Kwazii and Little Matey in the Great Dolphin Race

The Octonauts and the Great Dolphin Race is the 9th episode of Season 3.


Kwazii learns a lesson about good sportsmanship and that winning can't be anything when he and Little Matey the Baby Dolphin enter a dolphin race in Atlantica to prove to everyone, including Jet and his fastest dolphin, Speed Current, that a baby dolphin is more faster than a fully-grown dolphin.


The episode begins in the coral reef where Kwazii is racing with his baby dolphin friend, Little Matey. However, Little Matey beat Kwazii seven times and won every race they took. Laughing, Kwazii tells Little Matey that he beaten him at seven times in a row and that he is a very fast little dolphin. Little Matey thanks Kwazii for the compliment with a happy whistle. Just then, a merman riding on a muscular looking dolphin swam passed Kwazii and Little Matey that they made them spin uncontrollably. As Kwazii and Little Matey managed to stop spinning, Kwazii snapped at the merman and his dolphin to watch they were going just as the merman, who was named Jet, lets out a mocking laugh and says sorry although he wasn't and adds that he and his dolphin, who was named Speed Current, were just training for Atlantica's Annual Dolphin Race, much to Kwazii and Little Matey's confusion. With his eyes rolling, Jet explains that Atlantica is hosting a dolphin race this coming Sunday, and that he and Speed Current needed to practice. But they can’t practice if some “pesky kitty cat and his puny dolphin buddy” are in their way. Fuming, Kwazii scoffs at Jet and tells him that a baby dolphin like Little Matey can beat Speed Current in seconds.


  • This episode teaches that winning can’t be anything when it comes to good sportsmanship.


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