Mage of Music

The Mage of Music is the mage that controls music. Her symbol is a blue treble clef.


The Music Mage is based on Mozart but her hair is made to make her look more like Darling Charming, daughter of King Charming.

In the series

She, along with her sisters, the Mage of Arts and the Mage of Foods, were invited by Mayor Mickey to perform their talent magic at the Disney Junior Town's Summer Arts, Music, and Foods Festival, but her magical baton, along with the Arts Mage's magical paintbrush and the Foods Mage's magical whisk, were stolen by Captain Hook so without them, no one was good at drawing/painting, playing music, or cooking and baking anymore until Kwazii and his Terra Monsters stopped him and retrieved the three magical items for her and her sisters.


The Magic of Music can cast musical magic with her magical baton that helps her make sure that everyone sang a perfect song, dance gracefully, or play any musical instrument.


The Music Mage has a pet blue canary named Mi who loves to sing high notes.