Cleo and Owlette reading books together

Reading can be fun when it’s done with a new friend

Owlette and the Melowies is the 52nd episode of Season 27.


On the night of her birthday, Owlette befriends a special pesagus called a Melowy, who is named Cleo, and soon, she and the boys are whisked away with her to visit her home world, Aura. There, they will have magical adventures and learn new things in the Castle of Destiny.


The episode begins with Mrs. Brimley icing a cake in the kitchen. Today was the birthday of her daughter Amaya and she wants to make sure that everything is perfect. Just then, she hears the door swing open and Amaya appears, looking depressed, and not at all happy. Mrs. Brimley asks Amaya what was wrong and how her day at school was as Amaya explains to her that she got a D on her Mermaid-ology test, not to mention losing her new pencil case that she got for her birthday before leaving for school. Nodding her head in understanding, Mrs. Brimley gave Amaya an apologetic smile and a comforting hug to cheer her up as she leads her to the kitchen, just as Amaya’s eyes grew wide with surprise and new happiness when she saw the red and white cake with the pink owl wings on it! Smiling a thanks, Amaya thanks her mom as she hugs her back then as her daughter settles down on the chair, Mrs. Brimley takes the cake from the counter and sets it down in front of Amaya, then Mr. Brimley appears to light up the candles, and after her parents sang the “Happy Birthday” song, Amaya makes a wish of an exciting and magical adventure to make her birthday more special before she blew the flames off her candles. Mr. and Mrs. Brimley clapped and Amaya felt her cheeks glow. She was glad to have her parents cheer her up when she’s had a bad day at school. Then after blowing the candles, Mrs. Brimley takes some two birthday gifts out from behind her back to give to Amaya. Taking the gifts, Amaya thanks her mom as she opens the first one and her eyes went wide in amazement when the first gift was a set of Melowy book series, which were stories about five pegasi going to school in the Castle of Destiny in Aura to learn how to use their powers and unlock their futures, and the second gift was a beautiful necklace with a star-shaped pendant with a jewel in the middle.

After putting her new necklace on, Amaya gave her mom another hug and then another to her father before she thanked them again for the gifts just as her dad also has a birthday surprise for her daughter when he opened the door to reveal Connor and Greg, who had sleeping bags, their pajamas, toothbrushes and toothpaste, and even more gifts for Amaya, outside. Connor even found Amaya's new pencil case! Blinking in disbelief, Amaya ran up to her friends to hug them and ask them why they have their sleepover stuff with them as Connor explains to her that it was Mr. Brimley’s idea and that he thought that he‘d ask her friends’ parents if they could come and sleepover with her for her birthday. Turning to face her father, Amaya thanks him as Mr. Brimley laughs and says “anything for my birthday girl.” This was going to be the best birthday ever tonight!

Later, that evening, there was laughter, the smell of fresh baked sweets, and music filling Amaya’s room. While Connor and Greg were dancing to the music, Amaya was only enjoying reading her new Melowy books and she looked down at her new necklace dangling from her neck. Then, as she stopped reading, Amaya looked out the window and thought about the Melowies’ world, Aura, and also their school, the Castle of Destiny. Turning to her friends who had stopped dancing, she asked them what it would be like to meet the Melowies and explore the realms in Aura, plus attend school like them in the Castle of Destiny. Connor and Greg raised eyebrows and glanced at each other, then faced Amaya again as Greg says that it would be awesome and Connor agrees as he adds that it would be even cooler if they did attend school in the Castle of Destiny, but the school seems to be only for girls and boys might not be allowed in it. Plus, Melowies and Aura probably don't even exist. With a shrug, Amaya guessed that Connor is right but as she laid her head on her pillow, she whispers that maybe someday she and her friends will meet the Melowies, even if they might not be real. Finally, as Amaya turned off the lights, she and the boys settled into bed and sleeping bags, and fell asleep.

Later, it was 11pm, but just then, some bright light from outside woke Amaya up and she shielded her eyes to looked what was making that light. The light also woke up Connor and Greg as Connor groggily got up from his sleeping bag and asked Amaya to turn off the light as she replies that it's not her and that the light is coming from outside. The PJ Masks decide to check out where the bright light was coming from. As they got out of bed and the sleeping bags, they transformed into Catboy, Owlette, and Gekko, and went to HQ. When they arrived, Catboy checked out where the light was coming from on the PJ Picture Player, only to find that it was coming from the other side of the park. Swiping the screen, Owlette chose the Owl Glider, then she and the boys went up to her HQ room to hop into it, and as they fastened their seat belts, she drove it into the sky and used her owl eyes to spot some kind of a unicorn with beautiful wings. Gekko guessed that it must be lost and suggests that they should go down and help it as Owlette lands the Owl Glider behind a tree, then they hid in the bushes only when Owlette peered through the leaves, her eyes grew wide at what she saw! A real live... Melowy! Catboy and Gekko‘s eyes went wide too at the sight of the Melowy with the rosy mane and the sparkly butterfly-like wings. They couldn’t believe that they were seeing a real live one in the park, but what was it doing on Earth when it should be in Aura? The PJ Masks were going to find out as they slowly got out the bushes to approach towards the Melowy.

As they approached the Melowy, it turned to face the PJ Masks, but she didn't run away from them. They were lucky. Owlette couldn't believe it, though. She was meeting a real live Melowy, and she (the Melowy) looked as beautiful as in the book, but she looked even more beautiful outside the books. With curiosity, the Melowy stared at Owlette who held out her hand to run it over her sparkling rose-colored mane as she says that it feels soft. Then, to Owlette and the boys’ surprise, the Melowy spoke when she thanked her, then as Owlette took her hand out of the Melowy’s hair, the Melowy introduces herself as Cleo. The Cleo who was the only Melowy without a symbol on her wings and doesn’t know which realm in Aura she was from. Wide-eyed with surprise and nodding, Cleo says yes to Owlette, then she asked her how she knew that as Owlette explains that she read about her (Cleo), the other Melowies, and their world in the new books her parents gave her on her birthday that afternoon. Cleo was astounded about how this human girl loved reading as much as she does and thanks her again just when she saw the necklace Owlette still wore around her neck and says with her eyes shining with happiness and even relief that she found her necklace.

When the PJ Masks gave each other confused glances, Owlette asked Cleo what she means she found her necklace and was about to tell her that it’s her necklace and her birthday present that her parents gave her when Cleo starts explaining that she lost it when it fell to Earth while doing a flying test with her friends, which is why she went down to find and retrieve it. Looking down at her birthday present, Owlette nods and says that she understands that the necklace does belong to Cleo as she apologizes and takes it off, then puts it around her new friend’s neck before sulking and looking sad, again. Cleo felt very sorry and she asked Owlette why she was so sad as Gekko explains that she (Owlette) just had a bad day in school this morning, and today’s her birthday, or it was until it will be over. So to cheer her new friend up, Cleo asks Owlette if she wants to go up to Aura with her and that quickly cheered her up as she excitedly accepts it, but she’ll only come along if Catboy and Gekko want to come along too. Smiling and nodding, Catboy and Gekko said that they’d love to.

As they hitched a ride onto Cleo’s back, the PJ Masks were whisked away into the night sky, and soon, after the amazing ride of their lives, the world of Aura was in their sights! Owlette was breathless just as Cleo landed in the Garden of the Castle of Destiny. It looked even more amazing in real life than in her new books! Owlette, Catboy, and Gekko climbed off of Cleo’s back as she lead them inside and snuck them passed some other Melowies into her dorm room, and the PJ Masks were dazzled by everything in the room: the books, the beds, the lights, and some trunks with trinkets inside them. But what dazzled them the most was another Melowy coming in. She was pretty with her pink coat, the golden blonde mane, the fancy skirt, the sun symbol on her wings, and the friendly look in her eyes, that became shocked when she saw the PJ Masks in the dorm of her and her roommate. The blonde Melowy, named Maya, asked Cleo who they were as Cleo introduces the PJ Masks to her and Maya shyly says hello and that she’d never seen humans before until now.

Catboy was the first to reply back a friendly hello just when a icy blue colored Melowy appeared behind him and he turned to come face to face with her. Her cold stare gave the PJ Masks the shivers just as Cleo tells them to not worry and introduces the blue Melowy named Cora to them, and even with her cold stares, she’s still a very good friend. Owlette quickly recognized her and guessed that Cora is from the Winter Realm and Maya is from the Spring Realm as both Cora and Maya were surprised by how this human girl in an owl costume could know where they’re from. Before Cleo could explain, two more Melowies, an orange bubbly one and another with a dark mane, came in to see that they have new guests in the dorm room. The orange Melowy, named Electra, flew and stopped in front of the PJ Masks and asks with enthusiasm if they were humans as Gekko replied awkwardly that he and his friends are and Electra was amazed that they can talk like her too. The dark maned Melowy, named Selena, rolled her eyes in annoyance and Cora told Electra in a snarky tone that all humans on Earth talk, then Selena gave the PJ Masks a sideways look and asked them why they were dressed up as animals. Looking down at their suits, Owlette explains that she and her friends are not just ordinary human kids in animal costumes, they’re super heroes in pjs called PJ Masks, and their pajamas give them their powers as she and her friends showed the Melowies how they use them by making owl wing wind, going fast with super cat speed, and even use super gecko muscles to lift Cleo’s bed off the floor. All four of the Melowies were amazed, but Cora said that’s okay much to Catboy’s annoyance as he took that as an insult. But before he could say something cold back to the Winter Realm Melowy, Electra interrupts by asking Catboy if he and his friends have other powers too. Catboy chuckles and that he and his friends do, but Cora reminds her friends that their new friends will have to show their other powers to them later, because they need to prepare for their next task that the principal of the school, Principal Gia, has given them. When Owlette heard about this task, she asks if she and her friends can come and watch the Melowies if they can come and watch them do their task, but Cleo shook her head and says that if Principal Gia finds out that there are humans in the school, she, Maya, Selena, Cora, and Electra might be in big trouble and so will the PJ Masks. Shrugging, Owlette guessed that she and the boys can wait as the Melowies went out but Cleo promises that they’ll come back to play with them after they pass their test as she went out last to join her friends. In the meantime, the PJ Masks can look around the dorm room and see what interests them.

When the Melowies left, Catboy made himself comfy on one of the beds, Gekko looked into Electra's chest of her memories, and Owlette flips open one of Cleo's books, reading the very exciting stories written in it. The PJ Masks were starting to make themselves comfy around here. A few hours later, Cleo and her friends came back from their test, all exhausted but they felt good after passing, and Maya even brought some treats for their new friends to eat. When Cleo called out that they're back, she smiled when she saw that the PJ Masks were enjoying themselves as they saw the Melowies back, and they brought snacks from the kitchen. While Catboy and Gekko were eating their snacks and chatting with Selena, Cora, Electra, and Maya, Owlette had already finished her snack and is now seen reading with Cleo. As they were reading, Owlette shot a quick glance at Cleo’s wings and wonders why this Melowy doesn’t have a symbol like her friends as she felt sympathetic over her. Cleo noticed quickly before Owlette could take her eyes off of her (Cleo) wings as she was thinking about asking her why she has no symbol. Wincing away from her stare, Owlette replied that she wasn't, even though she wanted to but thinks that it might be rude. Finally, with a sigh, Owlette admits that she was and then asks Cleo about how she was the only Melowy with no symbol on her wings and where she came from. However, Cleo, who shook her head, said that she doesn’t know but what she does know is that the school principal, Gia, found her on the doorstep when she was a baby. Since then, she hasn’t been able to find out who her real home realm or her real family is, as Owlette felt very sorry for her new friend. Then, she had an idea!

Owlette suggests to Cleo that after she and her friends take their next class, they can both go to the library and find some histories of Melowies with no symbols on their wings and a realm where Cleo might’ve belonged to before being sent to the school. Cleo liked that idea, but she didn’t wanna risk having anyone, like Principal Gia, finding out that three humans are in the Castle of Destiny. Reassuringly, Owlette says that it’ll be fine and it’ll only be for a few mintues. Finally, Cleo decided that maybe they should go to the library after class. Later, after Cleo took her class with her friends, Cleo snuck Owlette into the library and as they entered, Owlette’s eyes went wide when she saw how beautiful the library looked and how so many books were in the shelves. There had to be some history about Cleo’s past somewhere as the two girls went to collect some books and articles about a baby pegasus being left on the school’s stairs years ago. However, neither Owlette nor Cleo had any luck on finding any information just when the door to the library opened. But just as they hoped it would be either Catboy, Gekko, Electra, Maya, Selena, or Cora, it was the Principal of the Castle of Destiny, Principal Gia! Cleo quickly hid Owlette just as Principal Gia saw her and with a smile, she walked over to her and asked what she was doing here as Cleo quickly explained that she was just studying for her classes, without revealing her new friend trying to help her. Nodding, Principal Gia lets Cleo continue before leaving to the other part of the library, but then she stops and turns to Cleo again to ask her if she's been busy with some other things, like showing some new friends around the school, leaving Cleo to perk up with shock as she stuttered that she hadn't and asked what new friends was the principal talking about. Principal Gia noticed the quavering in Cleo’s voice and asked her if she’s okay and why she is acting strange. Cleo blurted out that she's not and quickly cleared her throat then said in a calm voice that she's fine before pushing the principal out of the library and saying good day to her before slamming the library doors shut. Sighing, Principal Gia just shrugged and went as back inside the library, Cleo let out a deep sigh of relief and Owlette comes out of her hiding place. Cleo asked her if she's okay as Owlette replied that she's fine but asked her if it's a good idea to keep her and her friends a secret from the principal when Cleo should've introduced the PJ Masks to her (Principal Gia). Nodding, Cleo said that it's the only way to keep them safe and even keep her and her friends out of trouble.

Just then, Cora appears when she opened the library door and finds Cleo and Owlette who have been sorting through all the books and asks coldly what they were doing as Owlette lets out a small chuckle and explains that she and Cleo were just looking through articles about her history, like which realm she was from. Rolling her eyes, Cora tells them that they can look for more information about that later, because right now, Cleo needs to come to class with her, Maya, Electra, and Selena while Owlette needs to sneak back into the dorms to hide with Catboy and Gekko. As Cleo walked with her friends, Owlette waves goodbye and good luck before heading back. But when she tried to get to the Butterfly Tower, she found herself lost. Owlette tried to find a map around the school which might help her find her way back to the Butterfly Tower, but there doesn’t seem to be one. Just then, she felt something on her shoulder as Owlette lets out a squeak and turns to see who it was, only it was Catboy and Gekko, who have been looking for her, much to her relief, but now they're lost, too. After thinking for a second, Owlette spots a Melowy coming and quickly, she hid behind a column before she saw her, and it looked like she was heading to the Butterfly Tower, she guessed. Coming out from behind the column, Owlette and the boys quietly followed the Melowy, only when they followed her, they found themselves in a gym instead, where lots of Melowies were practicing their aerobatics. Then someone with the familiar rose-colored mane caught Owlette’s eyes as she saw her as Cleo and she was with Maya, Cora, Electra, and Selena, who were listening to a teacher who was giving them a test on how well they can swoop. Owlette looked over at Maya, who looked nervous just as she gasps silently when she saw the PJ Masks in hiding, and gives them an alarmed “what are you doing here?” look before turning to Cleo ro signal her who’s here as Cleo looked to see her new friends in the gym, with surprised eyes. Then just before she could whisper something, the teacher calls for the students to begin by walking through some kind of doorway as one of the Melowies went through first and disappeared when she entered.

As the last Melowy entered, Owlette was curious about what was on the other side and decides that they should follow as she flew just before either Catboy or Gekko could stop her. Then, Owlette goes through the entrance and at the other side, she calls for Catboy and Gekko to come on and they shrugged as they entered, and then disappears into it. When the boys got through, they bumped into Owlette, who didn’t notice as she was too busy watching in amazement at the Melowies flying and swooping, but just then, Cora landed and she snaps at the PJ Masks what they were doing here when they should be in the Butterfly Tower. With a nervous chuckle, Owlette explains that she and her friends might’ve taken a wrong turn, but Cleo appears and asks her new friend if it isn’t because she wanted to come watch as Owlette admits that she was just curious.


  • This episode is an inspiration of the Melowy book series.


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