Pirate and Princess Summer! is the 29th episode of Season 4.


During the first day of summer, Kwazii and his friends Jake and Sofia celebrate their favorite holiday: Pirate and Princess Summer! by throwing a huge party filled with adventure, fun, laughter, costumes, and games, but meanwhile, Captain Hook and his crew are planning to ruin their fun again by messing, crushing and ripping up all the pirate and princess costumes and accessories, eating all the treats, wrecking the music and games, and ruining the decorations. Luckily, Kwazii's ocean pearl bracelet manages to save the day, once again.


The episode begins at Disney Junior Elementary School when all the students run through the doors excitedly because it was the first day of summer. Later Kwazii, Sofia, and Jake are the last ones to leave the school as they chatted all the way to the Magical Cafe. Just as they were enjoying their smoothies, Kwazii comes up with an idea to celebrate the first day of summer by throwing a pirate and princess summer party.

Powers that Kwazii used

  • Levitation (to lift invitations) (used on his Starfish Charm)
  • Water Pulse (to clean the invitations) (used on his Dolphin Charm)

Villain Motives

  • Captain Hook and his crew: To ruin Pirate and Princess Summer



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