Discovering the baby kirins

Song of the Kirins is the 15th episode of Season 37.


Luna’s uncle wants her to visit and meet his new wife at a horse ranch called Unicorn Trails in Finland, and the PJ Masks accompany her just so she wouldn’t feel uncomfortable, but along the way, a dangerous magic tracker is hunting down kirins. In the forest of Finland, the kids discovers an entire herd of baby kirins, which they must hide from the tracker before it is too late.


The episode begins with a magical carriage carrying a group of small pony-like creatures flying northeast to somewhere. Suddenly, a wild magical whirlwind captures it inside and the carriage breaks apart from the driver and the tengu flying it as the carriage falls into a forest of Finland!

The next day, at the DJC Treehouse, Peso is giving Luna’s pet arctic marble fox kit, Eclipsion, a checkup after the effects he recovered from after drinking the shapeshifting potion she gave him (Eclipsion) just to give him the power to shapeshift like Lucky, Snowdrop, Glider, and Armor, only to make himself not only the power to shapeshift, but also to shapeshift his body parts, which made his feet grow into giant green hare feet, his paws into dragon claws, his beautiful black and white fur transformed into fish scales, his tail to morph into a lion’s tail, and then his cute little fox kit muzzle into a shape of a chicken beak! Luckily, Lucinda the midnight witch cured that problem by making an antidote that made Eclipsion go back to normal.

After Peso was done, he tells Luna that Eclipsion is healthy and that there are no signs of any scales or anything on his body as Luna thanks him before picking Eclipsion off the sick bed and running her hand over his fur. Greg saw that Luna looked a bit troubled and asked her what she has been thinking about earlier as she replies with a sigh, that her uncle, Ned, has called her to come over to Finland in Europe, where he and his new wife, lived in. However, Luna was unsure about meeting her new aunt and is also worried that she might not know much about her. Walking up to her, Amaya and Connor assure her that her new aunt might be great, plus to make the trip in Finland a lot fun, they can come along. Besides, they had won a grand prize at DJES for the best art in an art contest last week, which were 10 days of no school for a whole week. Finally, Luna decides that maybe the trip to Finland will not be so bad, as long as her friends are on her sides, and so, they got ready to start packing.

Later, after the plane ride, the four kids and their pets have finally arrived in Europe, then took the van to Finland where they took some nice photos of the trees and other things in the forest that they passed by. Just then, Connor notices that Luna was miserably looking out the window and he asks her if she’s okay as she replied that she was just thinking about her uncle, and that things were great for her way back when it was just her with her uncle as they used to spend time together at Unicorn Trails whenever she came for a visit before she and her parents had to move to Disney Junior Town, but what worried her was that now that her uncle is married to some woman she might barely even know, they might not spend time together like back then.

Connor tells Luna to not worry and Eclipsion give her a rub under the chin, which made her feel better and she give her fox kit a gentle rub as Luna wished that she could be like Connor, who, she thought is so strong and that he can handle any problem. When Greg heard her say that, he states that maybe one day she might be a bit like Connor, just as the van driver calls out that they’re almost at their destination. As the van finally arrived at Unicorn Trails, the Connor, Amaya, Greg, Luna, their pets, and the moths got out and took their stuff out of the back just as a plump bald man with a silvery beard, who was Uncle Ned, walked up to the kids and greeted them, then seeing Luna, he gave her a big smile and spread his arms out for a big bear hug to see his favorite niece looking all grown up as Luna jumps up and threw her arms around him to hug him back, as she was glad to see him again. Then, Ned saw Luna's moths and looked down to see Eclipsion and he guessed that he (Eclipsion) must be his niece's new pet she's been telling him about as he kneels down and pulls out a puppy treat for the little arctic marble fox kit. The moths became a bit jealous but luckily, Ned didn't leave them hanging as he gives them moth treats too.

As Luna was watching her moths and Eclipsion enjoy their treats and lets out a little chuckle, she half smiles as she just remembered another reason why she and her friends were here, and asked her uncle where this new wife of his is just when a slim blonde woman came walking towards them and introduces herself as Katrina, then flashes her new niece a smile as she says hello to her. Luna gives her new aunt a fake smile and gingerly replied hello to her, although her friends could hear the tone of voice not sounding that thrilled about meeting this woman who is now known as her aunt. Hearing that tone of voice, Ned asked Luna if she remembers Katrina the head of Unicorn Trails when she was little. Just one look at her and Ned knew that she was the perfect woman for him as he placed his hand onto her hand with those perfectly manicured nails, and seeing them hold hands made Luna tick then force a smile and say that she’s very happy for her uncle. Before the kids could get started, Katrina gives each of them Unicorn Trails tie dyes t-shirts with their favorite colors as Connor, Amaya, Greg, and Luna thank her before putting them on.

Ned and Katrina led the way to the hotel they’ve booked for them to stay in, but only Connor, Amaya, Lucky, Snowdrop, and Glider went as Greg, Eclipsion, and the moths stays behind to see that Luna didn’t put her new shirt on and he asked her if she was coming. Luna looked back and says that she is, but Greg could see that she wasn’t sure as he asked her if it’s because of meeting her new aunt, and quickly says that it’s not, until she finally admits it and that seeing Katrina with her uncle made her feel jealous and suddenly thinking, what if her uncle will spend more time with Katrina than her now that they are married? What if she’ll be horseback riding alone? And what if her uncle forgets about her right now before they can even get started? Thinking of those things made Luna want to cry just as Eclipsion and her moths tried to comfort her, then with an understanding expression, Greg walks up to Luna and gives her a hug to reassure her that those things will not happen and that her uncle will always have time to spend with her, because she’s his niece and that he still loves her. Slowly smiling, Luna thanks Greg for that and hopes that he‘s right as they went to the animal reserve to join their friends.

Later, when Greg, Luna, Eclipsion, and the moths arrived, they find Connor and Amaya feeding the animals and laughing while Lucky, Snowdrop, and Glider were playing with some baby animals. They also meet a boy who seems to be twelve years older than them and he introduces herself as Charlie while feeding a horse foal an apple as Greg greets him and that it’s a pleasure to meet him, then just before they can introduce themselves, Charlie replies that he knows who they are as the members of the Disney Junior Club. Then, Luna notices a green pendent hanging from a silver chain around Charlie's neck and compliments it as he replied thanks and explains that it's a family heirloom. Amaya finds it very fascinating but just then, she noticed that it was sparkling, but guessed that the sunlight must be reflecting from the pendant, although she can't help but notice that there's something magical about it. Same goes for Connor, who noticed it too.

Charlie says that he'll be leading a trail ride in the forest, while his parents are leading a hike in the Aakenustunturi mountains. Luna, her moths, and Eclipsion decide to go with Charlie to the trail ride, Amaya, Connor, Snowdrop and Lucky accompanies Charlie's parents in the hike, and Greg and Glider stay behind to help with the Unicorn Trails' farm animals. As Luna, Charlie, and Eclipsion and some other horseback riders were riding in the forest, the little fox kit picks up a distress signal and pinpoints his owner and the moths to where it was coming from. Luna nods and says to Charlie that she and her pets are going to check the other side of the forest to find some injured animal they think is in trouble. However, Charlie wants to come along so he convinces Luna that he should come and help too, as with a sigh, she lets Charlie come along as they had their horses cantering. While following the obnoxious bleating, Charlie asks Luna about her fox’s moon-shaped jewel. He wonders if it has special properties. This then leads into a conversation about Charlie’s pendant, which Charlie explains that his grandfather gave it to him and said that the pendant was passed down through the generations, and that it has some sort of power.

When the two kids, Eclipsion, the moths, and the horses were on the grassy side of the forest, Charlie spots something broken, wet, and covered in moss on the ground. Hopping off of her horse, Luna goes to investigate it and Eclipsion joins her as he sniffs it and gives his owner a telepathic message, which says that it’s some kind of carriage. Luna sends Eclipsion a confused expression as if replying back a telepathic message and turns back to examine the broken carriage, just to find some kind of crest that had ancient Japanese writing on it. Luckily, Luna was able to translate the writing as “Kirin Academy,” but that left her and Eclipsion confused. What in the world was Kirin Academy? Just then, some wild mini-whirlwind appeared, and Luna, Eclipsion, the moths, and Charlie climbed back onto the horses to make their getaway, then managed to escape before they got caught in the whirlwind, which was slowly getting bigger, and with her eyes widening, Luna saw that the whirlwind was changing the colors of plants and rocks and molding them into unusual forms as it hit them.

When they got back, Charlie lead the horses back to the stables and lead the other tourists to their next stop and Greg asked Luna, her moths, and Eclipsion what happened when he noticed the sound of their heavy breathing. After Luna explained to him about the broken carriage and the strange whirlwinds that shifted everything it touched, Greg finds that very strange but proclaims that they’ll go investigate tonight when everyone’s asleep. When Greg mentioned the word “asleep” Luna decides to head to the cabin that her uncle booked for her and her friends to sleep in for a rest after the long day they’ve had.

Later that night, Luna was having a bad dream about her new aunt when suddenly, someone wakes her up as she opens her eyes to see that it was Owlette and Catboy who woke her! As she was awake, Luna was about to ask what was going when she realized that Gekko must've told Owlette and Catboy about the whirlwind she, Charlie, Eclipsion, and her moths saw and almost got caught in. Just as she looked around for Gekko, Luna asks where he is as Catboy explains that he, along with their pets are getting some rides, just as they heard the sound of neighing outside, and they looked out the window to see Lucky, Snowdrop, Glider, Eclipsion, and Gekko holding reins that were attached to four horses. It looks like they’ll horse back riding in the forest tonight. Later, Luna had changed into Luna Girl and she, the PJ Masks, and their pets are seen riding on the horses in the Finland forest, just as Eclipsion was getting a funny feeling when he sensed something on the other left, meaning that there are some magical animals that need their help. Eclipsion jumps off Luna Girl's horse and leads his friends to the location of where he sensed either one magical creature or more than one. Then kids mounded off their horses as Luna Girl pets the black and white horse, Checkers, on her head and says to her that she and her friends will be back soon as Catboy activates his glowing magic to make his eyes and body glow.

The kids followed the little arctic marble fox kit, who was sniffing out magic, just as he points his snout to the right side of the forest, where there are shrubs, logs, and bushes. However, none of the kids and their pets found any magical creature or animal in trouble, until Lucky heard the sound of sticks being stepped on and then being cracked. Before stopping himself, Lucky pounces into a bush and a shriek made everyone jump as Lucky jumps out of the bush, along with a small turquoise colored pony-like creature. At first glance, it looked like a pony, but when it slowly walked up to the kids, it was revealed to be a kirin, only it didn’t have it’s horns yet, because it was still young. But it wasn’t the only baby kirin out here in the middle of the forest, as more baby kirins came out of bushes and logs, and behind rocks. Catboy, Owlette, Gekko, Luna Girl, and there pets were wide eyed with amazement and wonder, but wondered how so many baby kirins got here in the first place. One of the kirins, which was a pink one named Sakura, explains that she and her friends were on their way to the mountains of Japan on a flying carriage when suddenly, a whirlwind appeared and broke their carriage which landed in the forest of Finland.

When Sakura mentioned the whirlwind, Luna Girl quickly recognized it as the one she, her moths, Eclipsion and their friend, Charlie, saw on their horseback riding trip and explains to the kirins that it was changing everything it touches. Gekko asks where that whirlwind came from with a quizzical expression as the blue kirin named Leo said that the whirlwind was made by a magic tracker, who hunts down magical creatures for their magic. Catboy shook his head and said that's cruel for someone trying to hunt magical creatures for their magic, and asks the kirins if they're hiding in Finland from the magic tracker, as the aqua kirin named Kata responses with a nod that they are, and are hoping that someone from Kirin Academy comes to find and rescue them. Owlette guesses that Kirin Academy must be a school, but then asks the kirins why they need to go there as Kiki the green kirin explains that they need to go to Kirin Academy to learn how to use their magic to spread goodness and joy around the world, but they can’t get to their new school because their ride has been destroyed, added a small kirin named Azuki. Seeing the baby kirins' sad looks, Snowdrop comfortly tells them all to not worry and that she and her friends will help them.

Suddenly, the kids, their pets, and the kirins heard some footsteps coming towards them, and the white kirin named Yang gasped when he recognized those footsteps coming from the magic tracker, and they were heading to the direction of the kirins hiding place! The kirins were in panic as one of them asks what they should do now while Luna Girl comes up with a plan and looks down at Eclipsion, while Catboy had the same idea and looks down at Lucky, as Luna Girl asks them if they can create a distraction while she, Catboy, Owlette, and Gekko help the kirins escape. Nodding in unison, Lucky and Eclipsion jumped up and shapeshift into their mist forms to hide their friends and the kirins when the magic tracker arrived to see black and silvery white thick mist in his sight, and it’s lucky that the mist blocked the kirins’ magic so he wouldn’t track them. Then as Eclipsion and Lucky distracted him, the PJs, Snowdrop, Glider, Luna Girl, and her moths quickly and quietly lead the kirins away to where the horses were waiting for their riders. But the ride back to Unicorn Trails might be too long and it’ll give the magic tracker plenty of time to catch them, so Catboy uses his magic to create a portal that will take him and his friends and the kirins to safety in seconds.

Once everyone was safe, Lucky and Eclipsion flew into the portal and shifted back into their original forms while Snowdrop counted every kirin to check if all of them are here. So far, they gang was all here, but the yellow kirin named Sora asked frantically where his sister is. Luna Girl tells Catboy to keep the portal open and that she is going back, and before Gekko could stop her, she jumped right into it, just as on the other side, she gasped when Sora’s sister, Hibiki, had a hurt hoof and was trying to get away from the magic tracker. Quickly, she used her moth fairy magic to blind the magic tracker and then used it again to lift Hibiki off the ground and through the portal, along with Luna Girl. As they were both safely back in Unicorn Trails, Catboy quickly closed the portal before a blast of dark magic shot through as he collapsed but Gekko catches him in time.

Now that the kirins are safe, all the kids and their pets need to do is hide them until they can figure out what to do with them tomorrow morning. Looking over at the empty stables, Owlette suggests that they can hide the kirins in there since there is also extra food as well as extra space.


  • This episode is an inspiration of and is similar to Song of the Unicorns from Avalon Web of Magic.
  • The Rosario + Vampire OST Song, Yuushou no Kimi, is played in the scene of Luna talking with Azuki.
  • Catboy and Luna Girl’s magic gets switched after being caught in a magic whirlwind created by the magic tracker.


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