Mage of Arts

The Mage of Arts is the mage that controls art. Her symbol is a butterfly.


The Arts Mage wears a pink blouse and skirt covered in paint and her hair is made into a long ponytail with a red barrette on top and a butterfly clip is on it. She is also seen holding her magic paintbrush and palette with her magic paints.

In the series

The Mage of Arts, along with her sisters, the Mage of Music and the Mage of Foods, were invited by Mayor Mickey Mouse to perform their magic at the Arts, Music, and Foods Summer Festival, but her magic paintbrush, the Music Mage's magic baton, and the Foods Mage's magic whisk was stolen by Captain Hook which meant that no one can cook or bake, sing or dance, and make arts and crafts anymore until Kwazii and his Terra Monsters retrieved the three magic items for them and then restored their magic.


The Mage of Arts uses her magic paintbrush to help everyone draw, paint, craft, carve, or even sculpt. She can also paint anything and then bring them to life just like Kwazii when he uses his Mystic Paintbrush.


Her pet is a red and pink cat who uses her tail to paint. She is named Paintbrush.