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PJ Masks VS Wild Masks! is the 58th episode of Season 42.


Romeo creates evil copies of Connor, Amaya, and Greg and gives them evil animal amulets that transform them into the evil versions of Catboy, Owlette, and Gekko, and that means Night Panther, Dark Owl, and Moonlight Lizard (Max, Celeste, and Gary by day)! When the new villains break their promise to their new leader, Romeo is forced to team up with the PJ Masks to stop them.


The episode begins at night where Connor, Amaya, and Greg are asleep in their respective beds without knowing that a green beam is scanning their bodies, as the scan comes from Romeo, who after scanning the three friends, gets to work on making his most evil and most best creations ever, way more better than that cute but double-crossing rust bucket PJ Robot! After Romeo is finished typing in his supercomputer, he presses the red button and something happens inside three glass pods, just when they open to let out white smoke and after it clears, three evil versions of Connor, Amaya, and Greg step out. Max (The evil version of Connor), Celeste (The evil version of Amaya), and Gary (The evil version of Greg)!


Music in this episode

  • Is played in the scene of the Wild Masks appearing.


  • Connor/Catboy
  • Amaya/Owlette
  • Greg/Gekko
  • Max/Night Panther
  • Celeste/Dark Owl
  • Gary/Moonlight Lizard
  • Romeo
  • Shark Ship
  • Screw-Loose the Crab Bot
  • Nuts the Crab Bot
  • Bolts the Robo-Bird
  • Kwazii (Cameo)
  • Sofia (Cameo)
  • Mickey Mouse (Silent Cameo)


  • This episode is an inspiration of PJ Masks VS Wild Masks by EstherGsm on DeviantArt.


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