Luna Girl with a Xolotie in her hands

The Octonauts and the Xoloties is the 73rd episode of Season 34.


The Octonauts and their friends meet cute and adorable axolotl-like creatures called Xoloties and take some as pets.


The episode begins with the Mighty Colossus sailing on the Never Sea in the beautiful evening. Kwazii was enjoying the smell of the Never Sea water and feeling it spray on his face, just when he spots something floating on the sea as he uses his super sight to spot a patch of seaweed, and on it were unusual small creatures, and they look like they could use some help. Summoning his magic rope and magic net, Kwazii ties them together and throws it towards the seaweed patch and pulls it to the ship, with his friends helping him heave hoe!

As the seaweed patch was on the ship's deck, Kwazii carefully opens the net to let the little creatures out and they hopped onto the deck. From the looks of them, they looked like axolotls, but when Shellington and Kwazii took a closer look at them, they realized that they are Xoloties, which are very cute and miniature lizards. One of them hops into Luna Girl's hands and it greets her.

Powers that Kwazii uses

  • Magical animal Communication
  • Magic Rope
  • Magic Net
  • Sweets Galore
  • Magical aura reading


  • This episode is an inspiration of the Deviantart accounter’s adoptables.


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