Night Ninja with Kwazii’s ocean pearl bracelet

Night Ninja and the Bracelet is the 12th episode of Season 22.


Night Ninja steals Kwazii's ocean pearl bracelet and tries to use its powers to make himself the best artist in the world, but doesn't know that the bracelet has put a curse on him.


The episode begins at Disney Junior Town Park where Kwazii is using his art powers from his ocean pearl bracelet to create some fabulous artwork. But as he did so, he did not notice that he was being spied by one of Night Ninja's Ninjalinos, who hopped off to tell its master about it.

Villain Motives

  • Night Ninja: To steal Kwazii’s ocean pearl bracelet to make himself the best artist in the world


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  • Night Ninja is the sixth character to use Kwazii's bracelet.
    • The first was Jake in "The Octonauts and the Poisonous Mermaid Spell".
    • The second was the baby barracuda in "The Octonauts and the Ocean Pearl Bracelet".
    • The third was King Zongo in "King Zongo Returns".
    • The fourth was Jay in "Jay Be Good".
    • The fifth was Connor/Catboy in "Atlantic: Atlantic Catboy".
  • He is the third character to be cursed by the bracelet.
    • The first was Kwazii in "Kwazii Gets Cursed!".
    • The second was Jay in "Jay Be Good".


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