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Owlette’s Well That Ends Well is the 22nd episode of Season 32.


Due to how her harsh words affected Catboy in the past, Owlette feels like it’s her fault for getting him infected by the negative energy and falls into despair. Lady Rancora takes her chance to bring her over to the dark side, but the Star Darlings have different plans to help Catboy and Gekko bring their friend out of the darkness and come to her senses.


The episode begins in Amaya’s bedroom were Amaya doesn’t seem too happy today. In fact, she looked all sulky much to Birdie, Snowdrop, and Sparkly’s worry as they do not know why their own was acting this way. Amaya hugs her pillow tight and sighs as she begins to remember the harsh and angry things she said to Connor/Catboy on their missions due to him being reckless, too curious, letting leadership get into his head, messing things up, trying to be more super than others, and always rushing into things before stopping to think. The flashbacks then ended as she touched her right cheek where Catboy left those scratch marks filled with negative energy, and she could still feel it inside her. Amaya was starting to think if it’s her fault for getting Connor/Catboy infected by Lady Rancora’s negative energy by being too harsh and mean to him, and after hearing what Connor/Catboy said to her when he was infected, she was beginning to think that he might be right about her not having any love and forgiveness in her heart, and decides that maybe it would be better if she stayed away from Connor just so she wouldn’t try to hurt his feelings with her super harsh words and get him infected by Lady Rancora’s negative energy for the third time. Just then, her iDisney rang as she solemnly picks it up just to hear her friends, Connor and Greg, ask her if she wants to come and make some macarons and teach the Star Darlings how it’s done as she says yes in a depressed tone and that she’s on her way as she got off of her bed to head out, but her bird pet friends were still worried about her sad behavior.

Later, Connor, Greg and the Star Darlings were waiting patiently for their friend to arrive so they can get started on making the macarons, But Amaya seems to be running late. That is, until she appeared, but she still didn’t look happy they can tell as Adora asks her why the long face, but Amaya only responded that it’s nothing and that they should get started on the macarons. Connor didn’t like to see Amaya look all sad for no reason, so he decides that since they’re making something delicious, he should make something that will hopefully make her smile again. As everyone except Amaya who decided to sit and watch all got to work, they made different kinds of macarons while Connor was busy making heart-shaped chocolate macarons, but they were only for Amaya as they hoped they would cheer her up. But after they finished making the macarons, Amaya waves the macarons Connor made for her away as she says that she's not in the mood to try them, at least not yet, then she solemnly walks home. Connor and Greg and their SD friends were beginning to worry about her as this was not like Amaya to be so sad for some unknown reason.

Back in her room that night, Amaya was back sitting on her bed after brushing her teeth and putting her pajamas on but she was still sad and not even Birdie, Snowdrop, and Sparkly can try to cheer her up. Then as she was asleep, Amaya was having a nightmare about Catboy not forgiving her harsh words and shouting to her that he hates her as he readies his nega-cat claws and she screams when Catboy was about to scratch her, when Amaya finally wakes up and tears fill up her eyes.

Suddenly, a black cloud of negative energy burst open the window and it entered Amaya's room, just to reveal the Star Darlings' arch enemy, Lady Rancora! When she saw her, Amaya smugly asks what she was doing here on Wishworld again as Lady Rancora says to her that she just sensed her negativity and thought about using some of it to help her forget all those sad and hurtful memories she's been thinking earlier. Glaring at Rancora, Amaya tells her to forget it and that she is not going to hurt her friends if she uses her negativity to make her into Nega-Owlette like it did to Catboy that made him into Nega-Catboy. But Lady Rancora was planning to use Amaya's negative energy for a different reason as she holds out her palm at Amaya and she adds all of her negative wish energy power to increase Amaya's negative energy, much to her bird pet friends’ shock and horror as they tried to stop the wicked Starling, but it was too late because Amaya was already infected with too much negative energy as she falls into depression and despair!

The next morning, Connor and Greg were getting more worried about Amaya's absence. She hasn't been with them for days, and she hasn't called them or texted them either. Something's up, and they need to find out why as they went to her house to check on her. Outside the Brimleys' house, Connor had knocked on the door as it opened to reveal Amaya's parents, Mr. and Mrs. Brimley. The boys asks them if they can come up to see Amaya as they said that they should because they're worried about their daughter, who has been acting so depressed and hasn't slept or eaten. Connor and Greg thanked them as they went up to see her, only when they opened the door, they were shocked to see Amaya, sitting on the floor with her head buried in her arms, and not looking back at them, but what's even worse is that black mist was coming out of her. This was seriously bad, and Connor and Greg knew that they need to do something about this, but they'll need help as they called their friends over on their iDisneys and even their Star Zaps.

Later, Kwazii and even the Star Darlings have arrived to help Connor and Greg with Amaya as Kwazii uses his magic sensing power to sense negative energy infecting Amaya. But this negative energy was way stronger than the negative energy that infected Connor twice. As Gemma asks what they should do now, Kwazii replied that the only way to get the negative energy out of Amaya is to help her think of positive thoughts, but Greg says that they’ll have to do that by going into her mind world. Scarlet asks how they can do that as Kwazii reminds her that he can make a portal to Amaya's mind world, but it'll take all of his ocean pearl bracelet's magic to do that. As he tells everyone to stand by, Kwazii held out his paws towards Amaya, and concentrated on his magic to make the portal, then suddenly, a red portal appears and Kwazii was exhausted and he collapses just as Connor and Clover catch him. Then seeing the portal open, Sage says that they should go, but Kwazii said that he should stay and rest, plus keep an eye on Amaya just in case something happens to her. Connor, Greg and, the Star Darlings all nodded in agreement as they went through the portal to the mind world of Amaya.

When the portal disappeared behind all fourteen of the friends after they arrived, Connor (who was now Catboy) and Greg (who was now Gekko) looked around to search for Amaya as Adora got the shivers when she looked around the dark and blood red colored world filled with black cages full of bird skeletons while some laid on the floor as Gekko picks one up, thinking that the negative energy must be affecting Amaya's mind world as it already affected her. But where in this world was Amaya? Just then, Catboy spotted someone over on their right as someone sulking while reading a book with some pages ripped out or burnt, and she sounded like she was crying. It was Amaya, but she was Owlette now! Running up to her, Catboy bends down to ask her if she was okay, but when she looked up to Catboy, he was freaked out when he saw that her eyes looked all black, dead, despaired, colored in dark red, and no pupils showed. Plus, tears were flowing out of them. Although Catboy was getting creeped out, that didn't stop him from looking into Owlette's eyes with his worried ones as Owlette broke the silence by asking between sobs what he and their friends were doing here and Gekko tells her that they should get out of here, but Owlette shook her head and says that she wants to stay here because this is where she belongs, away from everyone so she wouldn't hurt their feelings with her harsh words, and she was only doing this for Catboy, as she turns to him and starts apologizing. Frowning, Clover asks Owlette if she was sure about that and that she belongs in the real world with him and their friends, not just in her mind world that's been corrupted by Lady Rancora's negative energy. Nodding, Owlette replied that she's staying here because she felt bad for hurting Catboy's feelings by saying words that she thought would teach him a lesson, but they sounded so harsh that they kept on making him hold onto so many of his grudges which was why he was always infected by Lady Rancora’s negative energy as she blames herself for getting him infected by saying so many harsh words. So Owlette decided that staying in her mind world would be to help Catboy stop holding onto his grudges, but shaking his head, Catboy told her that she can't do that just because of some harsh words that she said to him that hurt his feelings in the past. It'll hurt him even more than her harsh words, but again, Owlette refuses to go back and like she said, it’s for Catboy’s happiness. Shaking his head furiously, Catboy shouts out to Owlette to stop blaming herself and that she can’t stay in her mind world just because her harsh words hurt his feelings and she must come back to the real world with him and their friends, because that’s where she belongs. Plus, with a calm and comforting tone in his voice, Catboy added to Owlette, that she’ll be more happier if they be together again. Hearing that, Owlette asks Catboy in agony what if he won’t be happy if she keeps saying harsh words to him and if he gets infected by Lady Rancora’s negative energy again if she says more mean things to him as she lets out a scream and the floor below her and her friends cracks, breaks, and sends them all falling into some pit of darkness! Quickly, Catboy sprouts out his Wings of Love and outstretched his hand to Owlette’s, but she slaps it away then cries out that she’s sorry as she falls even farther.

After they had landed on a blood red and black checkered floor, Catboy, Gekko, and the Star Darlings got up to their feet. They were now in some dark and abandoned library and ripped and burnt books were scattered everywhere, and standing in front of them was Owlette, still in her negative energy-infected state. Shaking and holding back tears, Catboy begged Owlette to stop and snap out of it for that Lady Rancora is corrupting her and her mind world, making her think that she’s a bad friend. Then again, Owlette shook her head and says again that she’s staying here in her world for Catboy’s happiness as more tears flowed out of her eyes, which were suddenly flooding the library. Finally, Catboy had enough so before Gekko or Scarlet could stop him, Catboy marched up to Owlette to tell her that it’s not her fault for getting him infected by Lady Rancora’s negative energy by scolding, glaring, yelling, or even saying harsh words to him, it’s his fault because all he was trying to tell himself was that every word, although harsh, is true, but instead he was feeling hurt from what she told him, the harsh tone in her voice, and says that it gave Lady Rancora the perfect opening for her to infect him with negative energy, then tells her (Owlette) that she has a right to do those things to him, even if they did hurt his feelings, and apologizes for saying that he hated her, then adds that he didn’t mean to call her a “hawk-eyed, mean-mouthed, unforgiving birdbrain” when he got infected by Lady Rancora’s negative energy and tried to attack her, Gekko, and even Fish Boy. He also reminds her that she shouldn’t be ashamed for trying to teach him a lesson by scolding or yelling at him when he made mistakes on their missions, and he won’t be happy if she’s not happy, just as he was done, Catboy asks Owlette if she’ll come back to them. Finally, after looking down at the flooded floor and thinking for a moment, Owlette shrieks out “NO!” and the mist of negative energy bursts from her body and knocked Catboy away from her. Then, something fell out of his pocket. It was the bag of heart-shaped chocolate macarons! Looking at the bag, Catboy got an idea to get Owlette to her senses and rid the negative energy off off her and her mind world as he grabbed it, slowly got up to his feet, and shielded himself from the negative energy that was keeping him from getting close to Owlette until he finally reached her. Holding out the chocolate macaron bag to her, Catboy tells Owlette softly that he made something to make her smile again, hoping that it will.

Owlette looked down at the bag, pulled the ribbon to untie it, and saw the heart-shaped chocolate macarons inside it. She was about to pull one out when suddenly, Lady Rancora appeared and blasted some of her power between them to keep them apart, then lets out a mocking laugh as she was sadistically enjoying seeing Owlette sad and despaired of hurting her friend’s feelings with her words and gives Catboy, who was glaring at her, an evil smirk. When Catboy asks Lady Rancora what she was doing here, she explains that she’s here to stop him and his friends from messing with Owlette’s mind world, but Leona retorts to Lady Rancora that she’s the one messing with Owlette’s mind world and Sage says to her that they’re here to save it, and Owlette as well. With a mocking laugh, Lady Rancora replies to them that they can’t do that if she’s in Owlette’s mind world, and unless they get past her, Owlette will be staying in her corrupted mind world forever. Gekko shouts that they will stop her and save Owlette just as Lady Rancora tells them to just try as she readies her negative energy power and starts blast it at the Star Darlings and the PJ Mask boys. Luckily for them, they were too quick as they dodged the attacks by jumping, running, and even using their shields to protect them while Catboy rushed to Owlette so he can give her his macarons. But before he could reach her, Lady Rancora blocks him and blasts more of her negative energy at him, but then, Sage blocked the attack and tells Catboy to keeping going while she keeps Lady Rancora busy.

Nodding, Catboy quickly got away and finally got to Owlette as he taps her on the shoulder and she turns to see him again, and solemnly asks him what he wants. Again, Catboy shows her open bag of the chocolate heart-shaped macarons and says to her that he said that he wanted to make something to make her smile again, then begs her “Please. No more crying, because if you cry, then I’ll cry,” as he indicates that by letting tears flow out of his eyes to show Owlette that he means it, and that her harsh words aren’t the only thing that hurts him, but seeing her being sad and blaming herself makes him feel sad too. So he held the bag to Owlette, who takes it, reaches for a macaron, pulls it out of it, then takes a bite of it. When Lady Rancora turned to see that Owlette had eaten one of Catboy’s heart-shaped chocolate macarons, she shouts “No!” as she saw with horror that Owlette's eyes were slowly turning back to normal, which meant that she was back to normal, and everything around her was turning back to normal as the darkness was being enlightened by the light from Owlette’s heart; books were being repaired and put back on the shelves and outside of the library, the dark cages were disappearing and the skeleton birds were living birds that were flying around in the bright blue sky and singing happy tunes, sweet-smelling flowers grew from the fresh green and fully grown grass, and best of all, it drove Lady Rancora out of the mind world.

After Lady Rancora was gone, everyone went out of the brand new library and looked around in amazement to see the live birds and the colorful flowers while Catboy‘s eyes filled with tears of relief and joy as he couldn’t help but run over to Owlette to give her a tight hug, say to her that he’s sorry and that he was glad that she’s okay now! Owlette lets out tears too, only they were filled with joy instead of sadness, as she hugs Catboy back and replies to him that she’s sorry too, sorry for making him and their friends worry too much, while hearing his sobs. Now that Owlette and her mind world were cured of the negative energy, they can go home into the real world, although Tessa and Gemma wanted to stay here to enjoy the scenery much longer.

Later, when Connor, Greg, and the Star Darlings arrived back in the real world, they were relieved to see that Amaya had no black mist coming out of her as they asked her if she was okay. Opening her eyes, Amaya answered with a smile that she’s okay as Connor hugs her and Greg joins in too, then Connor asks her if she promises that everything will be okay from now on as she replied yes, ending the episode.

Powers that Kwazii uses

  • Magical aura reading
  • Cooking & Baking Magic
  • Levitation
  • Magic Sensing
  • Magic Portal

Music in this episode

  • TBA


  • Connor/Catboy
  • Amaya/Owlette
  • Greg/Gekko
  • Sage
  • Libby
  • Scarlet
  • Vega
  • Leona
  • Tessa
  • Gemma
  • Adora
  • Cassie
  • Clover
  • Piper
  • Astra
  • Kwazii
  • Lady Rancora
  • Max Goof
  • Goofy
  • Jayson (Silent Cameo)
  • Edward


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