Snowdrop is a snowy owl and Amaya's pet. Like Lucky, Connor's pet black cat, she is also a shapeshifter.


Snowdrop is a snowy owl with a mask-like face and a feather tail with black spots.

In her Owlette form, Snowdrop is white with gray wings with black spots, yellow eyes, and her owl logo is black.

In her Amaya form, Snowdrop's hair is white with a gray streak and a snowflake pin or a gray beret, and she wears black glasses. She wears a white dress with/without a wintery shawl and she also wears white boots or white shoes.


Like all owls, Snowdrop is a very wise and gentle snowy owl. But she loves nothing more that winter weather and of course, Christmas! She also loves bundling up in a nice warm place with a fireplace and a cup of hot cocoa while reading or cuddling up with her owner, Amaya, but she can also be very super energetic and excited, and even impatient. But that doesn't mean she can't be Amaya's new friend for life.

In the series

In Owlette and the Snowy Owlette, Amaya, Carlos De Vil, and Evie found Snowdrop with an injured wing while collecting firewood for the fireplace. Later they take her back to the Disney Junior Manor for Kwazii to heal her and she soon became Amaya's new pet.

Later, when she saw everyone decorating the rooms, Snowdrop shapeshifts into a version of Amaya and decides to help, but she eventually begins to mess up everything because she was so excited.


Like Lucky, Snowdrop can shapeshift into anyone or anything. She can also use telepathy to talk to someone even far away and make wishes come true by using her magical owl wings.


  • Snowdrop's favorite food is sugar cookies