Octonauts ribbon by taibu chan-d4tnuaq

Ribbon is a female cat and Kwazii's long-lost sister, who made her first appearance in Kwazii's Special Ribbon. She is created by a Deviantart accounter named Taibu-Kettu.


Ribbon's fur is bright brown with dark chocolate brown stripes. She has green eyes, wears a pair of pink ballet shoes on her feet, and around her neck is a big pink ribbon.


Ribbon is very shy, timid, kind, and usually speaks in a soft gentle tone. She is also shown to be very sad and tearful ever since her and Kwazii's parents' divorced, but despite all that, she is shown to be happy and likes to try new things and loves sports, mostly skateboarding that she learned from her brother, Kwazii.

In the series

In Kwazii's Special Ribbon, Ribbon arrives in the Octopod to become a new member of the Octonauts but she mostly wanted to spend some time with Kwazii. After Kwazii told her his story about their parents being divorced and having to grow up separately from each other, Ribbon tells Kwazii that she is his sister, much to his happiness and having to hug her to celebrate their reunion. However, when Ribbon and Kwazii's mother came to the Octopod to pick up Ribbon, she refused to leave and wanted to stay with Kwazii, despite her mother telling her that she needs to go now, but after winning and having fun in the games of the Brother and Sister Day festival, their mother decides that maybe Ribbon should stay with Kwazii and the Octonauts as long as she wants, much to her and Kwazii's joy.

In Kwazii In Love, Ribbon is seen walking with Sasha, Kwazii's former crush. When Sasha flirted with Kwazii again, he and Ribbon were really annoyed at her coquettish actions.

In Kwazii's Special Birthday Surprise!, Ribbon is seen helping her friends set up the surprise birthday party for her brother and helping Jake make his gift. Later, after Kwazii arrived to see that his friends threw him a party, Ribbon is seen watching Kwazii blow out his candles on his birthday cake and dancing with him.

In The Fairy Godmother Academy (Part 1), Ribbon is seen watching Kwazii play and sing his new song for Sofia's good luck party, but she could see that he was sad about his friends leaving for their host schools, so she decides to cheer him up by tickling him. Later, she is seen by everyone throwing a party for Sofia, Captain Jake, and Catboy at Starlight Beach.