Romeo and Owlette is the 50th episode of Season 9.


Amaya saves a boy, who happens to be Romeo as his daytime self, from a falling concrete brick, and develops a crush on him, but when nighttime comes, Owlette must choose whether to join Romeo's side or stay loyal to her friends.


The episode begins with Connor, Amaya, and Greg having their after school snacks at the Magical Cafe. After finishing up and paying, the three kids left but just then, they saw a construction work going on... and a cement brick was about to fall onto a boy nearby! Quick as lightning, Amaya pushed him out of the way just in time before it hit him and her!


  • Connor/Catboy
  • Amaya/Owlette
  • Greg/Gekko
  • Romeo
  • Kwazii
  • Dodger (silent cameo)


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