Sofia the Worst gets flirty with Kwazii

Seeing Double! is the 26th episode of Season 6.


Sofia's troublesome clone, Sofia the Worst returns to make more trouble and this time, she's got her eyes set on Kwazii. So she decides to trick him into getting some valuable stuff for her by flirting with him, but that wasn't until Kwazii realizes that she is not the real Sofia before getting the last artifact from the museum. So it's up to him to stop Sofia the Worst and return the stuff that he stole for her, but he'll have to play by her own game by using his duplication power!


The episode begins at

Villain Motives

  • Sofia the Worst: To trick Kwazii into getting valuable stuff for her by flirting with him


  • The scene where Kwazii and the Octonauts have spaghetti for dinner and when Kwazii screams in based on the scene from the Ed, Edd, n Eddy episode Tight End Ed.


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