Cassie and Miles as Cat Noir and Ladybug

Miraculous: Tales of Miles-Bug and Cassie Noir is the 46th episode of Season 23. 


Miles and Cassie both secretly write stories about Ladybug and Cat Noir versions of themselves saving the day and stopping akumatized villains, and accidentally start publishing books which makes them famous, but when an akumatized villain named Stopwatch appears to freeze time on everyone and claim the Miraculouses, the real Ladybug and Cat Noir come to help them save the day.


The episode begins in Miles, Haruna, and Blodger's room where Miles is writing some kind of a story in his journal. Just then, Haruna arrives from training to see what Miles was writing about as he asked him what he was doing. Haruna tries to read what Miles wrote as Miles blushed red and he stopped writing and covered up his journal to hide his story. But as Miles was about to close his journal, Haruna snatches the journal from his arms and starts reading through the pages, leaving him perplexed. When Haruna asked Miles what he was writing about, Miles admits that he is writing a story about him and Cassie being Ladybug and Cat Noir, and the two of them fighting off akumatized villains. With his eyebrow raising up, Haruna asked Miles if Ladybug is supposed to be a girl and Cat Noir is supposed to be a boy as Miles says yes, but also says that this time, things will be different and Miles will call his story, Miraculous; Tales Of Miles-Bug and Cassie Noir! Haruna wasn't sure if Miles got all those details right on the Bubbler story, but he did remember that in the story, Ladybug and Cat Noir had to battle Bubbler to save the adults. Miles blushed again and admits that he may have embellished the story just a bit, to make it more exciting. But Haruna thinks that the story being embellished to having Miles and Cassie being like Ladybug and Cat Noir is to make Miles and Cassie more heroic. As Miles stopped blushing, he says that his stories are just for fun. Haruna tells Miles to be careful because telling fibs, even for fun, can lead to trouble. Miles guessed that Haruna might be right as he continued to write in his journal.

Meanwhile at Starling Academy, Cassie was writing the same story about her and Miles being Ladybug and Cat Noir while Bitty was watching her write. Just then, her roommate, Sage comes into their room to see what Cassie was doing. When she stopped writing, Cassie says hello to Sage as Sage asks her what she was writing in her journal. Cassie explains that she is writing about her being her favorite hero, Cat Noir, and Miles being Ladybug as Sage raised an eyebrow and asks if Cat Noir should be a boy and not a girl. With a nod, Cassie replies yes but says that in her story, she will be the only girl playing as Cat Noir. Shaking her head and sighing, Sage tells Cassie to be careful and says that making up stories about being your favorite hero may be fun, but it can also lead to trouble. Cassie guessed that Sage is right, then goes back to writing her story.

Back at the Zenith, Miles was done writing his story when Loretta came in to tell him that some guy is calling and wants to talk to Miles-and Cassie-on Earth! Later, in Disney Junior Elementary School, Miles was rushing to meet the man, only to have bumped into Cassie, who was also rushing to meet the man. They blushed and helped pick up each others' stuff up, then handed them back to each other. As Miles got his stuff back, he noticed that he had Cassie's journal by mistake and Cassie noticed that she had Miles' journal by mistake. Miles and Cassie looked into each others' and discovered that they've been writing the same stories, much to their surprise. They gave each other glances and then started smiling and laughing. As they got their journals back, Miles asked Cassie what she was doing in such a rush as Cassie explains that she was going to meet the man who called her to come talk to her, and Miles remembered that the man told him to come and talk to him too! They then decided to walk together and talk to the man who was named Albert Page. When they three met, Albert tells Cassie and Miles that he wants to turn the Miraculous: Tales Of Miles-Bug and Cassie Noir into a best-selling graphic novel book! He also tells them that they'll be famous, much to Cassie and Miles asking in unison "Famous?" and exchanging eyebrow-raised glances with each other. Before Miles or Cassie could tell Albert that their stories are just for fun and that they don't want to have a published book about their stories, Albert says yes and that it's simple, then and pulls out a pen and paper, then tells them to sign on the dotted line so the world can enjoy their stories. Cassie hesitated, but Miles had already signed his name on the dotted line. Then, with a shrug, Cassie signs her name on the dotted line, and Albert rolls up the paper and takes the pen away. After signing, Albert walks away and went to start making the books. Miles and Cassie were going to be famous, but then again, they weren't so sure. Just then, Kwazii, Captain Jake, and Sofia came as they just heard and saw what was going on. When Captain Jake asked, Miles explains that he and Cassie are going to have a best-selling graphic novel book made and published... today! But Cassie adds that they stories she and Miles made were just for fun and now, their stories are about to be printed. Kwazii, Captain Jake, and Sofia all exchanged worried glances. Who knows what bad things might happen, Ladybug and Cat Noir showing up and getting mad at Miles and Cassie for making up stories about being them? No way! That couldn't happen! Could it?

Meanwhile, on the other side of town, an old Victorian man was sitting on the fountain, looking sad and putting his hand in his pocket to pull out a Victorian pocket watch to look at the time. It was 10:30am, and it seems that he might be late for something. Then suddenly, an akuma flies and lands on the pocket watch, infecting it. Hawk Moth gives the man Stopwatch, and the power to freeze time on everyone. The Victorian man transforms and then goes off to freeze time on everyone. Back at the school, everyone, including the Disney Junior Club, have arrived for Miles and Cassie's book launch. However, Albert, who got them to sign, whispers to them that the books haven't arrived yet. But why? Kwazii, Sofia, Sage, and Captain Jake decide to go and investigate as they got out of their seats and snuck out through the school entrance while Miles and Cassie were having their pictures taken. When the pirates, the Star Darling, and the princess arrived, they find a lot of people running for their lives and some people frozen in time! Then suddenly, an akumatized villain with a magic pocket watch appears and readies a blast of time freezing magic on them. But just as it was about to hit them, Ladybug and Cat Noir appeared and protected them with their weapons. Kwazii thanks them as he and his friends joined the duo in the fight with Stopwatch! Kwazii threw snowflake stars at the time freezing beams, then used his magic sword, slicing them into tiny bits, Sofia used her Protector Enchantlet to lasso Stopwatch, but Stopwatch breaks free and uses his pocket watch to freeze her, but Sofia dodged that just in time. Then, behind Stopwatch, Sage used her star power to blast at Stopwatch, but Stopwatch stopped that attack with his pocket watch! Ladybug and Cat Noir were next as they continued fighting Stopwatch. Luckily, he was weakened and then he left. All six high fived each other, but little did they know that Stopwatch was casting some kind of freezing spell on Miles and Cassie's graphic novel books with his pocket watch. Once anyone, including Ladybug and Cat Noir, touches the books, they won't know what hit them, or should Stopwatch say, what froze them, as he closed the back truck doors and cackled. Then he disappeared.

As they were done celebrating, Sofia, Kwazii, Sage, and Captain Jake headed back to school for the book launch. When Cat Noir heard about the book launch, he decides to come along but Ladybug grabs him by the tail and reminds him that they need to stop Stopwatch first. But Cat Noir insists that they should go to the book launch really quick, then they'll go get Stopwatch. With a heavy sigh, Ladybug decides that maybe they should go to the book launch as they followed their friends to Disney Junior Elementary School. Back at school, Kwazii, Captain Jake, Sofia, and Sage made it just in time for the book launch as they all got their books, and were surprised that Ladybug and Cat Noir were at the book launch too. As everyone took their seats, Miles and Cassie were ready for one more story. Miles tells everyone about the Bubbler, then Cassie tells the one about Lady Wifi, then they told everyone about Pharaoh, then about the Mime, then the one about Evilustrator, and finally the one about Rogercop and the one about Mr. Pigeon. But as they told everyone these stories, Ladybug and Cat Noir start to think that Miles and Cassie were taking all the credit for what they've done in the past and they were getting really annoyed. Finally having enough, Ladybug and Cat Noir stood up from their seats and tells Miles and Cassie to stop. They told them that they are taking too much credit just to make them both famous authors as Miles and Cassie tried to explain everything about their stories just being made up and just for fun, but Ladybug and Cat Noir were too outraged to listen as they both accused Miles and Cassie, saying that they're just "liars."

Then, after confronting Miles and Cassie, the heroic duo make their leave just as everyone begins to wonder if Ladybug and Cat Noir were right and some of them were thinking about getting rid of the graphic novel books. Suddenly, Stopwatch appears and then used his pocket watch to use his freezing spell on the books which then freezes up everyone, including Ladybug and Cat Noir! After everyone was frozen, Hawk Moth orders Stopwatch to snatch Ladybug and Cat Noir's Miraculouses as Stopwatch walked up to them to steal them. But just as he was about to do so, someone threw a magic boomerang at his face and then went back to... Kwazii! He wasn't frozen in time, and neither were Miles and Cassie, all because Kwazii used a protection spell to protect himself and his friends from the time freezing spell. However, Stopwatch wasn't gonna give on taking the Miraculouses from Ladybug and Cat Noir. Cassie thought quickly and used her star power to teleport herself right next to Stopwatch and hit him on the head with the graphic novel, which knocked him out, but only for a second.

After Stopwatch left, Kwazii helped Miles and Cassie take the books away from their friends to unfreeze them. When Ladybug was unfrozen after Cat Noir, they asked what happened to Stopwatch as Cassie explains that Stopwatch cast a spell on the graphic novel books to freeze everyone in time, who seem okay. Ladybug and Cat Noir went to stop Stopwatch and Mission Force One and Sage and Cassie, went to follow them while Kwazii, Sofia, Captain Jake, Connor, Amaya, Greg, Captain Barnacles, and Peso stayed behind to unfreeze everyone. At the town plaza, Stopwatch, Ladybug, Cat Noir, Sage, Cassie, and Mission Force One were fighting. Sage and Cassie blasted star power at Stopwatch and Mission Force One were helping Ladybug and Cat Noir fight Stopwatch too. Then Ladybug summons a Lucky Charm, which was a magnet. Then just as Ladybug was trying to figure out how to use the magnet, Stopwatch froze both her and Cat Noir. Miles and Cassie had to help them and fast, so Miles took the magnet out of Ladybug's hand and comes up with an idea! He asks Cassie and Sage if they can distract Stopwatch and they said yes as they got to work on using their star power on him. As they were distracting Stopwatch enough, Cassie knocked the pocket watch out of Stopwatch's hand and then Miles used the magnet to attract the metal on it. After getting the pocket watch, Miles smashed it on the ground, which unfreezes Ladybug and Cat Noir, and then Ladybug used her yo-yo to capture the akuma and purify it. After saying goodbye to the butterfly, Ladybug threw the magnet into the air and swarms of magical ladybugs flew everywhere, turning things back to normal and unfreezing everyone at the book launch. After Stopwatch turned back into his old self, Cat Noir and Ladybug fist-bumped.

Back at the school, Albert tells everyone to give back their graphic novels so he can recycle them, but before they could Miles, Cassie, Sage, Loretta, Haruna, Mirandos, Blodger, MERC, Ladybug, and Cat Noir came in as Miles and Cassie told everyone that they are sorry for making up stories about being Ladybug and Cat Noir, and then explained that they're just ordinary fans Of Ladybug and Cat Noir, and they were only writing the stories just to entertain themselves. Then, they tell everyone that Ladybug and Cat Noir are the real heroes, and they apologize to the heroic duo for everything they've said and done. Ladybug and Cat Noir forgive them, but then tell Miles and Cassie to not be sure about not being heroes as Cat Noir turns on a nearby TV and the news reveals that Miles and Cassie have helped Ladybug and Cat Noir stop Stopwatch when they were frozen. Then to Miles and Cassie's surprise, everyone, including their friends, were applauding and clapping their hands. Ladybug and Cat Noir tell Miles and Cassie that they are sorry for calling them liars and say that may not be like them, but they are heroes when it counts. As Miles and Cassie thanked the heroes and gave them their autographs on their graphic novels when they asked them to sign them, everyone began to crowd around them and also asked them to sign their graphic novels. While they were signing everyone's books, Miles tells Cassie that next time when they write another story, Cassie should be Ladybug and he'll be Cat Noir. Cassie liked that, but says that maybe they should take a break from writing stories about them being Ladybug and Cat Noir for now, which Miles agrees.

Powers that Kwazii uses

  • Unfreezing Time
  • Super Strength
  • Protection Power
  • Magic Sword
  • Magic Boomerang
  • Snowflake Stars
  • Star Power

Villain Motives

  • Stopwatch: To freeze everyone in time


  • This episode is similar to "The Adventures of Redbot" from Power Rangers Ninja Steel.
  • The episode’s title is a play on Miraculous: Tales of Ladybug and Cat Noir.
  • Miles old hairstyle and clothes, from Season 1 of Miles from Tomorrowland, appears in the cameos of Miraculous: Tales of Miles-Bug and Cassie Noir stories.


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