Sofia the Worst

Bad Sofia

Sofia the Worst (also known as Bad Sofia) is an evil clone of Princess Sofia who appears in the Sofia the First episode "Sofia the Second". Like the real Sofia, she is voiced by Ariel Winter.


Because Sofia messed up the copying spell to create her, Bad Sofia is the complete opposite of the real Sofia. Instead of being kind and caring like the real Sofia, she is rotten and mischievous. She also has the attitude of a little brat, smiling and laughing evilly every time she causes trouble, as if everything and everyone around her was a toy for her amusement.


When Sofia wanted to go to the hootananny but had to stay behind to keep Lady Joy company, she used a duplication spell to create a copy of herself. At first, the copy seemed very happy to play with Joy while the real Sofia was going to the hootenanny. She didn't realize that she messed up the spell and created a Sofia clone that is bad and rotten to the core. The clone quickly began to cause trouble and after ditching Lady Joy, she went to the hootananny and started to cause even more trouble. However, her fun was halted when Sofia locked her in a barn. She managed to escape, determined to get back at the real Sofia. She was soon found out by Roland and Cedric used his magic to send her away, never to be seen again.

In the series

In Seeing Double!, she returns to make more trouble in Disney Junior Town and while trying to find more ways to make trouble, she sees Kwazii playing soccer with his friends. Therefore she decides to make him her servant by flirting with him, which includes talking in a sultry tone, fluttering her eyelashes, winking at him, or tickling him under the chin so he can steal the most valuable Cheshire Choker from the museum, but after Kwazii tricked her with his duplicating powers, Sofia the Worst was sent away by his magic.