Lolirock On! is the one hour special of Season 8.


The new girl band, Lolirock, is coming to Disney Junior Town to perform their concert for the first day of summer festival. Meanwhile, the girls' old enemies Mephisto and Praxina have come to ruin the concert and Kwazii must stop them but his powers aren't strong enough! Until Iris, Auriana, and Talia transport their powers to him and transforms Kwazii's wings and makes his powers more stronger that he finally defeats them once and for all! Plus, one of his charms have gained the same powers as the Lolirock princesses.


The episode begins with everyone at Disney Junior Elementary School rushing through its doors and running with excitement to spend their summer vacation. As usual, Kwazii and his friends were the last to leave school, walking together to their favorite after school hangout place, the Magical Cafe. On the way there, Jake says that Sofia has a surprise for them at the cafe and the boys and Izzy begin to wonder what it might be. Kwazii then says that they'll have to find out once they got there.

In the Magical Cafe, they find Sofia and Izzy drinking a strawberry and raspberry smoothie from some other smoothies that she already ordered on the table while watching a video on her laptop. When they met her at their usual table, Izzy asks what the surprise was as Sofia announced that a singing girl trio called Lolirock is coming to sing in the first day of summer festival. Peso was confused because he never heard of Lolirock before so Sofia shows them by turning her laptop around to show her friends the video she was watching.

In the video, three girls were singing, dancing, jumping, sliding, and doing something that looks a lot like magic when they made three wands appeared in their hands, rode on a glowing heart, diamond, and a crescent moon like hover boards, flew up in the air, and walked through crystal like doors that transformed their outfits. Amazed, the six friends, plus Skully and Pearl, where awestruck just when Sofia closed her laptop to snap them back to reality.

Villain Motives

  • Mephisto and Praxiana: To ruin Lolirock’s concert


  • Kwazii gains Lolirock crystal spells as his new power in this episode.


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