A transcript of Season 31, Scroop Deals With Scar.


Kion (Narrating): Scroop Deals With Scar.

(Scroop and his crew are heard screaming until the ship stops spinning)

Scroop (growls): Those little twerps! They are so going to pay for ruining my black ivy plan! (to Romeo) Romeo, run a scan on the ship. Check to see if there’s any damages on it.

Romeo: Everything seems to be fine, Master Scroop, but I’m afraid our gas tank has been fueled out.

Night Ninja: Well, where can we get some more volcanic ash, you half-brain!

Scroop: Wow. What’s that?

Commander Nemex: Now that’s one tall volcano.

Negaduck: Oh my goodness! That volcano is wonderful.

Aggro: Now that’s one good lava mountain.

Captain Drake: By my calculations, I suggest we should go check it out.

Scroop: Well, what are you waiting for? Let’s go in.

All: Yes, Master Scroop.

(Scroop and his crew have made their landing.)

Romeo: This place is amazing!

Scroop: Shut up, childish science!

(Lava explodes which startles everyone.)

Negaduck: The volcano must’ve burned the animals who lived in this area.

Scroop: Good. (more lava explodes, startling everyone except Scroop) Hurry along, slow-poking cowards! (the crew mates follow him while entering the volcano) Hmm, this is some kind of evil lair. Must be to the owner who has been crazy to own this place.

Captain Drake (sniffs): Blech! Who would wanna live in here?

Romeo: I should say: lions, honey badgers, cheetahs, egrets, hippos, crocs, hyenas and cobras.

Scroop: Ha! Fantastic! Maybe we can sell this whole place for a fortune.

Scar’s voice: Sell my place? For a fortune?! (his spirit rises from the volcano) Just try it.

Scroop: And just who do you think you are?!

Ushari: Intruders, allow me to introduce Scar!

Scar: If you ever take my volcano, I’m going to fortune you!

Scroop: Easy. I am Scroop, and I’m the leader of the crew. I thought this place was abandoned and that it looked like that lava destroyed everything.

Scar. Ha! I’m tougher than fire. I just want to burn a nearby group of kids who are so annoying and are always getting in my way!

Scroop: Maybe we can help each other. You’ll take one half, and I’ll take the other half of our fancy island.

Ushari: You? Give half of something to our leader?

Janja: How’s that gonna make us...

Scar: I like what I’m hearing, you two, so stay silent! So Scroop, tell me how we can help.