like their owners. Although he is quick-tempered and strict, Lightning is seen to be very light-hearted and forgiving.


  • Leo is named after the Leo star constellation, which is also Latin for "lion".
  • Leo's signature color is green.
  • He is the Space-ology teacher in Disney Junior Elementary School.