Lumina Moonbeam is Luna Girl’s descent mother (pretending to be Luna Girl's real mother) and Adolfo Moonbeam’s descent wife, and also the owner of a flower shop, Luna Blossoms. She made her first appearance in Owlette and the Rose Robbery.


Lumina is fair-skinned, has white sparkly hair, crystal blue eyes, and has a beauty mark under her right eye.

She wears a simple floral dress, a moonstone necklace around her neck, white princess gloves, and she wears brown Mary Jane’s boots. Whenever she works at Luna Blossoms, she is usually seen wearing a florist apron over her dress.


Lumina is a kind, sweet, understanding, cooperative, friendly, and floral woman who loves nothing more than flowers, making people smile, and also her descent husband, Adolfo, and her descent daughter, Luna, unknowing that she is her nighttime villain alter ego, Luna Girl.